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  1. Yes I actually did have one of the units a few years ago. Since I am most indoors I had terrible luck with accurate numbers. Something about my environment it just didnt like. Worked a lot with their support team (very helpful) but we couldn't come to a resolution. Software was really good though.
  2. Have you ever tried any other software with it? TGC for example?
  3. Forgot all about that Vector......Don't forget the Xi as well. My concern about the Skytrak as well. What if it's not good and I just don't even know it because I don't have any real comparisons. That's why I would like to get someone with some knowledge of the GC2 without the FSX package. What does just the unit come with? Does it store historical data? Is it web based? Is there any range at all or is it just purely numbers?
  4. Your comment about the spin decay is very interesting because I have seen that in vides before with people comparing this. "yeah i drew that ball but not THAT" far or vice versa. I try to play a draw so I wonder how much that would factor in.
  5. How easy is it to set up each time since I will have to move it?
  6. I'm having this same problem with both the GC2 and the Skytrak, they are both very old tech but they seem to be the standard still. How finicky is the Sktrak? Because if it's beyond annoying to set up and get working each time, then its going to be a difficult to justify any expense on it. The software on the Skytrak looks great though.
  7. I've seen this a lot and then it always turns into "i loved my Skytrak but as soon as I upgraded to a GC2 I wish I had done it sooner". But I don't understand why except for simulation play. Skytrak has the annual fee of 100 bucks which is annoying but a good business model from their standpoint, plus their software looks really good.
  8. I realize there are a ton of topics on this and I have been through a lot of them but most of them are in reference to the comparison of the two models for Simulation play. I don't plan on using the unit for that. I plan on using it for my winter months to work on my swing and not get rusty. Few facts before the questions: I have plenty of room before and after the ball but I am going to use the unit 99% indoors and camera based I have seen is best for indoors (currently using a mevo but need to have my miss distances left and right) I do not plan on using this for Sim
  9. Understood. I'm the opposite right now, 95% of my usage is indoors. Was thinking Skytrak but hate spending the money on tech that is probably almost a decade old. Radar tech is hit or miss indoors. I have a Mevo and its pretty solid but I need to know more about horizontal movement of the ball. Was hoping something will come out of the PGA show coming up but not hearing much.
  10. There has to be updates they can make for accuracy, design, easy of picking up shots, not having to place it exactly on the red dot, etc. Has anyone heard any rumors of a new device for the PGA show coming up?
  11. Are you using yours indoors? If so, why do you want to make the shift away from camera based?
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