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  1. That's interesting to hear about the '19 version. I never had complaints about the durability. In fact, they were more durable than pro-v1, tp5, and just about any other ball I tried. No seam issues for me either.
  2. I'd give the Z-Star XV a try, too.
  3. Just got fit into a set of z785s with $-tapers. Best irons I've played.
  4. I like my Spider Tour Black. I got it from the vault a while back before there was a spider tour with toe hang available at retail and right after DJ started using it. I have tried the X but sold it and went back to the black. Probably just been using it so long it's tough to adjust to something with slightly different weighting and feel. Others have gone to the X and never looked back. I guess like everything, it's personal so you just have to test them to see what you like best and what helps you make more putts.
  5. I don't mind having a lot of brands but prefer to have the same brand in my woods, same brand in irons, same brand in wedges. They can be three different brands I just prefer for those sections of my bag to match up. Not sure if it's just mental, but that's generally how I set up my bag.
  6. If I had to guess, I'd guess that's how much they'll be. MSRP keeps trending up.
  7. I was about to putt the trigger on a 790/760 combo set, but now I'm going to wait--I think the 770s might be the answer. The 770s seem like they might fall in between the 760s and 790s in terms of performance and blade length etc. which sounds ideal for what I'm looking for. I'm getting impatient though, as I was hoping to get new irons before the end of the season.
  8. I have 4 items for sale. All prices are OBO and include shipping. If needed I can provide more photos and info. I am not interested in trades at this time. Cobra F9 9* w/ Atmos Tour Spec Black 7x $old- Bought this at the Denver Golf Expo in February and it has seen maybe 40-50 balls. No headcover or tool included. Bettinardi BB29 35" Winn DriTac Grip. Loft and Lie are standard. I bought this new and used it for half of last summer. Some scratches on the sole, but the face is in great shape. $150TM Spider X Copper- 35" standard L/L. Bought this at the beginning of July and used it on the practi
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