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  1. Looking for a Z585/65 4 Iron in stiff flex. Would be great if it was a Modus 120 shaft, not necessary though.
  2. I haven't made it out to Park Ridge but I've heard good things. Enjoy your weekend, also don't get to upset at Osprey at the starters/staff. They're douchey.
  3. I played Winston about a month ago and I was severely disappointed. Greens were sanded like a dump truck just unloaded on top of them.
  4. I need an opinion on the ZITs. After missing the AJ4 drop this morning, I'm tilting and debating picking up the Hot Punch ZITs after missing hot punch on all the other drops. That said, I have flat feet (see above) and when I tried wearing Adidas XT360 PKs I couldn't even make it 12 holes without my arches being on fire. Are ZITs going to feel the same? Should I go 13W or 13 regular considering I can wear a standard 13 in ADG4s and TW71s.
  5. FWIW, I wear a size 13 shoe across the board and I have flat feet. Size 13 TW71s were perfect and I never really had to break them in to avoid pain. The TW20s have the same soles as the 71s so I would by true to size and you should be good.
  6. Are they? I feel like at size 13 they're asking 300+. I can't get myself to pay $80 over retail plus fees and $15 shipping...
  7. I'm going to kick the tires on this because I know this will be very very unlikely but if someone has a 50* engage wedge in good shape please let me know.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. The fitting had me in MMCs from 6-PW. I totally agree that I will be better served with a P770/MMC (depending on brand) in the scoring irons and then getting something with a little more help near the top.
  9. Hey so let me try to address this in order just to make things easier. I am an average ball striker at the moment with my irons as the rust has gotten me making some weird movements that are not typical in my game. My trending miss lately is a pull and I am thinning more shots but still keeping them on line. Obviously I am aware this is an OTT issue more than a club issue, that no club is likely to correct. My current clubs have DG 130s and I am starting to think that extra weight is causing some exacerbation of the misses. My 7Iron SS was 85mph in the bay. I really wish I had taken a photo of the trackman data but the data showed that my launch angle was below their "optimal" and my spin was on the lower end of the optimal as well. I don't recall the dynamic loft figures. FWIW, I hit the MP-20 HMBs at a local mizuno fitting event and the heads seemed way too clunky to me back in April. The fitter actually recommend getting the MMCs but I wasn't sold on the level of forgiveness so I didn't pull the trigger.
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