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  1. I can't wait. I was thinking of going with a 9* LST but after reading, might go with the G425 Max in 9* instead or 10.5. Will need to see some reviews and comparisons first.
  2. I’ve used Arccos and now using ShotScope V3. ShotScope for ease of use and lightweight non-subscription battery less tags. Arccos tags are heavier and much larger plus battery. I have the link as well and although it is better than the phone in pocket, still missed shots for me. I think it was like 12 shots or something. ShotScope has missed one shot in 20 rounds.
  3. I switched from a combo of G400 Max, G400 3w & 5w to G410 LST and G410 3w with G410 3H. The G410 LST eliminates the pull I’d get once in a while and is longer than the G400 Max but the Max was easier to hit. The G410 fairway woods are much better though. interested in going to G425 Max and G425 3w and hybrid next season though.
  4. Yes, ShotScope is looking better every firmware release. Once the dashboard and stats catch up to Arccos, it will be the best tracking system out.
  5. I think that’s because we are all wondering how they can improve on the i500 and i210 irons that’s all. You want to throw darts, i210. Want to launch it high and far with a little more forgiveness, i500. It’s going to be impressive if and when they improve on both of these models. Give me the feel and dart throwing of the i210’s mixed with the looks and distance / forgiveness of the i500 and I don’t care what they call it. Take my money.
  6. Good idea I'd say. If they can improve on the i210's I'd be all over them. The i210's are just money.
  7. i210’s for sure. Love these irons.
  8. They don't as the COG in each is different. You would think that the G410 8 iron would have the same spin as a i210 7 iron but that wasn't the case.
  9. This. Exactly the issue I had with the G410’s...great irons but felt that I couldn’t attack flags with the thought of “how much is this going to roll out” to add to my pre-shot routine. Always felt I had to land it short 10 yards to compensate for roll out even though they launched plenty high. Going to i210’s with slight lower lofts and more spin has allowed me to go straight at flags knowing that they will hop once and stop. I will say, the G410’s were slightly easier to hit in a variety of lies for what it’s worth.
  10. I agree that a good fit may help but not in my case. At my fitting the 7 iron spun 6000 rpm's and for some fitters, that's close enough and nothing could get that spin higher until I went into the i210's. Same shaft in both as well. Sometimes, more loft is better and just goes to show how important to get real world results. Unfortunately in Canada, you can't get fit, take the clubs out for a couple of rounds to make sure they work regardless of what the indoor fitting "shows" and return them if they don't work. Real world and on course is where it happens.
  11. I too are not a fan of the jacked lofts. It's OK when the lower loft also keeps a higher spin but typically, that's not the case. Case in point. Was playing the G410's which have the jacked lofts but hitting 7 irons 180 yards and rolling off the green is not good. Went to the i210's which have a more standard loft and now my ball releases 3 feet from it's landing spot. Same ball height, same trajectory so which would you prefer? Sure my regular playing partners are all hitting their 7 irons while I hit my 6 iron, but their balls are off the back of the green while mine is in tight.
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