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  1. I have a Mevo Plus that I am trying to sell today. I just had my first child and thought I would use it more but it’s not looking like it. It comes with all the original paperwork and parts. It also has the balance stand with it. I bought it second hand here and have the original E6 connect login so you can play courses through the app. Asking $1700 for everything.
  2. Looking to sell some shafts here. All prices include shipping east of the Mississippi. Add $5 to go out west. I am open to trade offers and willing to look at all reasonable offers. Thanks. 1) Graphite Design AD GP 8x shaft with PXG tip. This shaft is 43.5” long from tip to butt. Asking $160 $140 2) KBS Tour C-Taper 120s shaft pulls. These were gamed for one season and have Winn Dri Tac midsize grips. The shafts were pulled from 4iron - Gap wedge but also include shafts for a 54 and 58 degree wedges. So 10 shafts total. Standard length. The 7 iron shaft measures to 35.75”. Asking $200 $170 Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional pictures. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a used SIK C-Series armlock putter that came with a steel shaft and JumboMax Flat 17 grip. I additionally bought a LA Golf Shaft to replace the steel shaft. I had no issues pulling the steel shaft and putting in the graphite shaft. Everything went fine and I thought I was home free. After the epoxy dried, I set out to cut the shaft down to length and put a new JumboMax grip on the new putter. This is where I ran into my issues. I followed all instructions on regripping a putter but I could never get the new grip on. I fought like crazy to just get it halfway before giving up and having to cut it off. So now I have to order a new grip but want to make sure I do it right before ruining another $30 grip. What am I doing wrong? I place the tape on the shaft and smooth it out. I take the backside of the tape off and twist the 1" or so additional tape to cover the end of the shaft. Then I plug the hole on the grip and fill it with grip solvent from Golf Works. Give it a good shake to coat the inside of the grip. After that I empty the grip of solvent onto the tape that is on the shaft. I am using a vise clamp and rubber shaft clamp. The one thing that I can see is that the 2" tape from Golf Works does not completely wrap around the butt end of the shaft and there is a little graphite still showing. I did notice that some solvent was able to get under the tape in that area so when I push the grip on, it causes the tape to bunch and add more resistance. Would I be better off wrapping the shaft with tape like a candy cane? Thank you for your help, Derek
  4. SeeMore, LAB, Titleist irons, and PXG iron are sold
  5. I’m looking to clean out the closet. All prices include shipping to CONUS. I can also provide more pictures if needed. 1) Graphite Design ADTP 6s driver shaft w/ PXG tip. 43.75”. Used for about 10 rounds. 2) PXG 17* 0317X Gen 2 Hybrid w/ KBS Prototype 85s shaft. 3) PXG 0311 Gen2 4-G w/KBS C-Taper 120 shafts. I believe they are Standard L/L/L The 4&5 are the XF (extra forgiving) and the 6-G are the P (players). Played them for 1 season. 4) Titleist 712U 3&4 Driving Irons w/ S300 shafts. I prefer to sell them together. 5) Old Odyssey White Hot #9. The grip will need to be changed on this one. 6) Stitch Golf SL1 carry bag. It has my initials on it but the letters are raised so I think they can be scraped off. It’s also missing machine screw on one of the legs (pictured). Would be an easy fix with the right screw. PM me with any questions or reasonable offers. I’ll look at all trades but prefer to sell. Here are the pictures…
  6. Sounds like it is time for a golf "divorce" or at least that's what we call it at our club. It happens all the time. Like one poster said, life is too short and I'm sure you can win with other people. Let him venture out and annoy some other people until no one wants to play with him and he does some soul searching. You'd be giving up playing in his tournaments but if you aren't having fun anyway, what are you really losing?
  7. I read this 3 times and I'm still struggling to see what the point is. I dont think anyone would watch this.
  8. Lululemon Commission Warpstreme or Peter Millar Salem High Drape Performance
  9. I'd say that it is time to change them out when they become a distraction for you. As in, you can't fully focus on the shot you are about to take because you are thinking that the grip is too worn down. When my grips get slick, I spend more time thinking about the grip than I do the swing I am about to make. Time to change it out.
  10. RTJ will be your best bet. However, a trip to Mossy Oak and Old Waverly in West Point, MS would be a good time as well.
  11. I'm in South Louisiana and right now every course within 150 miles is cart path only. Combine that with 95 degree highs and insane humidity, I'll will take the cart path only. At least when you drive from shot to shot/hole to hole, you get some sort of a breeze. I guess the other alternative is to not play but that won't be happening. I hate CPO as much as the next but its about the best we can do right now.
  12. At my home course, I hit a 3 wood on the second shot on all the par 5's. There are also a few holes that, when my driver is giving me problems, I will hit 3 wood off the tee. So I hit mine a minimum of 4 times and a max of 7 times. I love my 3 wood so I could never pull it completely. I would be better off pulling one of my long irons.
  13. I had no idea about any of this either. It is wild how much power he and Finau can generate with a 3/4 swing.
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