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  1. Nice! Hoping we get a 64° this time.
  2. Isn’t P790 also forged? There are plenty of great high bounce, forgiving, cavity back wedges on the market today: Cleveland CBX2, Mizuno ES21, Ping Glide 3.0, Taylormade Hi Toe Bigfoot. Maybe you like your current 56° for other situations (bunkers, pitching). If so, one of these wedges in a 60° or even 64° would better protect you from the fat shot, and pop up high when you’re short sided.
  3. Epic Flash 3Hy comes to mind; 18° with -1/+2 adjustability. If you need something with a little more forgiveness & ball speed, the 17° Callaway Super Hybrid would be a good option.
  4. jbrunk

    4 wood

    I have really enjoyed the F9 Tour 4-5W, and played Cobra in that slot going back to F6 Baffler and BiO Cell+. The compact head, sounds & feel, and workability are its best attributes. It is lower spinning the standard F9 and has no weight adjustability if you need to bring the spin up. The only compact fairway wood with front-back weight adjustability was F6 Baffler. On the Callaway side, I opted for the Rogue 5W over the 4W. Just struck it better with the EvenFlow 75 than the 4W on Synergy (those were my only options in store). On the course, Rogue is a 50/50 club with a stron
  5. I’ve got an orange Cobra F6+ that I may never sell. Received the head from Cobra in 2017 to replace a cracked Fly-Z+. Bought the Diamana D+ 62 shaft from a club builder friend for $20. Randomly, without a proper fitting, it’s a fantastic setup and only comes out a handful of times per year. When it does, it drops bombs.
  6. It's still the only compact fairway from Cobra with rails and front to back weight adjustability. When I had the F6 Baffler, it snuggled in at 17.5° between the 14.5° 3-4W and 20.5° 3-4Hy. That made it difficult to gap for a 26-27° 5 iron, so I got a 4-5W at 23.5° but that just passed the buck to the 6 iron. Eventually I split the difference in hybrids at 22°, and that's still my Cobra setup though I've replaced the F6 Baffler with F9 Tour (which is a worthy successor).
  7. 1. Srixon Z785 2. Callaway X-Forged Apex 18 Combo 3. Ping i200 4. Hogan PTx/FW15 Combo
  8. 1. Mavrik SZ 4W 2. Epic Flash SZ 3W + Rogue 5W 3. Cobra F9 3W + Tour 4-5W 4. G400 3W
  9. 1. Ping G400 2. Callaway Mavrik Pro & Apex 19 3. Cobra F8 4. Srixon ZU85
  10. I’ve refreshed a full bag in the last several months; adding Mavrik woods, Z785 irons, Zipcore wedges (56° carrying over from 2020), Yes! and SeeMore putters. Sold off GBB Epic driver, BiO Cell fairway & hybrid, MP-54 irons, Glide 2.0 wedges. The 2021 gear I’d most like to pick up are Ping G425 woods/hybrids, ZX5 or JPX forged irons, Glide 3.0 wedges.
  11. 1. Cleveland RTX Zipcore 56.10° 60.10° 2. Mizuno S18 51.08° 56.10° 60.10° 3. Bettinardi H2 303SS 56.12° 60.08° 4. SCOR 4161 43° 47° 51° 56° 60°
  12. Crossfield’s just pitching ZX4 if you drop off (need to recover dynamic loft) at the iron-hybrid transition. I drop off at 5-6 irons with most of my iron sets. My upper bag configuration the last few years has been: 17.5-19° 5W or 3Hy 200-205y 22° 4Hy 185y 25-26° 5i 170-175y After a winter refresh, I’ll start the year with this: 16.5° 4W 210y 20° 3Hy 195y 23° 4U 180y 27° 6i 168y Wedges are set at 51-56-60 regardless.
  13. 1. Callaway Mavrik Max 2. Ping G400 3. Cobra F9 4. Cobra F6+
  14. Bettinardi, Byron Morgan, Carbon, Piretti, SeeMore, and Yes! In other words, I’m in the market for a Mannkrafted.
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