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  1. Got the Scratch prototype 8620 D/D wedge yesterday! NICE WEDGE! It was like brand new and spins the ball nicely! Thank you for NOT liking this wedge, I love it!
  2. .370 on the CLK's. I forgot what it was on the regular Fli-hi's.
  3. Need 10 more peopleWe (Facebook followers of GPP) need 10 more people to sign up as fans of the Games People Play Facebook site. Then they will send out a special discount code to all fans. GPP Golf Facebook
  4. That's what I was wondering. I'd like to know what the face angle is on the Limited and the Limited TP, and what they were in comparison with the others and the burner. Ah ha, was able to pull up the website at work. Looks like only the shaft changes between the TP and "non-TP" version. I guess the swingweight and club length are the difference. I just picked up one of these TP versions (just wanted to buy a TM driver and this one stuck out to me) it is only 45" not 45.5" as stated on the website which is GREAT. It doesn't look more open (which is what I was hoping for.) Guess I'l
  5. Talking About the R7 Limited DriversI've been trying to the last two days to go to Taylormade's site and look at these drivers but the site doesn't seem to work for me. Not sure if it's the flash on my computer or their website but I can't see anything but a black page... Anyway, can someone please tell me the difference between the r7 limited and the r7 limited tp drivers? Not a lot of documentation on the various golf reseller websites either.
  6. I sent UA an email asking about golf shoes in November. This was the reply I got: Thank you for choosing Under Armour. We truly value you as a customer. We do plan on making an golf shoe, unfortunately at this time we have not been given a date for this item. We apologize for this inconvenience. We have forwarded this request to the appropriate department. Please contact us via email or phone if you have any other questions or concerns, so that we can assist you immediately. There was a story that UA was going to be launching a new line of high-tech running shoes at the end of January or Fe
  7. What's his website URL or is there nothing right now?
  8. I was following Utley for awhile but I ended up switching with an instructor and then another and so on and so on. Lynn Blake probably has the best explanation on how to get the putter in line with your forearms in his video Alignment Golf. Pretty much the way he shows and explains why you can't get the putter shaft inline with your forearms if you hold it in your finger tips. Once you have the grip go to the mirror and hold the putter out in front of you so you can visually see the shaft in line with your forearms. Then simply lower your arms and bend at your waist till the club gets to t
  9. Just did a google search and here's a couple of articles: Fish Oil -VS- Flax Seed Oil Fish and Mercury
  10. A lot of the fish from offshore contain mercury. Not exactly sure why it is but I assume it has to do with pollution. Here in Texas, it's fun to catch King fish but we are told to NOT eat too much of it because of the mercury. I would assume since fish oil comes from fish, the mercury warnings are legitimate. I like flax seed oil especially when I'm dieting. I thought it was the beat all end all fat supplement until I did some research. If I recall flax seed oil had 1 of the 3 (don't remember exactly) of the good omega3 fats, where fish oil had 3 of 3 (again don't quote me on the numb
  11. Krank and Whup seem to be a popular combo with the long drivers at our range.
  12. Hey Ari, would it be possible to put something up about the various wedge shafts?
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