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  1. Got my 60-50* wedges from sixsixgolf on friday. Great seller, very prompt and professional. Clubs 100% as advertised.
  2. wow, thank you so much for your detailed informative reply. I just had a quick read through it and will delve into it in closer detail tomorrow but I just wanted to make sure I voiced my appreciation for all the advice that was given. THANK YOU Ill keep everyone up to date once I make some changes!
  3. Thanks guys for your input, its much appreciated. Also thanks for the complements on the swing! My problem is ball striking consistency. Maybe its too much time on the mats but Im a decent athlete (played collegiate sports) I had fat and thin shots with no consistancy and I think it has to be something to do with my form, my newest guess is tempo, I don't get much hip movement and maybe my arms are leading my body? I wish i could afford to get a set of lessons but its not in the cards right now. anyone know of any decent tempo drills? Ill be heading back out tomorrow so im going to try some d
  4. some swing updates video from yesterday
  5. Thanks for the response Jdeep, I appreciate the kind words. Eliminating the initial arm rotation/twitch from my swing I can already see accuracy improving. Im also working on a solid pre swing setup (a little bit of motion before the swing) as I usually find myself starting stiff and staring over the ball getting nervous. My big problem is hitting fat and thin shots. Ive put the video's through the slomo and noticed I have a slight head bob (although my spine seems to stay pretty even). I think that must be the main reason behind my inconstancies. Im looking up some drills to try and fix th
  6. I guess another question I have is with those videos, Im looking to emulate a swing for side by side comarison, is there anyone you guys would recommend? anyone? :stink:
  7. After looking at things a little bit, I see another major problem would be my lack of hip rotation in the backswing. (i think..) Im happy with the length of my shots (im 6'5 which I think helps) is this where I should be focussing with drills?
  8. Sorry wrong forum! link to new thread http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1304842-swing-improvements/page__pid__13208200#entry13208200
  9. Hi guys, First time poster on the forum so go easy on me! Im about a 20 handicap casual golfer with a lot of motivation to get better for 2016! Ive started hitting the range and have been reading some books ('own your game' most recently) and have heard a lot about deliberate practice. Here are a couple of video's of my swing, I have trouble with consistant contact as well as general control. Basically Im looking for some technical stuff to work on. Looking at the videos the first thing I thought is I should slow down my backswing, also there is a wrist twist at the beginning of my swing that
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