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  1. What a nightmare! The 230y par 3 at my regular course is downhill with a back to front slope. Tree lined fairway with woods behind the green, the best shot for me (righty) is a high fade over the neighboring home’s garden.
  2. Well, my streak came to an unceremonious end last night. First par 3, I actually pulled a 6 iron instead of 9! Wtf! Clearly my brain was everywhere except the shot in question. I had made a mess of the previous hole, 100+ heat index, trying to extend a streak. You name it. Once you’re there, you might as well just walk over and drop one in the woods.
  3. I played no fewer than 6 iron sets in 2020, stuck with my current Srixon combo set since March. Scoring Stats (2020 to 2021) Handicap: 11.6 to 12.9 Scoring avg: 84.8 to 85.4 SG avg: -17.19 to -17.52 Avg course rating/slope: 68.5/120.3 to 66.8/118.5 My conclusion, I am more or less the same golfer I was before my most recent irons change. The courses I play have a greater bearing on my handicap than the equipment I play.
  4. The original HZRDUS Smoke 70 is my favorite 3W shaft. I find it’s more mid-low than low-low, smooth and powerful. Got it in F9 and Epic Flash SZ 3 woods. What’s the current equivalent? RDX smoke black?
  5. I play i200 in the fall-winter, and put together a Srixon combo set to play this spring-summer. @Mcjanzton you might enjoy something similar in the ZX5/7. ZU85 4U (23°) Z585 6i-7i (27-31°) Z785 8i-AW (36-41-46-51°) I can say the Srixon’s are definitely softer feeling, yet powerful, with more ball flight control. For me i200 are a bit more forgiving, higher and consistently straighter ball flight. Overall distance is very similar, in line with stated loft. Callaway Apex would be a good one to test, more forgiving on thin strikes.
  6. Haha, jinxed now for sure.
  7. If you travel through Bloomington-Normal, book a round at ISU Weibring Golf Club.
  8. Center shaft (zero offset) 34.5" length milled head, no inserts (except for Yes!) wide blade or mid mallet preferred no satin finish
  9. How many Par 3 greens have you hit in a row? I'm sitting at 7 straight right now, and 13 for 17 my last 4 rounds (3 different courses). YTG on the current streak: 108y, 145y, 185y, 110y, 230y, 207y, 124y. My approach game is generally atrocious, so it's nice to have this little run going.
  10. Lol, should’ve read the scorecard closer. Guess I was fortunate that a) it’s a par 5, and b) there is no road.
  11. The 2013 X-Forged were Phil’s irons for years, won the Open with them. P Reed kept them in the bag for a long time too. Japanese forged, I think, don’t remember where exactly. In the wake of the anti-square groove rule change, these grooves are spaced pretty tightly together. I always wished I’d had a set but missed the boat.
  12. Did you try the woods? I remember really enjoying the 3 & 4 woods in this set. Nothing feels like persimmon hit on the screws. I still like irons with a square toe and straight leading edge. And these are in really great shape.
  13. #17 is the dogleg par 5 over the creek, right? I loved it! Beautiful hole, awesome green complex. I saw it first coming down #15 and thought it looked cool, and yes a different design for sure. Is it another homage hole like #9 Riviera? I got lucky off the tee, smoked my 3W right down the pipe toward the cell tower, had about 200y left. Not as lucky off the tee, my FIL ended up in jail on the right. I pushed my approach a little right, avoided the bunkers, left me a clean 60y pitch, pin tucked way back so I had a good angle. Very happy to get out with a par.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking P7-TW or the Miura-Nicklaus irons.
  15. Can’t you just hang a Guardians of Traffic poster over it?
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