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  1. More detail here, including word that a Doak-designed par 3 course next to Trails will be first. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/07/20/mike-keiser-bandon-dunes-new-courses-oregon/ Difficult to ascertain whether New River Dunes will be a full part of the Bandon Dunes Resort or more of a stand-alone project.
  2. Great report, Spud. I have never had an interest in playing the Solstice event for the reason you mentioned. I cannot imagine going to Bandon and not being able to soak it all in and appreciate every single hole. But it does sound like quite an adventure.
  3. I absolutely loved Quail Run when I was there a couple of years ago. It's a wonderful course.
  4. Judging by the constantly full tee sheets, I don't think Langdon is very hidden.
  5. I do think that this is the bulk of the explanation. There's a confluence of factors - COVID delays, US Am publicity and the general golf boom - that have to be driving the record numbers this year. How much of that is sustainable is an open question. I have to imagine that some this wanes, but not all. As we all know, once you make that first trip to Bandon you usually become a regular. And with added lodging coming online soon, it will eat into at least some of the tee time availability permanently.
  6. Another trip in the books . . . another amazing experience. We played all 5 courses over 3.5 days. Rather than a blow-by-blow, a few highlights/observations from this trip: The forecast was beyond perfect leading up the the trip, but the Bandon weather variability caught up to us this time. It was dry, but we dealt with fog for a good chunk of the trip. At times it was thicker than anything I've seen there, making visibility challenging. Most of my inaugural round at Sheep Ranch was socked in, which definitely took away from the experience. As many have recently reported, th
  7. Played BD yesterday in wonderful conditions - sunshine and a 10-15mph breeze. Greens on the front were very good, quick but not too fast. Quite a few greens on the back had been tine aerated and sanded in recent days. Those were obviously slower and not as predictable, but still very playable. Heading to Sheep Ranch right now.
  8. Thanks for the updated conditions. Trails' greens have always been iffy when we go in the Spring. Nice to see they are improved this year. Will be there in two days. Forecast is just about ideal for the Oregon coast.
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