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  1. Chris Riley is a golf coach at USD. Played in a Ryder cup, so had some success on tour. Not a swing coach, but I'm sure there's a little of that still going on for him.
  2. In an effort to keep pace of play up, our local tour asks that the first person to hole out head to the next tee immediately while the others are still putting. Completely does away with tee honors and order of play. Does order of play off the tee matter?
  3. Just ordered in a Ventus Red 5A after trying out a friends.. Ugh. Slightly lower ball flight than our Aldila, tighter dispersion, a little distance gain.
  4. We play a practice round just to make sure my kid doesn't accidentally play the wrong hole come tournament time. Particularly courses we've never played before.
  5. We used a USK Tour TS3 hybrid to fill that gap for a good while. He really liked hitting it and hit it well. We had tried some of the OEM models but they were just too heavy for him at that time. The USK shaft was light and flexible. Just recently switched him to a TM M4 hybrid 22* or 24*, I can't recall. I think the shaft started getting a little soft so that's when we tried an OEM head again. He's been using it for the last year and likes it a bunch.
  6. Currently 11yo / 54" still and using Flynn irons and wedges. Woods are all TM with ladies shafts. As he's grown I've begun adding lead tape to the heads to get the weights up in anticipation of going to adult heads soon. Hopefully the jump to adult heads won't be as big of a change this way.
  7. I know several kids who are sponsored and it happens lots of different ways. Some through connections, some through asking, and some are picked out by the reps scoping out the talent. Titleist, Callaway, and TM so far is all I've seen at the junior level.
  8. Rain in the forecast for Friday, expect the rough to get pretty nasty for the weekend.
  9. You'll see all types of parents as caddies. Overbearing ones that get angry at their kids after poor shots. Coaching types which are constantly correcting them or instructing them on what/where/how to hit. And sometimes caddies that you don't hear much from. Everyone's style is different and you just learn to deal with the overbearing types, or just ignore them. I prefer to teach my kid how to play by himself. Teach him how to take yardages and manage the course, rather then tell him what to hit and where to hit it, and let him learn to read greens himself. He's 11 and can play
  10. They're a dime a dozen at my local course. So much that I picked one up and use it religiously now. It's wonderful, and faster than any normal push cart. You can actually disconnect the drive gear so it rolls just like a normal push cart in an emergency. I've heard that the FCG tour has allowed the carts at some events. Just trying to figure out if it's worth fighting to use. They're wonderful and save a whole bunch of energy.
  11. How are your local tours handling electric carts. Are they allowing them or restricting them? I've seen a couple tours allow them, and some restrict them, but there hasn't been anything consistent, or any real explanations with the restrictions.
  12. Small 11yo. Using an Aldila Quaranta 40g. 10.5* SIM Max turned down to 9.5*
  13. So from I can tell, it looks like both of these sets of clubs are Charlie's. The bag in the background is short, like a junior bag, and is the same bright green color that he used to have with his older Ping bag. I suspect this was his slightly older set that was photographed Tiger caddying at one of his junior tournaments. One of those irons in the back has that same green stripe that the ping Prodi-G irons have. The irons in both bags also are about the same lengths. Adult clubs would be considerably longer. The irons in the foreground are probably a newer set he was playing around
  14. Thanks so much for the bag cozy recommendation, it works like a champ!
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