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  1. Just one item today. OBRO, price is shipped within the US. Not interested in trades at this time. 9* Epic Flash Sub Zero with Ventus Blue Velocore 7x plays at 44". Unsure of tipping as I did not order the shaft. Head only, $200 Shaft only, $old pin 11/12
  2. Pm me your trade. I would be looking for something with upgraded x flex shaft.
  3. I have been assembling a bag of some older clubs in good condition as a second set, but with Covid, two set ups is not the luxury I need right now. All clubs except for the wedges were built by the professional club builder at my club. Prices are OBRO and shipped within the lower 48. 2016 Taylormade M2 9.5 with HZURDUS Smoke Black 6.5. Plays at 44.75 and was shaft is tipped 1 inch to get there. Like new Z-cord grip. $275 $210 GAPR Mid 3 iron with Tensei Pro white 100hy X-flex $OLD Mizuno MP-67 3-PW with Project X 7.0 flighted shafts. These play 38.5 in the 5 iron and are in ha
  4. I am trying to move on from my current back up stuff, as I am looking to add a new set of cavity back irons. I would trade for a set of DG x100 Tour issue pulls, but they'd have to be based off a 38.5 inch 5 iron when installed. 1. 712 Ap2 irons, Project X 6.5 Shafts, Standard Loft/Lie/+.5 inch length - $275 $250 shipped, add $5 west of Mississippi. Used, but not abused. There is some residue from crappy range balls on the 8 iron, which I can clean off before shipping. Also there is a ding in the PW shaft near the grip, a bag fell on the club while the club was laying flat, from what I can
  5. So I have been looking to build a new driver as I'm getting much more interested in club building, and golf tech in general. I currently game a 915D3 with a whiteboard d+ 70x. I go through periods of absolutely striping this set up, and then some weeks of just low pull hooks and inconsistencies as far as shot shape, so draws and some cuts. I realize this is not uncommon for many good golfers. I have a few heads in my garage, courtesy of my dad mostly, but he is locked in on the Epic. I also recently got a good deal on a kiyoshi gold 05 shaft. So some info: My ss is low end 112 up to 121 on m
  6. You have a really good swing and you putt well. Think you get that touch from your dad! If you ever decide to get serious you'd do really well in a lot of Am events! Thank you, I appreciate that. Glad I could make it competitive for a little, you closed the round really well
  7. Old York’s layout was great. Wish I could’ve finished out the round better, and I’d love to see that course again after having played it once. Great experience from the home team, DB and The Rocket were very accommodating.
  8. I play for Northampton Valley, we’re excited to come check out your course!
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