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  1. I totally agree, I played a 905r and a 8.5 r580xd tp while my 400lst was getting warranty work done. My scores never changed, there was no more than a 5yrd distance gap between both and the 400lst. I play 90% of my rounds at the same place. Definitely not the ingredients, its the chef. Play what your comfy looking at and the stick that gives you a shot at the green. I stopped chasing 2mph and 300rpm of spin and it hasn't cost me shots at the end of the day.
  2. Too Funny, I found a 8.5 580xd TP head cheap a couple months ago. I think I paid $30cdn for it. Put a matrix ozik tp6hd xflex at 45.5 inches. Its much more consistent than my T.I. 16m2, F9, epic. So easy to hit straight, was only 2mph ballspeed less than m2 but my misses were so much better with the old relic. Great driver I miss the feel of these old clubs, melted butter when hit solid. From what I saw on the range all week its not more than 5yards shorter than the newer stuff.
  3. I have tour issued set, t.I. x100s in them 3-pw. Very good iron, soft feel great looks, except the 3 and 4 are not the tour blade. They have bit thicker cavity on them. 5-pw are dynamite, for the price point they are great irons.
  4. My biggest fear when I go play is my df fairway is going to crack. Best 3 wood ever made. I do have a tour issued 16 m2 driver thats 10.5 and its nothing special compared to the 8.5 head which cracked. The 8.5 was stupid long, the 10.5 launches very low for the loft.
  5. When I was 14, this unit with the flex twist silver and black shaft was as good as it gets. The head on this was huge when it first arrived on the scene. The matching burner midsize irons were great, first iron I heard of with foam in them.
  6. The callaway tour adapter is very good, about the best I've come across for adjustable drivers. Taylormade and ping sit upright to my eye, unless you buy a taylormade tour issued head. None will match the older long hosel drivers that were bendable. Those days you could find a 56 or 55 lie angle. The superfast tour issued long hosel was amazing and still holds pace with the carbon heads.
  7. Rsi tp UDI 18 with an O.G. diamana blueboard 103x. Actually hit it better with the stock c-taper shaft. It must easier to flight than hybrid or a fairway wood.
  8. My tour department 915 d2 sounds much better than stock with hotmelt. I don't know what issue your club maker is having all you need to do is unscrew the weight in the back and you have a big port to inject from.
  9. Superfast long hosel driver 16 m2 deep face 3 wood 680 mb irons Ping eye 2 gap (50.5) and eye 2 Sand 57.5 Rsi udi 18 Putter is an old schol tei 3 newport.
  10. This would be my choice as well, the o.g. titanium gbb was groundbreaking. So much better than anything out at the time. Honourable mention to the r500 series driver, the r580xd can still get it out there today, perfect head shape.
  11. I own the 510tp, 983 E and K, several 905r, 580xd and xd tp the list goes on. The 983E is the longest of these older drivers, the 580xd is the most accurate and the 905r is the best all around for me. All great drivers, find the one you like to look at the most. The 983 and 905 I blind bore them and put whatever shaft I prefer in them. Ahina 60x works for me in these old titleist heads. 580xd has a tour spec 757x in it.
  12. The club belonged to Jamie Sadlowski when he was with Callaway. I've never come across a 10tx in black.
  13. I had been playing a matrix tp7hd x in my 16 m2 which was good very long. The callaway flys lower, but is playable the head has a fair amount of hotmelt in it and it has been bent up a degree in loft. Its not super tough to load but hooking it is very tough to do. Ballspeed was the same as the m2 even with the 30 grams extra weight.
  14. Does anyone game one of these or even demoed one? It came in a tour issued callaway 3 deep I bought.
  15. My highest is 58, I I have no issues just adding more loft if I need too but rarely does this happen. Im good from 105 and in with this club.
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