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  1. When my son was late 11 early 12 we moved to Callaway Apex and Recoil 460s. 6-9 months into that we got stiffer (i believe regular), slightly longer shafts but kept the same irons head. Last year, we kept the same shaft but weakened the Apex loft by 1-1.5 degree on each club to get more spin and launch higher but not give him a ton of distance. He just got fit from T100 in KB Steel 105 gram shaft S flex. Will cost a bomb. FWIW. We made the jump and i do not think it changed his scores or ability to play. As his swing has improved he has become a lot more demanding of his irons. hence the weaker lofts on the Apex and now moving to T100..
  2. With all due respect, giving examples of folks who were once in a generation talent (I.e Woods,Jordan, Johnson) is kinda useless. If my kid had that kind of talent, then sure be a drop out. BTW: how many golf pros actually graduate from college? My guess is not many. Similarly . Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerburg were highly passionate about they wanted to create and were willing to work hard to fulfill their dreams..
  3. Every kid develops at a different rate. I don’t think there is cookie cutter answer Also, every stage of your kids development brings upon a new challenge that you will need to address. My suggestion, keep an open mind, scores, and focus will fluctuate. There are time to keep in fun and other to bring down the hammer. IIMO, the hardest part for us was when he puts in a ton of effort but the scores don’t change…
  4. We do. Just got the shaft for his driver, he preferred it to the Ventus Blue during his fitting. We are three competitive rounds in the with it and so far so good.
  5. Make sure he is at least 5’10 -‘11 ..
  6. My believe is that you can’t assume the ball went into the hazard. Someone (player, caddy, official, spectator) has to know or be virtually certain that the ball went into the hazard. If not known then it needs to played as a lost ball.
  7. i thought the podcast was a repetition of stuff that has been stated in the past. I did not get the comparison to the Olympic athlete. In any case, every journey is different. Set your own goals and enjoy the process. It can be very frustrating but I keep telling myself, do not focus on the destination- this is a marathon not a sprint.
  8. Clearly doing something i love (like seeing my son compete ) is not reason enough for you! Other reasons why I like being there 1. look for golf balls off errant shots. not only for my son but the other players. 2. General encouragement to all the kids. These guys are sweating it out in extreme temperatures sometimes. 3. Making sure my son eats and drinks. He is not good about this. 4. Meet other interesting parent on the course. Have made a bunch of friends over the years. 5. it is way more healthy than drinking beers in a club house. 6. The most imp. I keep detailed stats for our Post round discussion. He is 14 after all, his recollection of a shot or situation can be a lot different than reality.
  9. Because I love watching my son play golf. It is a big part of his life and it is something I want to share. My son likes me watching him.. not because of coaching or anything else but he likes to talk in detail about every shot and ask my opinion after the round. BTW: I also enjoy watching other junior golfers. These young kids are really really good, can shoot par or around on most days. Hit some pretty good shots and have skill. Who does want to watch good golf!
  10. i have played a couple of alternate shots, best ball (scoring done on "Callaway System" since kids did not have a handicap) and scrambles with my child. Arguably my son was 8-10 when we played these events so he did the ball further than your 6yr hence his second shot was relevant. I think the one that worked best was Alternate Shot but both player would hit off their tee shots on each hole. We would then select the best tee shot and play alternate shot from there. Kids played age specific tees, so 10 and under played forward, 11-13 played ladies and 13-15 played srs and 15 over played mens tees. Gross and net scores. Net scores were avg of the handicap (if kids had handicap) or used the Callaway System. The alternate shot with both player hitting off the tee box was fun. In most instance since he was playing forward tees, we would use his drive, my approach to the green etc. The par 3s were all about who hit the greens and par 5s required him to hit the third shot to the green. HE preferred it to scramble and shamble since he shot mattered on every hole, plus the pace of play is a lot quicker.
  11. How is the young ladies golf game? I think it would be amazing for the script if she is a golf prodigy that hits it 235 yd and helps your son, not only make it to the HS team but also win the State Championship.
  12. What cameras are you using? Have been looking for budget camera for home setup.
  13. I will add to the disagree column. 1. He does use it to dial in his wedge game. Trackman Combine is a great tool, he loves trying to beat his old score. 2. For full swing especially in the North East you need it to practice 12 months and it does help with when is swing breaks down.
  14. @darter79 - good to know someone else is feeling my pain. And there is hope! @heavy_hitter - Indoor trackman facility that we can rent. All the speeds were in the same environment, and over a period of days. Statistically it was a pretty good sample size. and i am talking about pure club head speed and not ball speed or spin.
  15. Re posting from the other forum. I inadvertently posted in the equipment section. Before the naysayers jump on me! I love the process and don’t get overly stressed about it but holy cow.. what happens to these kids! In the past, we have dealt with all the usual stuff - swing issues, growth spurts etc. The last month has been a first. My son has lost 3-5mph club head speed - across the board and that translates into a club length for most shots. The MPH was measured on a Trackman and in the same setting - same clubs etc. Anyone else experienced this? My optimist wife thinks he is going into a another growth spurt so his muscles have weakened— I think she is just making it up. I feel bad for him, his really competitive tournament schedule starts in a week or two and to suddenly loose distance is such a drain of confidence..
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