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  1. Headed to PGA Superstore tomorrow. If I can put with one to see what the face is like I may order one. But I want to putt with one first.
  2. Just to add another option into your mix. Take a look at the OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC I had a chance to look one of these over the other day at PGA Superstore and was impressed as crossover bag. Full 14 way dividers and some very nice storage. Also a place to store the straps when using the bag on a cart. The straps don't come off but they do tuck away nicely and quickly. Probably to bulky for a full on carry bag but for those of us who use a push cart when we walk I think it's a very solid option. And being built with the CORDURA fabric it should be pretty solid.
  3. The inserts are different depending on the model as well. Soft vs Hard.
  4. Nice work as always!! Always fun to see Tigers clubs and how beat up they are. LOL, But I do bet you'll putt better now just getting a chance to hold the Scotty. :-)
  5. I bet you will get a lot of variance on this topic. I play with guys who buy all new clubs every spring. For myself........ Driver: Whenever I find one that has a tangible benefit. I may play driver for a few years or 1. Fairways: Just like the driver but I tend to stay with them much longer as I'll find something that works very well for me and stick with it. Irons: I absolutely hate to buy new irons. Takes me a bit to get used to them so I end up finding ones I like and playing them until the the faces are showing a lot of wear. Last set made it 7 years. Wedges: New set every s
  6. I went thought this same thing last spring. Ended up trying out a 4 wood last season with a lower launching shaft setup and loved it. it was as long as my 3 wood that I had been playing but I was much more consistent in hitting it off the deck. With the low launch shaft change it also made it a great fairway finder for me off the tee. And if you need to take a little off it it's easy to choke down on it.
  7. I can't wait to see the new EXO 2 Ball S. I have not been able to find any pictures of that yet.
  8. Depends on the shot to hit and if I want the ball in the air or on the green. Anything from a 7 iron to a 60*. I don't typically go any higher in the bag then a 7 on course but I have practiced with every club in the bag except my driver.
  9. I disagree..... 2019 (M5?) - Two Screws. 2020 (M7?) - Four Screws. 2021 (M9?) - Adds Speed Slot. 2022 (X1?) - Adds Speed Foam. :smilie_tm:
  10. This is really the answer to all your problems actually. People will think you are some hack with iron covers and leave you alone.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong as its been a few years since my fitting days when I used to know all of this math...... But if you are fitted to a plus 1/2", 1* flat iron then wouldn't playing a standard length not push the head about a degree flatter as well? Which could explain why you hit the standard length irons so well.
  12. NorthMNgolfer


    What shaft are you playing in yours?
  13. NorthMNgolfer


    Picked up a GAPR Lo 2 Head only killer deal last week that arrived yesterday. I took the shaft our of my M1 hybrid just to see how it it looked and man that is a sharp looking club IMO. Not overly huge at address but it is a bit bulkier then the P790 and UDI no doubt. Now starts the search for the perfect shafts to test in this next spring. I already have a HZURDZ Black and I'm going to look for a couple more low spin / launch shafts to put adapters on.
  14. ​Ham Lake, MN 11.2 Odyssey O-Works #1 wide S 34" #11 Yes I agree, thank you for the opertunity.
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