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  1. Will tell you in a few years. Currently the specializer's have a massive advantage on my son - or maybe he is not that good. Who knows? From 7-11yr, he played 4 sports (travel ice hockey, taekwondo, tennis and golf). Between 11-13 we are down to Travel Hockey and Golf. He did play soccer and tennis for his middle school team but that is fun and not ultra competitive. We are still debating about travel ice hockey this year. The 2Cs (covid and checking) are a big risk. Nevertheless he cant take a complete break from Golf any longer. Prior to last year he would
  2. 1. Yes. But it is not a full swing. He has a routine and it is based on how he is hitting the ball. 2. 1-2 feel moves to ensure his club and weight is where he wants it. 3. Next to the ball. 4. Why? He exaggerates the motion in the practice swing, knowing that the real swing will be different. 5. Value? To limit the miss. 6. on the range. It depends, will go back to freezers and slow swing if not hitting the ball well.
  3. Loaded question IMO. Are you asking “What prevents them shooting low”? Or What prevents them from playing to the best of their ability? Or are you actually asking about Goals like winning a tournament, higher ranking, D1 college etc.
  4. I love it when the forum just moves away from the topic. I think the game should be played within the spirit and yes conditions change during the day. I don't agree with Tiger that the kids are not good bunker player. Conditions do matter and the top kids that shoot par or under get up and down from bunkers. That said, IMO all these issues are manageable . We make a point of simulating tournament conditions during practice. We practice putting with the stick and device. Bunkers are not raked during practice and you play how it lies. In fact we create foot marks and place the ball in t
  5. We had issues with short putts not long putts. According to my son, the flag stick and all the contraptions made the hole look really small. he has gotten better recently and it took a lot of dedicated practice.
  6. I have been in your shoes and sort of approached the problem analytically. Although you said "Consistent Scoring" in your post - it appears that she is consistently shooting in the high 80s/lows 90s so I assume you care about lowering that score through playing consistently. I would start with trying to eliminate the 3 putts and bladed chips That should save you 3-4 strokes a round. The only thing I would add is that not all 3 putts and bladed chips are the same, Was it a tight lie, was the 3 putt in the start of the round? Did she get lazy on the 3 footer? Did she peak in the her short pu
  7. Update to my previous post. A month later. He has taught me a lesson my wife got her “I told you “ moment. Practices a 5-6 days a week (3-4 hrs a day). Plays at least 1-2 rounds a week. Shockingly- prefers dedicated practice than playing with friends. The tournament have got him focussed. For the first time he makes his own yardage book prior to a tournament. These books are actually quite insightful and based on how he wants to play each round. I only type this because I have realized a few things over the last few weeks. We would argue a fair bit during the lockdown about his lack o
  8. We have the same experience as HH. Rounds have become quicker as the kid has grown up, become better and more independent. He played 2 rounds this weekend and both were about 4-4:15 hrs. I think older kids tend to walk faster, if experienced, just get on with the game. I also love that the flag is in the hole for each shot - that saves so much of time. You can gun the distance even if the group ahead is on the green, figure out exact distance, club etc and thus ready to go when the group ahead walks away.
  9. 13yr old - prior to course opening last was hitting balls into a net for probably 30-45min 3x a week. It was a struggle to get him to practice. It was much easier when he was younger. course opened last week, and he has played 3x. Going forward- Will likely play 3x 9holes with a friend during the the week and 18 with me over the weekend. Tournaments get his competitive juices flowing and thus he practice more. It has been hard to recreate that feeling. I think scores will up a little- maybe a few strokes here and there for chip and putts - that’s it.
  10. The thought process being that as you swing at 110 % your body, the match up, sequencing etc all adjust to that speed/feeling - and it becomes norm for you. There are a lot tours available but there seems to be this window from like 12-14..where you are done with all this US Kids stuff...and if you want then you can really focus on long term development. I do not know ..its just a thought, we are still a few months away from Spring season in the NE, I actually think it might hurt him in the Spring but he will have a better Summer/Fall as the distances (6100-6300yd) become less of an issue.
  11. Easier said then done - only cause the scores/swing suffer as you try and smash the ball. We need/want to increase club head speed so I am actually thinking about not focusing on score for the next few months or even the year. I think it is the perfect age for him, he is only 12. He is basically done with US Kids and young to play AJGA. Does not need to win or qualify for anything..anyone agree with me?
  12. BridgsStone Tour XS is the ball of choice. Pro V1 has been played as has TP5 and Kirkland. In all honesty, I don't think the ball makes any difference to his score. - Balanced or Unbalanced.
  13. He has used a Odyssey Women's White Hot Putter for the last 3 years. It was originally cut down and have since added extensions and weights as he has grown. He has asked for a Scotty or TM Spider because they look cool and every one plays with them. Ironically, I gave the go ahead but his coach basically told him not to.. his rationale, you have good feel and hit your line with this putter.. why change? The coach keeps adding extensions and weight to ensure it is the right fit. - saves me a lot of money!! Me on the other hand .. have have biggest over sized TM mallet that I could
  14. NCAA Will Permit Athletes to Be Compensated for Their Names, Images And Likenesses, Board of Governors Says The headline just hit. Dont have details but figured I post it! Enjoy
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