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  1. Still playing my tm tour preferred udi from 2015, I'm sure you can find some online for decent prices. Among the best feeling driving irons I've hit.
  2. So I just watched the txg video reviewing these and was interested to see the results. I wanted to give these a try. Traditionally I would play the low spin version of anything but it seems like the zx7 was really low spin. Anyone have experience/ insight?
  3. I play off 5 so not super low handicap but I am a pretty good ball striker. I have had the srixon 565's in the bag for years now, they're not quite sgi but definitely super forgiving. The main reason I haven't replacement is because the thicker soles seem to interact with the turf better than any thinner ones for me.
  4. Just moved into the subzero at 10.5 with an evenflow white after a few years with the 917d2. Spent some time on a launch monitor this summer and found out how unbelievably high my spin was with the 917. Subzero allows me to better get away with my typical miss which is low on the face.
  5. I don't know a thing about the science behind it but it seems as though the club would be going through the ground similarly to any normal lie angle, given that the upright angles match his swing plane just as a standard lie ay match someone else's. I more buy into what people are saying about longer short irons and steeper aoa. Nonetheless, very interesting idea.
  6. Is the TX an actual flex distinction in these models or is it to differentiate materials like the diamana lines?
  7. I'm still a 917 player, driver as well as 3 wood until very recently, they kinda blew it for me with the tsi alignment. I look to titleist for the classic styling and they're far off it with this one unfortunately.
  8. Huh, you may be right. I just remember seeing the tour issue s200 labels on the jaws in my pro shop. Maybe companies are shifting towards s300 this year, which probably makes the most sense anyway.
  9. I've been facing a somewhat similar issue of late. My scores haven't changed much over the past few years however my strengths are now almost opposite what they used to be. I'm now fairly good off the tee and around the greens but my iron striking has been woeful, which was always my main strength. I have attributed my short iron issues to a lack of comfort over my old 565s and I think I struggle with them because of the wider sole and my rather steep aoa, I wonder if maybe the turf interaction with your wedges feels better than the irons and that could be a factor as well. For that reason I am looking to move into a combo set sometime soon with a thinner sole and top line.
  10. The heavier nippons may be a good shout as well as s300/x100, I have found that they have somewhat similar profiles. Even the 120 gram dynamic golds could be worth a shot.
  11. "His caddie there, a good player in his own right"
  12. Search function struggles and now Google doesn't work well with the old forums. I'm sure 100 people before me have commented this too.
  13. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure vokey and callaway are s200 nd I know cleveland are s400. Which is a bit strange as s300 would seemingly fit a wider range for a stock shaft.
  14. Second on the mm protos. Sick set and just cool to have all around
  15. Gamed the nike covert 2.0 for years until just about a year ago when I bought a used 917 f3 and absolutely love it
  16. Best of luck to you. Seen cancer affect too many loved ones. Glad to see so many supportive comments
  17. Watching Rory dominate the 2011 us open. Watching a young Irish kid dominate the worlds best really got me into golf at the time.
  18. This is almost definitely a dumb question, but the stock 130 white in the Mavrik series is the real deal shaft, correct?
  19. Looking at this again and just wondering. I have no idea who the guy in the picture is; does he play the hzrdus red or is that a "made for" stock shaft that is built to match the club?
  20. Would be interested in this if they made any significant changes to it. Feels a bit pointless if they release a shaft that is very similar to the last two hzrdus models.
  21. I don't love the look of the sole but it seems as though it will look nice at address. Also, could just be the photos but this looks a bit big given that the 7 is the smaller headed model.
  22. Love my rtx 4s and can appreciate the weight distribution tweaks, but god these just look so much less clean than Cleveland wedges as we know them.
  23. I had a similar one to the original post. Can’t find the photo in my camera roll but I found a skull in one of our clubs bunkers and I believe it was a fox from the surrounding woods.
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