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  1. If you fit properly into your current G400's, you're not going to gain anything by changing. Yes, there could be a psychological benefit with new clubs, but not performance. I like to change stuff now and then for the sake of change, not performance. As they say, "your mileage may vary".
  2. Aug 26 = 7 weeks so far for me and still waiting for a set with Recoils.
  3. I've been waiting exactly one month for G710's, but I can't play for a few more months due to rotator cuff surgery so it's moot point..
  4. Good advice here, thank you everyone. I had 3 of the 4 rotator tendons torn as well as damage to the biceps tendon and a bone spur that all had to be repaired. It was likely compromised for quite a while, but one driver swing was excruciatingly painful that caused the most damage.
  5. My bad. I'm looking something that might be easier to swing = less load on my joints since I am recovering from rotator cuff surgery and will be hesitant to swing hard for fear of reinjuring myself.
  6. If I change the 65 gram shaft in my fairway wood with 45 gram replacement and adjust the head weights so the swing weight is the same for both, what is the effect?
  7. Wolff hits 2 fairways and shoots 65.
  8. I was working on the 14th fairway at Torrey North this year and had many balls on my side in the rough. It was maybe 4 inches and some balls were really hard to see. Mickelson walked up to one of his that I had marked and he said, "I don't see my ball". Despite the lies I saw, I was astounded how most pros still hit the green or just off. Of course they may have been closer from the fairway. Even at Winged Foot, these guys are really good at judging their shots from the rough. More often they have greater problems from being blocked from a clear shot. I don't mind watching it at all bec
  9. I hit a few putts with an identical putter at Fairway Golf in San Diego about a decade ago. They were asking $35K at the time.
  10. i ordered new wedges a few weeks ago and they said 3~4 weeks, then ordered irons (G710) this week and they said the same thing. Actual may be different, but that is what they quoted. This was a direct order from my shop to Ping.
  11. Having trashed my rotator cuff with the swing of a club (it was likely compromised before the last straw) I'm going to be tentative to swing hard once this 6 month rehab is over. Are there any drivers that are lighter than normal that have good reputations?
  12. Sorry, I don't have the original email but it was from Worldwide Golf Shops. This listing shows discounts, but I do not see the 3.0 wedges which were in the email at $149.99 https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/golf-clubs/ping/yes?fuzzy=0&map=department,brand,on-sale&operator=and
  13. Received an email today regarding a price drop on the entire 410 line and even the 3.0 wedges. What's up?
  14. What's up with the "not much sand in the traps"? Is that intentional, part of the set-up?
  15. Great tournament thus far. DJ best player over the past decade, and is due for a few more majors on his resume. This could be the start...or not. So many great players have a shot. Morikawa could surprise.
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