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  1. It seems Ping rules in this comparison Why?
  2. It's not about the course but the experiences and event itself. The playing field is level. If the players hate the course, stop whining! Fans don't matter. Adam Scott: "I was the third wheel hanging off the back! Every time I come back (to Torrey Pines) I’m reminded of it. It’s a strong, strong memory. The atmosphere for the whole 36 holes I played with Phil and Tiger was incredible, but Thursday morning the energy around the first hole was like… I can’t compare it to anything else. " THAT is what matters.
  3. Looks like only one representative from Japan to go with their massive media presence. Hideki will be swamped.
  4. Anyone know where to find a list of the players and under which criteria they got in?
  5. No, I'll be there on Thursday, Friday and Sunday as well.
  6. I read that last year he adopted a strategy to hit driver low so that if it went in the rough, it did not go to the bottom. Impossible to say how much that may have helped, but it's not a bad idea.
  7. I volunteered there today. The logistics to run one of these events is amazing. But in 2008, there were 40,000 people each day, this year 8,500. And only 1,100 volunteers vs 6,500, so the even is scaled back considerably from that standpoint. But despite a course which is only so-so to many people, location, location and location is prime as will be the weather and it sets up well for the USGA to cash in which they need because it is the only event they hold that makes money. I think it will be good show. Not many players out this morning with the top group easily Spieth, Thomas, Homa and
  8. I've been telling my wife that golfers start to lose their competitiveness in their early to mid 40's because they can no longer concentrate to putt well. Sometimes an older guy can play a good round or two but never finish it off over 4 rounds. Phil created a credibility problem for me. How did he do that mentally?
  9. I did not watch every minute of the TV coverage but I only saw one player use a range finder and it Phil yesterday on 18. Anyone know what brand/model he had?
  10. I have listened to Phil for a number of years now talking about how he struggles mentally with the game which is exactly why a golfers game deteriorates in their early 40's. He said he can't focus, has poor course management, isn't committed to shots, putts poorly, etc. He has been addressing these issues somehow I've heard and when I see him play now, he hesitates quite a bit I think to try to gain commitment and focus on everything he is doing. It must be tough. I bet he was mentally exhausted after today's round. But kudo's to him to have gotten this far. I would love to see him win,
  11. Original Sasquatch square!
  12. I have gone through at least a dozen rangefinders and several GPS units and the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized is the best one yet. It is really easy to get a measurement to literally ANY spot you want, a small mound, even a spot on the green that isn’t the pin and my favorite is when I pull up to my partners short drive, I can measure how much mine is ahead of his! I like the idea of a Garmin watch and tried one, but they aren’t accurate enough, sometimes the distance is off by 9 yards depending on flag position. Even though I am only a 15 hcp, that is just too much error for this former en
  13. I had a pretty standard set of sand and lob wedges for years. 56* and 62* degree models, usually Callaway. The 62* never got used because it is frankly difficult to execute for this 15 hcp. I went with something more forgiving and within my skill range so got a Ping Glide 3.0 wide-sole 54* for chipping and a Glide 3.0 Eye2 for sand shots. They both get used all the time and work great for my skill level.
  14. Maybe some day we won't have a housing shortage. I've been in San Diego for 40 years and have seen constant growth every year since. We need a break.
  15. Lots of great info here. Thank you. Covid has had a negative effect here (San Diego) as well with fewer times available and higher prices.
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