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  1. Agree here...I gamed a set of these until 3 years ago. Really much more playable than folks give them credit for. Beautifully crafted irons.
  2. @Drivingrangehero makes sense! I kept mine in neoprene covers too... they look pretty sharp still also, but not nearly as clean as yours.
  3. I have a few pairs of the stretch Garbadine shorts. Fit is true to size, not baggy at all, look great. More high end cotton feel than technical fabric. Nice band on the inside of the waist to keep a tucked polo from coming out.
  4. That's pretty strange... I've had great luck with them in the past. Sounds dumb, but if you have an Instagram account try shooting them a message through there. Best of luck
  5. One pair of originals currently, second on order (different color). First pair I've had for about a season and a half and they've held up well. Most impressed with the tread that seems to have a ton of life left given how often I wear them, roughly 27-36 holes a week from May till October.
  6. Not sure about tour, but check out Bluegrass Fairways. Beautiful, quality, hard to argue with.
  7. If you like the tech fabric, check out Matte Grey/Haus of grey. They're still doing a warehouse sale I believe. What I've found is that if you're ordering both shorts/pants and polos, they'll match styles up. I've done that twice and been really pleased. Also second the Linksoul comments, I have a ton their stuff too. Really top notch.
  8. Going on planning my 6th and 7th fundraising tourneys this summer. Things that have gone over well: 1. Shag bag coolers from Jones Golf. They offer very competitive tourney pricing on a bunch of items. We've been using them for at least 3 years now. 2. JBL clip speakers. Attach right to the bag. 3. Western birch tees- just a nice cheap giveaway to stock carts with. 4. Yeti-esk cups/koozies We also do a last place gag gift award..."The crying towel", floral bucket hats, terribly colored visors. Shockingly these things are a hot commodity for the teams just out to have a good time.
  9. Solid mix of Linksoul and Matte Grey. Matte Grey has more of the lightweight feel for hot humid days, while Linksoul pretty much fills up the rest of the wardrobe. Prefer cotton blends over synthetic material. Also sprinkle in a couple Jones golf hats.
  10. Best advice I was ever given, unless the pin is clear on the front edge use the club you think will max at the back of the green. Odds are you're not going to flush it, and you'll be in the middle of the green.
  11. That’s essentially exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you! Glad I could help! We gave them out as flight prizes at a tourney I host. Everyone seemed to love them.
  12. Not sure about the titleist shag bag, but I have a Jones shag bag that doubles as a cooler that's pretty slick.
  13. These look great, my kiddos are a few years out from that sizing. How'd your son like them? Also looking for a good long term option for my son and daughter.
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