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  1. Awesome was just looking to replace a lost one!
  2. Finally found some at the BCF near my work. How does one get onto the Facebook group? Chukkas are 10.5 and lunars are 10. Might be a little too loud for me but since they were the first I’ve seen and luckily in my size I got them and will decide later.
  3. FOREMORE for 30% off a foursome and BKTHREE for 20% off 1-3 players book by 11/18/17 play by 11/29/17
  4. I got some waverlys to now to continue the hunt for the claytons and tws. My ross near my work only had one pair but if I see extras I'll try to grab them for people on here.
  5. I went into the store because it was right near my work and they gave me the deal in store. They had a similar thought as to why cap it at a # that wouldn't let you do a set of irons. They just rang them all up at 50% off
  6. I just got the 1838 White corn, have the sonoma-cuter but it's nearly done. I thought I would do something nice and give my dad and uncle a nice glass of it. They both complained the whole time about the taste. Sat there gritting my teeth and wondering why I do dumb things.
  7. Hello, hoping some of you guys can help me. I'm looking into joining a club. Looking into Red Hill, Glendora, Hacienda. Was hoping people could provide me with feedback on the courses and the memberships. I did search for some threads but a lot seem older so was hoping people could provide me some more information. Thanks
  8. are these the ones listed that say they would deliver in 24 hours? is it normally just faster? Mine were under 30 minutes. yeah just got mine and ordered some AM90s. Since using this forum regularly I have added far to many clubs and shoes to my collection. Curse and thank all of you
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