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  1. ordered 8/16 - T100s, 4-P, Modus 120 S, +.5", up 1.5* did an outdoor fitting with titleist and followed up with a few comparison sessions at golf galaxy to try out other brands before choosing the T100s. clubs were delivered 9/24, but played my first round with them yesterday. i warmed up with just wedges, so my first ever swing with the new clubs was on the second hole... a par 3, playing 185. hit 6i a little bit thin, but ended up about 10 ft... not a bad start, and an early sign that they'd be more forgiving than expected. on the next hole, i had a similar distance in and hit a better shot that went a little bit long. throughout the rest of the round i seemed to come across a lot of 8i shots. only hit 5i once and no 4i. coming from my i200s i noticed a few differences: the T100s profile is A LOT smaller, especially getting into the long irons. they look spectacular, but it was a little intimidating. no issues with forgiveness. not going to say they are as forgiving as my PINGs, but didn't have any shots where i felt the results would've been better with a more forgiving club. but i'm definitely glad that i'll get some range time in with the 4i before i need to hit a real shot. i know turf interaction is a touchy subject, but the way these feel going through the ground is unique... and certainly night and day from the i200. i find it quite nice, and i swear i can really feel the heel relief in the sole design. also, felt good coming out of the rough. the feel is great. again, big difference from the i200. had similar improvement going from G400Max driver to TSi2. a well struck shot just feels pure and almost like it didn't happen... PING always had that little extra sound and harshness (not at all saying PINGs are harsh though, loved the 400Max and the i200s) biggest surprise was the distance. i expected distance to be fairly aligned with the i200... 1* less loft, but probably a little less hot of face... but at least yesterday i found the T100s to be at least half a club longer. time will tell if that holds true. i'm hoping to do some direct comparisons on trackman at my next lesson. i didn't see as big a gap in my outdoor fitting, but i wasn't swinging great that day either. one round isn't much of a dataset, but i'm excited with what i saw and look forward to spending some more time with them.
  2. I mostly hope that the cavity on the 4i is not visible at address! I think T200 might be the closest to my current i200… but the 2019 version was a no go. I’d love to be able and blend T100s and T200.
  3. Got the blue camo shirt in this week. A bit awkward sizing for me (6’ 4”, 175) so I ordered a M and a L. The M was a great, trim fit, but definitely too short to stay tucked in and any shrinkage at all would make it too small. Kept the L. It’s a good length to wear tucked or untucked and still not too baggy. Really nice looking shirt. Wish there was more of the collection I was into.
  4. i've worn mine (the NRG version) for one round walking. they were everything i hoped they would be. i'd compare the stability to the tour premiere, but the react cushioning in the heel takes it to another level of comfort. huge improvement over the ZVT1 in my opinion. maybe not my favorite looking nike shoe, but i think the highest performing one since the TP.
  5. Got my ZVT2 nrg today... I’m impressed. They look great and feel incredibly comfortable on a quick lap around the house. They feel much more like I had hoped the original ZVT would. Now if only they don’t swallow socks and give me heel blisters they might be a candidate for top walking shoe. Guess we’ll see...
  6. Same for me. Technically a full size: 13 -> 14 i have both sizes in the golf shoe, but I can’t walk 18 in the 13s.
  7. It’s wild how different shoes can be for different people. The zoom 90 IT swallowed my foot whole, ankle was so loose.
  8. yep. i size up in both from my street shoes. the 270s are definitely a tighter fit than the 90s in the toe box, but sizing is comparable otherwise.
  9. I walked 12 holes in mine on Thursday. It was dry, but no issues with traction. They seem inline with any other spikeless shoe I own. I wouldn’t want to walk all my rounds in them, but they were comfortable enough. You wouldn’t confuse them with a boost/react shoe or a pair of eccos, but they get the job done. I find them slightly more comfortable than the 270 as the toe box is a bit wider.
  10. not a ton of great options in reasonable Uber range of downtown, but i might suggest the following: Lions is a legendary muny and Morris Williams is a very fun one. They are both near downtown and in that $40 range give or take. Falconhead is probably the most enjoyable public course around $100. It's a bit of a journey from downtown though. Avery Ranch might be slightly more reasonable as an Uber ride and is also a great track.
  11. I have worn them all over, both public and private, with zero issues.
  12. i've seen the US release is pushed to the 28th... but always hard to know which source is right.
  13. Looking to sell a few pairs of Nikes... no original boxes. Prices include shipping. Tour Premiere - size 14 - $80: these are in good shape. Probably worn 15-20 rounds. Tread, cleats, and insoles still have plenty of life left. No major cosmetic issues aside from normal creasing. Zoom 90 IT - size 13 - $50: SOLD these are also in very good shape. Probably worn <10 rounds. Lunar Clayton - size 13 - $40: these are in decent shape. Didn’t play much golf in them, but wore them as dress shoes several times. Heel tread is starting to wear and typical creasing. Still look good though. Buy remaining 2 pair for $100 and I’ll include a bonus mystery pair of size 13 adidas shoes!
  14. was going to post almost the exact same thing! i got two pair over the summer, when it was super hot here in texas. i wore them to the range and for riding and they were fine. they look really good and certainly felt soft. i had some questions about whether they really were going to work for walking, but i figured it'd be fine. walked 18 with them for the first time yesterday and got huge blisters on both of my big toes... the toe box is so narrow (and i have narrow feet!). will be seeing if nike will be cool enough to accept a late return on both pairs... hopefully they'll see that i'll surely turn it into the purchase of more nike shoes ASAP... such a disappointment cause on paper these checked all the boxes.
  15. This is great feedback! I am also a sweeper. I’m not too worried about the size, but good to hear it’s working for you. I played AP2s for several years prior to the i200, it’s sounding a lot like the 770 might be visually closer to those, but still offer the extra distance and forgiveness I enjoy from the i200. Might be time for a fitting to see what’s up!
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