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  1. Didn’t know about this one. Thanks!
  2. Just say my index, idc if they know what it means. For our group we calculate the CH and then say who's getting what. Then the fun starts haha.
  3. PXG Proto. Christmas present to myself lol.
  4. Agreed I'm really into the looks, but it's the top and size. Not the bottom or back.
  5. Impressive! I was also very curious about the 54 to 6 and no one was asking. With a 69 and 71 it seems pretty hard to even be a 6. Should be around scratch in no time!
  6. Happy New Year! Goals: 1. Shoot 65 or better 2. Get a hole in one 3. Greenside bunker improvement 4. Get better at working the ball left 5. Practice more 4 out of 5 I’ll be happy. 1 out of 5 if it’s the HIO hahaha.
  7. No. Late or early in the season is what gets me out there. More so late. I still can’t believe it when I see people out there in shorts.
  8. I hate the cold, but if a course is open in ND you go play. I played in December for the first time ever this year. Base. Under armour cold gear Leggings, thin pants, thick rain pants Top. Two under armour cold gear, 2 pullovers, winter hat Most important. Gaiter and Hand warmers
  9. I’d try to get AoA at -1 or 0 and hit it higher on the face. Swings are different.
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