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  1. Pretty sure if my memory is correct it was a mizayaki kusula 63 or something like that. Affiliated with cleveland gear. "Just put your shaft of choice in it" obviously you had to buy the driver to put a different shaft in since it was bonded.
  2. Kinda glad I don't have to hear about that sldr "c" with his custom shaft anymore. Basically every tour pro or great player should have be hitting it.
  3. I enjoy the flat lie angles of some tour issued fairways. They also make some with a smaller head shape, deeper face. The 16m2 deep face fairway was phenomenal, smaller foot print and noticeably deeper face. The callaway fairway stuff doesnt seem to be much different than retail. I wouldn't say they are any longer (more ballspeed). Titleist, Ive never noticed a difference from retail other than they have different weights in the bottom and hotmelt.
  4. Not sure how old these are but I have 1-sw. Great feel to them, I've had them in the bag for 3 rounds now.
  5. They did this for me when I cracked my 400lst this summer. I received a 425 Lst, shaft and all. Unfortunately I liked to 400lst much better than the 425. Ping stands behind their products like no other company.
  6. In theory going down that low would open the face and create a fade bias. Try it out how it currently sits to start out, you can adjust after you see the ball flight. You have little room for mishits at that loft more so toe misses. Middled strikes should be very low spin and long.
  7. Every year at some point I put a 905r in the bag, still hangs with everything else. Spins a little high but definitely playable. I get 4mph ballspeed with the 905r than my r510tp.
  8. R1 and up run the same sleeve. R9, r11, r11s, rbz run the old adapters. I have seen aftermarket .350 tip R11 sleeves.
  9. Tour issued RBZ 5 wood, pretty consistent 250 off the tee or fairway, 103x blueboard.
  10. Good old o.g. diamana blueboard fits the bill. Best fairway shaft ever made, comes in 53 all the way to 103 in 10gram increments. Usually find them pretty cheap these days.
  11. My vote is the F9. Ltd pro and biocell pro are honorable mentions.
  12. Back to an 8.5 905r with a v2 76x from a 425lst with a pro orange 70tx. Fairway is a 16m2 13 degree deep face with a 7.2 motore tourspec
  13. I got a couple of his 108g blueboards painted like an r11 that say 70g, and a 100g whiteboard driver shaft with 60grams marked on it painted r11s. In this case the name sergio was stamped into the graphite on the underside. The other has 100xwb stamped on the the bottom. Very common nike did this for rory as well.
  14. My 425 lst moves as fast as anything else I own but it depends how much hp you have and your preference. I hate light heads and 45.75 inche shafts, needs to be d5. I would try a 45inch shaft or 45.25.
  15. I am willing to give up less than 10yrds for a ball thats in play more often. Anymore than 10 is leaving to much on the table, I haven't found a driver in the last 15years that has given me 8mph ballspeed difference. I own over 60 heads currently and all are within 3mph right back to r50xd, 905s era.
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