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  1. I went with DG 105’s to get the distance back.
  2. This. I grew up playing 3 and 4 irons and went to the hybrids two years ago and although I hit them great (2016 Apex 2-5H), something was missing. At the end of last year, went back to long irons and just hit them as much as I could on the course and fell back in love. There’s nothing like a flushed straight high flying long iron. I score better now as it forces you to be a great ball striker. Learn to hit them.
  3. That's the exact shaft I have in my G425 5 wood as well as my G425 driver. Great shaft!
  4. Ping G425 fairway woods are exceptional. Super easy to hit and consistent.
  5. Ping G425 5 wood lofted down to 16.5 for me. Plays exactly like a 4 wood.
  6. That’s just it. I’ve never had a single flyer with the i210’s. Not once.
  7. That’s why I got rid of mine. I remember hitting a 9 iron in a tournament over the green into OB when I was like 140 yards out. We figured the ball went 160 yards. Can’t have that. Hence why I have the i210’s in the bag. Just need consistent distances. I still get a chuckle when a couple of guys I play with have P790’s and can’t believe I’m hitting a 6 iron when they have 7 iron, I say “…but they’re essentially the same loft”. They just don’t get it. LOL
  8. I agree. Have the same setup and love them. I was a long time Vokey player but have also played Cleveland and Callaway and these Pings have been my fav.
  9. Yup, love the 5 wood. Goes almost as far as a 3 wood and easier to hit. On longer courses, I’ll turn it down to a 4 wood.
  10. I go driver, 5W and then to 3 iron. Love having the 3 iron for tight fairways.
  11. Anyone order to Canada? Quirks? Timelines? TIA
  12. I had the same thing happen to mine. Took it to a local Ping dealer (ie - my club pro shop) and had them remove the screw, give me a new weight from one of the other drivers on the shelf and they contacted Ping to send them a replacement weight. Easy and zero downtime. I’d ask a local dealer if I were you.
  13. Callaway Apex OG hybrid for sure.
  14. Yes, the original GBB Subzero version.
  15. I went with Glide's for my PW and up as they are more versatile. If just using the gap wedge for full shots only, I'd go with the set wedge. If you need to flight shots down, chips etc., I'd go to the Glide.
  16. I’m in the exact same boat. I have my 425 Max set to flat -1 and weight in toe (so 8*) and I can still pull it right (I’m a lefty). My G410 LST in default settings with weight in toe just goes straight but the 425 Max is longer so trying to make it work.
  17. After playing Callaway woods for years, Ping equipment has slowly crept in and taken over my bag. Their G425 line of woods have to be the easiest to elevate I’ve ever tried and long. If you don’t mind going a couple years older, the Callaway Fusion fairway woods were stupid easy to elevate and hit.
  18. Just a quick update. The replacement arrived and it sounds much better. Mine also has 3 grams of hot melt and a 20 gram weight. Weighed the head and it comes in at 203 grams + 3 grams for the adapter so at 206 grams on the button. D3 swing weight as requested. Ping WRX nailed my specs. This driver just launch’s the ball high and straight and is a fairway finder. You have to put a terrible swing on it to miss. For me, I had to put the driver in the flat setting to deliver the club the same as my G410 LST.
  19. Crisis adverted. Put the G425 Max in the flat setting and back to hitting high bombs. The G410 LST was quite a bit flatter in lie so tried that in the G425 Max and all good. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
  20. Thanks. Did not know that.
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