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  1. RmoorePe - You did say the tournament was last year so based on that. IMO your daughter should not get a penalty for not marking her ball and pick it up on the putting green. The rule is 9.4b. It does not matter but and not related to the topic but since you brought it up.
  2. i still remember my son's first tournament. He was 9, shot in the mid 50s. Folks were really serious and I found the introduction on the first tee a little amusing. Anyway, got paired up with this really easy going dad/kid. The dad had a golf cart and stayed on the path the full round, I do not think he even walked to a single green. His kid could play (shot close to par) but in a very nonchalant manner. It was a real fun round - he even missed a 3 footer on the 9th hole - for that he did 50 push up on the spot and no Chick-Fil-a on the drive back; he has never missed a 3 footer ever!
  3. We demo'ed 4 shaft this weekend. Different weight categories (45, 55, 65 and 75)-- all in the hope of eking out a little more club head speed . Did not happen for him. He maxed out (45, 55, 65) in high 90s and the 7s was slightly lower in mid 90s. We were trying to get to triple digits. For him specifically, 10-15 grams of weight did not result in any speed gain. He was hitting them all quite well but either the 55 or 65 weight had the best launch characteristics. Three of the shafts were from the same manufacture and flex (Ventus 5s, 6s, and 7s). I forget the ultra light shaft brand.
  4. NY/NJ.no golf currently. Getting hit with another snowstorm. 8inches and counting over the last 24hrs
  5. 7 hrs on putting! Can you get my son to putt as well?
  6. My son will caddy this year at our club. Will be his first year as he turns 14 in the summer. He will likely loop once a weekend carrying two bags/each loop. Besides the obvious benefits of money and stamina (walking and carrying two bags will be exhausting for him). I think he will learn how to deal with grumpy adults, read greens, keep an adult conversation and importantly keep clubs clean :). The caddy program at our club is awesome, plenty of experienced jr caddies (most of them are member kids). They loop in the morning and play a round after that. I have seen a few of
  7. Tri State has a ton of golf for Juniors. It caters to all kinds and level of kids. What age and level are you enquiring about? I know you said introductory but is that for tournament golf or just playing Junior golf?
  8. Is it confirmed that he is no longer with GG or Terrel and back to Duncan? I am going to assume because nobody else posted about it on their IG. Looking for confirmation.
  9. RMoorepe there is subtle difference between what I said about 14-15-16 being important. It is only important to the fact that it decides where you get recruited to a college. I never implied that it has any bearing on how you play in college or beyond. Frankly, a kid can loose the drive and motivation at 12 or 16 or 22 - who knows. Baby steps for my son and me, let us hope he can keep the work ethic for a couple more years. @ Tiger - I do hope your daughter never looses her motivation to compete at the highest level, but if she does and you tried very very very hard to make h
  10. I don’t think Fun stops at 13.. winning is fun, seeing hard work pay off is fun, getting recruited is fun!! being a champ is FUN! results matter a lot more after 13 so if your goal is to play college golf— then you need to put in hard work and grind it . That might not be fun for some kids! I get that. Those should play recertification golf and nothing wrong with that. Putting this another way and using the word “fun” broadly and not literally. Before 12 your results don’t matter it is what you do as a 14-15-16 yr old that determine your ability to play college golf. With t
  11. Going back to the original question. There are several reason for not playing a tournament.. time, money, final placing or impact on ranking? Time and money is a very personal issue and hard for outsider to opine about. I would not care much about the other player or where my kids might pace. The only factor that I would consider is the impact an high score in a elite tournament (assuming the distance are longer then normal) would have on ranking. Scoring 3-5 strokes above normal just because you played a stupidly long course.. I don’t see the benefit of that. We pla
  12. How did you guys go about choosing Sports Psychologists/performance coach? Do you have names to share, i assume this is virtual world most talks are over zoom, right? or are you doing any on course training? We have been thinking about a mental coach for a while, I am not 100% sold on the idea but I clearly need to dig a little deeper. thanks in advance..
  13. Will tell you in a few years. Currently the specializer's have a massive advantage on my son - or maybe he is not that good. Who knows? From 7-11yr, he played 4 sports (travel ice hockey, taekwondo, tennis and golf). Between 11-13 we are down to Travel Hockey and Golf. He did play soccer and tennis for his middle school team but that is fun and not ultra competitive. We are still debating about travel ice hockey this year. The 2Cs (covid and checking) are a big risk. Nevertheless he cant take a complete break from Golf any longer. Prior to last year he would
  14. 1. Yes. But it is not a full swing. He has a routine and it is based on how he is hitting the ball. 2. 1-2 feel moves to ensure his club and weight is where he wants it. 3. Next to the ball. 4. Why? He exaggerates the motion in the practice swing, knowing that the real swing will be different. 5. Value? To limit the miss. 6. on the range. It depends, will go back to freezers and slow swing if not hitting the ball well.
  15. Loaded question IMO. Are you asking “What prevents them shooting low”? Or What prevents them from playing to the best of their ability? Or are you actually asking about Goals like winning a tournament, higher ranking, D1 college etc.
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