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  1. I know the RGC merchandise gets tough love around here, and rightfully so at times. Has anyone worn Tomo shoes before? Is the traction as good as EAL and the RGC crew are making it seem?
  2. I had the Nike Explorer models when they first came out and on dry days in south florida they worked. The second the grass even slightly moist it was just a slide fest. I am 6'1 300+ so that usually causes a problem and I feel like the spikes allow me to gain additional traction with the ground for my big frame. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet one day and try it. Worst case I wear them once and sell them on ebay
  3. I really want to try to the new Adidas limited release because I absolutely love wearing Ultraboost in my day to day life. However, as a fat guy I've had bad experiences with spikeless shoes. Have any other big guys used spikeless Adidas and tell me if this is a no fly zone for us Huskies?
  4. So I have a question for the Roshe Tour guys in this thread. I picked up a pair of 13W because I’ve heard Roshes run a bit narrow. I used them a couple of weeks ago prior to my round but I had the laces too tight and my foot was on fire. Fast forward to today, I used them for a range session before my round and I could feel the pain coming back. Does anyone with flat feet wear Roshes? I am using my TW71 fast fit every round it seems lately because I can’t find a more comfortable pair.
  5. Honestly, my answer will depend on how much you paid. If you paid over $125 I would definitely urge you to cancel and look at some of the other options I discussed unless you just really want to play a Trump course. The silver course is a ton of forced carries and it's just an overall unpleasant golf course in my experience. It always feels like you've put in a shift at the office. I've never golfed in NJ but it will definitely be better than a muni. For what it's worth, I have friends who get military rates at Trump and can play the course from Jan-March for $50. I tagged along o
  6. The UA Factory store must have shipped to the Marshalls in WPB because it's just a closet full of UA playoff polos. $20-30. No Shoes at Ross or Marshalls again, sadly.
  7. Welcome to my hometown! Here is what I’ll tell you; you can do better than Doral. All of the courses were redesigned after Trump purchased the property and they were not re-designed for the better. For the cost of play at these courses I can offer you some better alternatives. 1) Biltmore (get a hot deal on GN) 2) Crandon Park GC (prices drop in May) 3) International Links ($125) If you want to play a resort course then I would recommend Gold or Red at Doral. The Blue Monster is not what it once was and the Silver course is the bastxxx step-child of all four.
  8. I saw a ton of Nike Infinity G at a local Marshalls. This was the first golf shoe sighting I've had in a while, that said I passed on them because meh.
  9. I'm kind of surprised we didn't get a Jordan release to go along side the three masters options. Maybe we've just been spoiled from the last major packs.
  10. Found a pair of Grey/Carolina Blue Roshe Tours. Guy wanted $90, offered $45 but I didn't see the $10 shipping. Played myself... oh well
  11. I would definitely like to be in if at all possible. Is there anyway for us to see what is available/prices?
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