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  1. When the "pick and clean" is in play, it applies to plugged balls in the penalty area.
  2. I prefer to putt it out but very often play with the "gimmie" guys. I dont mind too much as long as its a legit gimmie if such thing exists and we aren't playing for money. Inside the leather on a normal length putter is gimmie range. However there are some times where a 18 inch put might be treacherous, and during those occasions I dont like gimmies at all since that putt can easily missed by most anyone.. What burns me up is for someone to clearly be outside of gimme range and ASK if thats good. The bums. I will admit though a while back, I did give a guy a 20 fo
  3. I don't wanna make any change, but I need to. I love my Cleveland RTX 2.0 588 wedges, but the grooves are so worn on them, Im not getting nearly the spin out of them that I used to.
  4. add 10 strokes to the scores, and Im right there with ya. No telling which one of me is going to show up on any given day.
  5. My bag has 14 way dividers, so there is a spot by the wedges for my putter. It also has a putter well on the outside of the bag. When im playing I put my putter in that so dont have to keep putting the headcover on and off on every hole so my putter face doesnt get dinged up by other clubs.
  6. With that much time off, things have changed. The mallet putters are face balanced and blade putters are to hang. What's the difference? The answer is it depends on your putter stroke..w If you have an arc in your putter stroke, toe hang, If you have a straight back and straight through putter, face balanced may be a better choice. But above all else, find a shop with a putting area and try all of them out and get whihever you put the best with and feels the best. There are some good options out there that dont cost an arm and a leg the Odyssey putters, Cleveland makes a couple of good ones
  7. Black 7,387 yards Blue 6,845 yards White 6,392 yards Gold 5,766 yards Red 5,391 yards
  8. The last 9 months or so, Ive started limiting myself to exposure to golf on the internet. I used to watch and read so much about it that stuff I saw and read started creeping into my golf "feels" and and into my head. So I pretty much just stopped and Im a much better player for not listening to all that stuff. I only watch a couple of YouTube channels now (non instructional), and I check in here maybe once a week or 10 days... Thats it.
  9. Water and Gatorade. Sometimes I'll get a Snickers Bar at the turn.
  10. I never know on any single day if I will shoot high 70s or mid 90's. Im perfectly capable of doing either on consecutive days. Some days, I have all of my feels, and other days not. Its aggravating as all get out.
  11. Yes, even if the result turns out good, if its a crappy shot then its a crappy shot and I admit it. I hate it when I hit one like that. I hate even worse when my golfing partner(s) does it to me. Its irritating!
  12. I agree with that guy ^^^^ is a 12/10. I dont even know if it can get any better.
  13. If you come through Texas on Interstate 20. East of Dallas and about half way to Shreveport, you are in my stomping grounds. YOU MUST PLAY... Pine Dunes Golf is about 20 miles off of Interstate in Frankston Texas ( about 1 1/2 beers South of Tyler). One of the top tracks in the state. You will not be disappointed. Fantastic layout and always in top notch condition. Lodging on site available (Its not resort style lodging. Just adequate at best and overpriced IMO). Tyler is 100K population, lots of lodging options there. I think Pine Dunes is ranked No 5 public in the state. If its not, it sh
  14. Ive been to several courses that charged a "trail fee" if you walked and had your own pull cart. Nothing really new about that. But I think its a cruddy way to do business if you want repeat customers. Ive never seen a walking fee if you were carrying the bag.
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