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  1. Thanks a lot for the eBay code tip. Just couldn’t pull trigger at full but did with the code. Any more review/thoughts/input on the watch?
  2. Tried posting two review on their site and requesting a return (30 day policy) and both state awaiting approval. Also emailed and left a message requesting a return. No replies so beware buyers.
  3. Rolled the putter today. Liked it. Thought it was very stable and had a great role.
  4. Myself I am a little disappointed in the shoes. They are very heavy and hot. Soles are made of very basic material. Also didn’t care much for the tight spike design as it picked up a lot of grass. They look good and enjoyed the room in the front toe box. I have a slightly closed stance with an open front foot so the flat front didn’t do much for alignment. Pricing should be around 75 bucks. Way over paid and in process of trying to return.
  5. Apple Watch. Seems to be more only watch I wear anymore. Five others just stay in winder. Have about half dozen bands for the occasion and outfit. Golfshot works great on it but does have a yearly fee.
  6. Great timing looking at purchasing the model 10!! Count me in.
  7. Maybe try a different shaft on the ping.
  8. Thanks Stuart on info and link. Great read.
  9. I have an evenflow blue shaft that the adapter is broke. I wanted to shorten the shaft and am wondering if I could just cut the shaft at the adapter and add a new one. It is my understanding that it will firm up the tip which I am fine with as would like to bring down launch as is. Thoughts?
  10. I just can’t take my range game to the course. I can have a great stroking session but when I hit the course it is completely lost. It’s got to a mental block but how to get past it. On course everything falls apart- alignment is not comfortable (I line up open), on course I swing to hit the ball instead of thru the ball, i sh@n( the ball multiple times. Just can’t break it sometimes. Looking for suggestions on mindset. Other experience and what did u do to break it? HELP
  11. Exact set up I went with. Same height and gained 10 yards overs z545. Also better feel.
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