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  1. I don't disagree with trying everything you can, including PT, before surgery. For me I went through about 3 years of PT, trying as hard as I could to avoid surgery. The PT really offered little to no relief for me unfortunately. I don't regret going down that path necessarily but I do feel I lost a few good years of my 30s trying to figure this out. Bigsetzee, I was told the same thing. The FAI scope should last a long time, hopefully preventing needing hip replacement all together or for a while. However hip replacements don't last as long, and at a young age you would most certainly have to get it redone at some point.
  2. Happy to hear about your quick recovery and experience. It was definitely a game changer. So funny how different it is depending on your provider. Like I said my doc wouldn't even let me chip until I was 6 months post OP. I felt pretty good before that time but was not going to push it! Hopefully the OP has a similar experience and can get back on the course before the season is over
  3. Yeah I was told by my doc the FAI is a longer and more difficult recovery than total hip, which blew my mind as well. The big thing is they are shaving a lot of bone off the neck of the femur. If you don't give it proper time to heal you could snap the bone in half.
  4. Had this done 3 years ago myself. Same age at the time (39). As you mentioned it is very tough playing a rotational sport like golf with FAI. Not going to lie, it will be a long recovery. I'm sure they told you but don't expect to do much for the first 6 months. But after that I got back to some easy putting and chipping. Slow progress from there but after around 12 months post OP the hip felt great and I trusted it enough to go all out. I've been golfing non stop since and the hip has felt like it did when I was in my 20s! it took patience and a lot of rehab to get to that point but 100% worth doing. You will be back to your old golfing and other sports with a new hip.
  5. I can confirm the sensors work without the subscription. I received these earlier this week and paired them with an older Arccos 360 account I had from a few years back. (I had bought the sensors and decided to return them). The sensors had no issue pairing to my older account. I played two rounds yesterday without issue. Definitely a great deal if all you want is the GPS and stat tracking and don’t care about the smart caddie functionality
  6. That is a great idea. There are a large number out there to try, and I know I would love to try them all! My wife may have other thoughts, haha. Also, I would hope it would not bother any of the manufacturers. I know some of these companies are smaller groups, and it must be a lot of work to be successful. Hopefully this would give them a chance to have more people try out their equipment, and lead to more purchases.
  7. Very nice gesture. Thanks. I know what it is like to be on the fence with something like this. Figured this would be put to better use helping someone else make a decision than sitting around here. Also I it would be good Karma in my fight against this dreaded Club Ho' disease. haha
  8. Hello All, Long time lurker, about time I finally get active on these boards. I purchased one of these a few months back (the 8 iron), and it has not done much for me. Probably my own fault (almost guaranteed, man I need some real lessons). It is sitting around in my hitting area collecting dust. I thought it would be cool to pass this thing around if there are some people out there on the fence who want to give it a try?? Any one out there wanting to take me up on the offer? I would be happy to ship it off (or if someone is local to San Jose / Bay Area and could grab it in person). Once you give it a try it would be great if you could pass it to the next person who is still on the fence. Happy New Year all, and I hope to post more.
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