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  1. Ok thanks. The older ones were a copper finish. Was hoping you had seen both. Looking forward to seeing these in a store
  2. Sorry I meant to specify how is the denim copper finish compared to the hi-toe. I have the HMB pitching wedge and I am glad the t-22 looks similar at address since it works for me
  3. How close is the look to something like a copper TM Hi-Toe?
  4. What is the length of the head and width of the sole on your 50 degree? I use the MP20 HMBs and I really like the PW from that set around the green. I read these are more compact so am looking to see how the size compares. These seem like a natural progression from that set of irons if they’re not too small.
  5. Thanks! I’m in the east as well and I’m not sure I’ve ever had true fluffy sand on the courses I play either LOL.
  6. I had to adjust to an overlap grip for this exact reason. I played interlock for 10 plus years and it took quite a while for overlap to actually work for me. I did go back to an overlap grip for a minute last year. I use midsize grips with 4 wraps or a +4 style now and I didn’t seem to notice the pain in the handful of rounds this time. Maybe that will help.
  7. That’s good to hear on both. No issues on full swings with the T grind either? The heel grind worries me but I’m hopeful this is the answer for my struggles. I was fully prepared to get a C grind 52 but after speaking with them and telling them what I struggle with they recommended the T. I figured why not, I haven’t exactly set the world on fire choosing wedge grinds my way LOL. Thanks for the reply
  8. Your posts have me optimistic for when my 52 T arrives. Should be here within a week. Do you open the face on the T grind or is it more of a full swing club for you? Do you also use it for chipping and pitch shots? I’ve searched for a long time for something to fit my swing well and help me gain confidence 100 yards and in. I am actually considering the 58 C grind as well. How do you like that one out of bunkers? May even go with a 46 in my PW spot if this all works out.
  9. I played exactly this setup for years. I never felt I was missing anything since I hit my Baffler 5w much more consistently than any 3 wood I tried. Mine is at 16.5 so it’s essentially a 4 wood. My hybrid is a 20 degree. Baffler 5w for me flies considerably longer and has a larger distance variance than my 3h. So I use the 5w to make up yards when necessary and also as a tee club. i did add a driving iron (MP20 HMB 2 iron) after removing a wedge from the bag but I still use the same driver, 5w, 3h setup that I used for years. My driving iron is for a couple of tee shots on some tight courses I play near me and for some long par 3s.
  10. Driver at 10.5, baffler 5w at 16.5, then 2, 3h, 4-pw(46)
  11. Mizuno is definitely around 6 weeks currently. That was about my wait time on a couple HMBs I ordered in January. Just ordered a couple more to finish out my set and I’m waiting it out now lol. I asked them to order this time with whatever grip would have the least delay. The wait is worth it for me with the way these irons feel and perform though. Seems like Ping may be in the same boat on delays right now.
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