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  1. Looks good. I like the idea of making it even more stealthy with minimal color accents, although their driver soleplates have always been nice to me. Reminds me of the Anser driver that was al black with white lettering.
  2. Does the round info still show on the watch? Did you try and hook it up to your Garmin Express to extract the info from the watch?
  3. I’m surprised considering it looks like that have used the same finishes since the G25 line. I remember that my G25 hybrid looked great for a while... now it looks beat up, but it’s been 6 years.
  4. That really sucks... I wouldn’t even bother with them anymore and file a dispute with your card (if you used one). If you used AMEX they will back you no matter what and they usually win disputes for their clients especially since you have reasonable reasons for the dispute. Good luck
  5. Gonna have to go with Carlos Correa on this one.
  6. Logged my first round with the S62 today. Pretty impressed so far. Distance seemed to line up within a yard or two of the GPS on the carts. I didn’t find choosing which club I hit too much of a distraction, but definitely will take getting used to and still unsure if I will continue using the feature. As far as shot detection goes, it didn’t miss a single one all day and misread one practice swing (flop shot that I really needed to thump the bounce into the ground), but I was able to catch and cleared it. Also impressive is the fact that it used 12% battery for the entire round.
  7. Any update on word on this? I have tickets to the US Open and would be bummed not to go, but understanding.
  8. They have the same coach (George Gankas, mentioned above). Or at least they both were coached by him at some point.
  9. Completely agree that it’s easy to get wrapped up in a single OEM... Especially if you are having success with the first part of your bag that you put into play with said brand.
  10. Love that color way. I was trying to hunt one of them down
  11. Just picked up an S62 and not playing for the next few days. I just stare at it on my desk... waiting...
  12. The jolt happens when it confirms you have hit a precise target like the flag (lots of flags have something on top of the flagstick for the laser to easily bounce back to the device). That’s the point of the system, to confirm you are hitting the flag and not the tree behind it. You should be getting yardage though for anything you shoot even though you don’t get the jolt, so that part is weird.
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