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  1. Played OGA Saturday and was surprised by the conditions. Seems like they have cut back on watering. Lots of areas are baked out. Many areas of hard pan not far off the fairway and greens. Many tee boxes are ragged. Greens were great, but everything else just looked like they have really cut back on maintenance.
  2. The second time was this past Sunday from noon on. They normally close it on Monday, apparently, but they changed it up because of the Winco tourney this week. So, I understand that hosting a tour event can impact things. Just let me know. Starting cold sucks, especially when arriving early to warm up and paying full freight. The first time was a weekday, but not on a Monday. I don't recall the reasoning for that one. I don't play there often (maybe once or twice a year), but I really enjoy the course. Though over the years there have been a handful of customer service misses that make me re
  3. Played Langdon last weekend again and once again the course is in tremendous shape. But for the second time in the past couple of months, I show up for the round and the range is closed - not a regularly schedule closure and no notice to me. So I waste the time getting there early to warm up and have to start a round (at a steep rate) cold. I get that sometimes these things happen, but they should notify those playing that day. Very frustrating
  4. Agree with spud3 on Langdon. I have played a few times in the past couple of months and it is dialed in. Played Pumpkin Ridge (Ghost Creek) last Friday and it was in stellar shape. The greens were FAST!
  5. That hole gives me anxiety as well. First time I played it I dumped into the front pot bunker, thinned it over the back and then had the 3rd run off the front of the green.
  6. Two trips in April and one in May - call in three weeks prior to first day for tee times. Again, this is as a twosome, so I suspect you'd run into more limitations as a foursome. But we've gotten almost exactly what we want each time (though not without some nervous hand-wringing leading up to the day we could reserve).
  7. Been 3 times and stayed off property each time. We have always been able to get the times we want and usually at the exact course we want for a given time slot. But that's as a twosome.
  8. April is a good balance between price and weather. I've been twice in April and never had a drop of rain and the wind is typically much calmer than in the summer months. Though it can howl on occasion.
  9. Mallrat, How is Langdon looking coming out of the bunker renovation? Is playability still being impacted? Any temp greens or large areas roped off?
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