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  1. Currently have 63 heads down in the basement. I've sold or given away around 30, cracked 12 heads and played 25 different drivers throughout the late 80s and 90s. The 3 I have the most of are 6 282 superquads, 6 t.i. 905r heads and 6 t.i. 910 d2 heads. The 7 degree 282 superquad has my highest recorded ballspeed.
  2. No there should not be a screw in there. I have saw brass weight plugs in the adapter that fit into the shaft tip. Usually for heavy counter balanced shafts with little material at the tip.
  3. I have one in my basement, the z708x is a great shaft. What a great looking head the 425tp was. Its not that unfriendly as I hot it last week at the range. Still produces a great flight with good ballspeed.
  4. Both the 16 and 17m2 tours were awesome. Especially the 16 deep face, love the flat leading edge.
  5. Newer drivers these days are very light to accommodate the length of shaft they come with. Find one that allows you to make solid contact most times and there won't be much difference. Imo the new standard shaft length is too long for most amateurs. You can't go wrong with anything from the top 5 manufacturers over the past 5years. I will say Ping is the most forgiving drivers that I've Tried in the last 7-8 years. The 400 lineup are all very friendly.
  6. The 906 series is my favorite titleist fairway. I have the 13 deep faced can't remember if that's the 2 or 4. Easy to hit, I also once and a while play the deep faced 18degree. 103x blueboard in the 13 and 18. Its still a very playable fairway. Probably a little small for most but its not a beast to hit. The taylormade 2016 m2 deep face is still the best fairway I've ever played. Flat lie angle 57.1, 2.75 open. Crazy ball speeds off these. My scores wouldn't change if I played a 906f 13 and 18.
  7. Taylormade driver/3wood Callaway 5 wood. Ping eye 1 iron, W and S Titleist irons, putter Titleist glove and Ball.
  8. I believe the "Type N" version was different. Less offset a a little smaller footprint.
  9. So many tour players still use the bct cords. Very popular out on tour. I have a pile of the white cords kicking around here, along with the stenson tour wrap cord. I Have 120 of those they are by far my favorite.
  10. No, it takes a fair amount of weight to alter COG. The amount it would take, would make the head almost unplayable for most. Even at a shorter playing length. I would look at loft adjustment for spin alterations.
  11. By far the best fairway I've played. Both the 16.5 and 13degree are awesome. Very long, incredible ball speeds off these heads. My biggest fear is its going to crack, they are getting harder and harder to find.
  12. A 430 cc with forward weighting, I'm curious how hard this is to keep in play. Cosmetically its a great looking driver.
  13. I still play a few of them, probably my favorite head shape of all time. Your not giving up much in terms of performance. Side by side with my 400lst, 16m2, epic. Ballspeed is right there.
  14. Is that what this is? Absolutely mint only shop wear. Hard to see on camera but the face and back have an purple, blue, green look. Also has a deeper bore.
  15. I have one dowstairs I will get a pic of it. I have 5 282 heads here i will side by side the difference. The top one is the non 282, hosel diameter is noticeably larger.
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