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  1. can you get a picture near the handle so I can see the color band under the grip?
  2. i wish mizuno would bring back the T'Zoid. My favorite set of clubs. Miura CB57's remind me of them, but they are so outta my price range.
  3. I just recently switch out of my set of Miura CB202 to Srixon 785. When struck in the center of face, Miura CB202 is buttery soft. The Srixon 785 are a club longer. Being not getting any younger, I took the distance over feel. I am hoping going to graphite will provide a better feel on the Srixons.
  4. I would recommend getting an Edel putter. I love their fitting system. It makes a difference getting fitted.
  5. I am a ten handicap. I normally carry just two Wedges. A 54* 14* of bounce and 58* 16* of bounce Miura Y wedge with KBS Tour Stiff shaft. I was struggling with the gap left between the PW and the 54* wedge. Picked up a CBX RTX4 50* 10* bounce to bridge the gap and I am loving it. It has become my goto wedge for the short game from100 and in.
  6. Is he placing the blame of his recent slump on the equipment?
  7. New here. I am interested in the speeder TS. Trying to figure out how to send offer.
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