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  1. I'm no expert on this and actually asked iTeach for feedback in another thread, but be aware there there are (at least) some highly regarded teachers (Mike Adams, Terry Rowles) who teach different wrist hinges (vertical, diagonal, horizontal) based on individual biomechanics, i.e. how your right hand/forearm naturally want to orient in the backswing. I definitely buy into that and think a one-size-fits-all approach is doomed from the start, even moreso if you're talking about a "feel" which is so unique to the individual.
  2. Look up David Edel’s description of the claw grip and why it works. IF you’re anatomy is a good fit, it doesn’t get much simpler than folding/unfolding the right elbow down the line. Completely different feel than you’re likely used to, but the repeatability is a revelation.
  3. What are your thoughts about what Mike Adams teaches, specifically that the natural fold pattern of the trail arm (under, side-on, or on top) should dictate wrist fold and thus, release? It’s compelling to me as a “side-cover” guy who has always felt best with a feeling of keeping my right arm/hand on top of the club/ball and attacking the ball into the ground. Appreciate your input. Side note, but David Edel credits his work with Mike as the primary reason he’s such a big proponent of the claw grip for “side-cover” and “on top” golfers (if the backs of your hands point
  4. Can be a helpful drill depending on the swing and circumstance. Kuchar might struggle with it, though, and he's a pretty damn good ball striker.
  5. I'd like to find an instructor to work with longer term, but at this point, I'm being cautious. The need to tailor a given player's swing to their individual physiology (e.g. height, wingspan, forearm length, etc.) makes a ton of sense to me, as does the concept that each player has a biomechanically ideal backswing+downswing plane. But I barely know what I'm talking about.
  6. How important is wingspan-to-height ratio? I'm tall with short arms, and always wondered how this should impact my swing. The video and article below both suggest I should have a much flatter backswing than I currently have, which is a huge relief as the amount of side bend required for me to get back to the ball is close to killing me. Is this legit? https://www.golfwrx.com/181715/biomechanics-and-how-they-affect-swing-plane/
  7. The guy I responded to recommended "Starting Strength," a great book written by Mark Rippetoe who famously proposed the GOMAD diet to young men looking to build strength.
  8. The first time I rolled the side of my butt cheek I almost shed a tear. Gets better fast, though.
  9. We were just talking about this in another thread. I've gone from a cupped to flat left wrist @ the top and it's definitely harder on my back. The combination of left-side clearance + side bend is not a back-friendly movement. Will it help your scores? Probably.
  10. Was the same for me. That video is what radicalized me, since I simply couldn’t find a position where I naturally saw the line. Trying to “train” that is insane. Opened up and voila.
  11. If you can’t see the line then forget it. That matters more than everything else combined. Opening up my putting stance was the best thing I’ve ever done for my scores. The change was immediate. Is my stroke perfect? No. But every putt I hit has a chance now because I can actually see it. Do whatever you need to do.
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