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  1. I picked up this Carbon mallet, center shafted Bandit, perhaps raw. At 31” and significantly upright, it’s something of an experiment. It does get my eyes over the ball, and straighten out my lead arm. First round today was rolling pretty straight; I also love the rusty look for Fall golf.
  2. i200: forgiveness, distance, feel, shot making. I can pick them up (as I did today) without playing for weeks and still hit good shots. My set is 4i-U, could probably play to my handicap carrying only these 7 clubs.
  3. I keep extra sets to play throughout the year, no purposeful reason except I enjoy the variety. But I don’t play competitively, and could be a better golfer if I stuck to one setup year-round.
  4. Yep. Here’s mine: La Jolla 400cc 1W Knight draw 3W Nicklaus GB-9 3Hy, 4i-PW Nicklaus 52° GW Nicklaus GB-9 SW (no putter) It’s seen duty as a loaner set for non-golfer visitors, and to a buddy whose clubs were stolen. He commented the Jack irons were actually half-OK. Of course, now I’m thinking, “do I need a garbage putter for my garbage bag?”
  5. 4 Hybrid in some configuration relative to the 3Hy/5W slot. I like keeping 3-4° gaps here and into to the 5i. F9 Tour 4-5W 17.5° F8 4Hy 22° Z785 5i 25° Rogue 5W 19° Apex 19 4Hy 23° X-Forged 5i 26° G400 3Hy 19° G400 4Hy 22° i200 5i 26° BiO Cell+ 4-5W 17.5° BiO Cell 3-4Hy 20.5° MP-54 4i 24°
  6. Sounds like a great setup for a winter bag, simulator rounds, and travel. My thinking is a true backup bag duplicates your regular set. Keep a second set because you like variety, don’t play competitively, or wish to keep your gamers in better condition. Don’t keep a second set if your game is sensitive to changes, you value playing the latest & greatest, or your household is not financially stable enough to do so. I have about 4.5 complete sets and try to rotate bags with the seasons. It’s really too much for the limited amount of golf I play (especially this year). But I
  7. Check out 2ndswing, they’re putting out solid club reviews/comps. Video production is not overdone; they don’t seem compelled to put out new content (clickbait) everyday.
  8. I’d play the 50° and 56° wedges; develop a 3/4 PW shot to fill the gap.
  9. What is your current gamer putter? Bettinardi SS28 CS How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? I have no idea. Maybe nothing can help my putting. What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? Definitely the 10.5C If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
  10. Unless I’m mistaken, G400 and G410 woods use different adapters. The OP cannot simply switch shafts, not without having the adapter pulled and replaced w the G410 one.
  11. i200 here, along w G400 driver, woods, hybrids, & glide 2.0 wedges in my Ping bag. AWT 2.0 is a great shaft for a moderate swing speed. Don’t forget to check your color code.
  12. Ah the Nome! I remember that one. Cobras are missing a pitching wedge, that’s pretty essential in my mind. Also, Mizuno. As long as they’re not worn out, no browning, they’re the best. Add the 6-iron if you can to complete the set. I searched eBay and found a couple options, one was graphite for $4+shipping.
  13. Driver: Burner 10.5 Draw Woods: Burner 3W & 5W Hybrid: Burner 3Hy, Honma G1X Irons: Mizuno MX-900 4H, 5H, 7H, 8i-pw Wedge: Mizuno MP-T4 56 (add the RAC 60° later) You have a putter, right? Welcome to the forum, good luck!
  14. I was thinking we’d see an Apex forged cb and hollow mb (filled w/opti-foam?) along with the MB. Seems likely from this trademark list. “Hersatility” sounds like a rocketballzier hashtag for Reva. I think X Forged is done, too; Apex Pro covers that market, especially with a players cb release. We’ll see Apex & Apex pro again in 2022. No inside info, just guessing. Fingers crossed for a November release.
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