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  1. I went with DG 105’s to get the distance back.
  2. This. I grew up playing 3 and 4 irons and went to the hybrids two years ago and although I hit them great (2016 Apex 2-5H), something was missing. At the end of last year, went back to long irons and just hit them as much as I could on the course and fell back in love. There’s nothing like a flushed straight high flying long iron. I score better now as it forces you to be a great ball striker. Learn to hit them.
  3. That's the exact shaft I have in my G425 5 wood as well as my G425 driver. Great shaft!
  4. Ping G425 fairway woods are exceptional. Super easy to hit and consistent.
  5. Ping G425 5 wood lofted down to 16.5 for me. Plays exactly like a 4 wood.
  6. That’s just it. I’ve never had a single flyer with the i210’s. Not once.
  7. That’s why I got rid of mine. I remember hitting a 9 iron in a tournament over the green into OB when I was like 140 yards out. We figured the ball went 160 yards. Can’t have that. Hence why I have the i210’s in the bag. Just need consistent distances. I still get a chuckle when a couple of guys I play with have P790’s and can’t believe I’m hitting a 6 iron when they have 7 iron, I say “…but they’re essentially the same loft”. They just don’t get it. LOL
  8. I agree. Have the same setup and love them. I was a long time Vokey player but have also played Cleveland and Callaway and these Pings have been my fav.
  9. Yup, love the 5 wood. Goes almost as far as a 3 wood and easier to hit. On longer courses, I’ll turn it down to a 4 wood.
  10. I go driver, 5W and then to 3 iron. Love having the 3 iron for tight fairways.
  11. Anyone order to Canada? Quirks? Timelines? TIA
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