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  1. Last I remember it was in the 20s for initiation fee. Not sure on waitlist, but it’s a member owned course and I think it’s one in one out, but I could be wrong on that.
  2. I love my silencer and use it with my pushcart or on a cart. Walk with a Jones bag because the stand bag straps just aren’t comfortable. I found that chatter was inevitable but having such a clean 14 way allowed for me to quickly determine if I forgot a club and know exactly where each club was.
  3. It gives the bag better shape for sure and because of that it’s easier to take clubs in and out. My bag won’t stand by itself. If it didn’t have clubs in it, the bag would likely stand up straight. It’s definitely a personal preference. The plastic was 20 bucks with shipping. I figure if I don’t like it after a month it’s easy to take out. Surely easier than getting it in there!
  4. I just finished doing this to my bag. I should note you can buy 1/16 24x48 from Walmart and cut it down, i accidentally bought this plastic and was able to cut it with scissors. I could not find 24x28 easily. I would also say if you can have help from someone else, ask them. Maybe I had really strong plastic, or I need to actually go to the gym, but rolling the plastic, keeping it rolled, and finagling it into the bag was not easy.
  5. The other “affordable” club anywhere close to DC is National Golf Club, and I was a member there from 2016-2018. I’m not going to openly disparage a club, but it’s night and day there from woodmore. Again, happy to answer any questions I can and if ya join more than happy to play and introduce you to the other guys I play with. We’re not the best, but we’re fun!
  6. They are doing a lot of work right now with irrigation and putting in new paths, and they did recently punch the greens and the fairways probably like mid November and it’s taking a bit to come back, but with that said, in this area with the munis and paying $60 for East Potomac, having anything green and fast-ish greens is amazing. For a single I don’t think you’d have a problem, I’ve been able to get tee times for four people pretty often and they do a great job day of adding people to groups if you can’t get a tee time. I haven’t been a member in the summer, but I think if you get
  7. I recently joined Woodmore CC and commute from Arlington and it’s really not that bad and wouldn’t be from navy yard. They have a good deal going on now, and without knowing your age the junior exec is a great deal and the course is in pretty good shape. In this area getting anywhere it’s 15-20 minutes and it’s about 35 for me to woodmore and it goes faster than you think.
  8. Not sure on both but Hopefully their website has the differences for the prices.
  9. Are the apex blacks stiff flex in the rest of the shafts as well? Are they also the black steel or regular?
  10. I just joined and have friends in the junior exec level who joined within the last year as well. There are around 40 avid golfers below 40 and around 500-600 members total (from what I remember the gm said). They are updating the facilities, just added a trackman (hourly rate) and the course is in great condition. if you are interested DM me and I can help you set up a prospective member round. (I don’t get anything specific, entered into a lottery, but you should get a lower monthly rate.)
  11. Queens town harbor near Kent island (before Annapolis). You can rent a house on the course, have the ability to walk 1-4 anytime you want for free on the rivers course and play for a reduced rate. It was nice, they have two courses in decent shape and all around a good time. Way within your five hours limit, about an hour away.
  12. 86 miles and I definitely want to go. Toured the factory in california as a kid, had my own set of small custom big berthas and now I used Callaway XR's. Love the Turvis Chromesoft and definitely want to see how they are made!
  13. I feel like i need to give an update since I was quite harsh in my first post. The rep reached out to me and posted on their kickstarter that a update was coming to the app. She then personally emailed me and asked that once i download the app and use it to email her back with my results, as well as the courses i usually play so that she can ensure they are mapped correctly. I was able to use the app on monday and it worked like a dream. Not only was I able to play music, but editing the round, having the clubs identified and the whole process was very easy. I tested the GPS range finder
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