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  1. That's impressive. I won't get 80 rounds in and i'll go through 5 boxes I'm sure. I also feel like most people lose more than I do.
  2. I’d also counter with golf clothes can be worn in a lot of scenarios outside of golf.
  3. Ping glide forged. Favorite all time Cleveland CG15s.
  4. They have some pretty good prices now if you don't need the new new stuff. I got the Proto for $325, I'm a sucker and paid $200 for an evo iv, but $325 is a steal for a new driver. Now someone's gonna say PXG Shipping lmao
  5. Here in MN/ND I pay $775 for two pretty decent courses (season pass). When I hear initiation fees of 50k+ I am mindblown. Can't argue hybrid though, or 3 wood if we're talking golf clubs only.
  6. If we're not just talking about clubs. Expensive golf memberships.
  7. Looks like the deal fell through and it is. Pretty bummed I missed out on the Evo V, granted I didn't see the price.
  8. You can't expedite your order. Your welcome
  9. Coming up on 2 months on my Hybrid order. Going to cancel it and and order a 3 wood, since I just got a u500 2 iron. So, hopefully will have my bag set by July lol
  10. PXG Bat Attack. Best putter to pick up a ball! I take gimmies all day long. That's why I'm around scratch lol
  11. I probably shouldn’t play blades, but I like them. Iron sets over the last 10 years. Cleveland CG16, 716 Ap2, iBlades, Ping Blueprints.
  12. 3 Ping-Hybrid, Irons and Wedges PXG-Driver and Putter Titleist-Driving Iron
  13. Ya I won't be playing if there isn't grass. The range will suffice.
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