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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, very helpful. I'll be in Prospect Park South. Most of the replies mention Bethpage, so that will be my first choice. Yes, I'll have a car. Because of it's reputation, the Black course would be a great first choice, but I think it is hard to get on there. I play with the Torrey Pines Men's Club and the courses have become very tough to get on as well, especially after a U.S. was held on the South. Every time I play there, I see tourist buses off-loading passengers just to take pictures. Bad for the locals, but the city needs the money.
  2. I'll be there most of the month. Looking for recommendations for some of the best public courses, preferably with and without club rentals. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I use the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap in Jumbo size which is vey heavy compared to a stock regular size grip. Is it necessary to adjust eh swing-weight to counter the heavy grip? Why or why not?
  4. Still recovering from rotator cuff surgery, but landed on the green pin-high on a par 5 in two strokes. First time in about 15 years! It all began with "bombing" a drive of course. I'm 68 and carry the ball about 225, slightly above average for my age group it seems.
  5. I always thought he played too much when he was younger. The results were good so he just kept going. But then he overthought things IMO. Best to moderate yourself to keep sharp I think.
  6. Phil finished lower than Duval and close to Daly. And then there is Furyk who is older, currently in a tie for 25th. Doesn't seem like Phil's game has aged as well as some of his contemporaries including Striker.
  7. I'm not so sure. I have volunteered at Torrey during the pro-am and it is a grueling day for the pro's because they play in 5-somes which take forever with constant delays. I've seen am's swing and miss of the tee. At least there are more interesting am's at Pebble. And the pro's know the pro/am's allow huge purses, plus you're at Pebble Beach!
  8. Will John Daly finish higher than David Duval?
  9. Still have mine and just played it today to great effect. Really tough to improve on this one for most people.
  10. Knowingly or not, he got away with a loophole in the rules. He is not guilty since it is impossible to determine intent.
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