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  1. Thanks for looking. All prices include Priority shipping, which has been slow lately. I'm trying to price it to move, but of course offers are welcome. Just keep in mind that shipping costs have gone through the roof. Ridiculous these days. I use a camera that is much better than my photography skills and it picks up all kind of stuff that I can't even see...I needed to dust this stuff. Also shows any imperfections. But generally, all items are in excellent condition. I am happy to send more pics. Just let me know. 4-PW Callaway Apex Pro double dot raw irons. These are sweet. Selling my backup set, as it is silly to have these sitting around. They are just starting to rust a bit, which looks pretty good, I gotta say. These are not really anything like the retail version, except that they are easy to hit. They honestly play like a blade that is just easy to hit. You can knock them down and move them at will.They have less offset then retail and are much more compact. They have a face full of grooves. I never shafted the wedge, but it comes with the set, of course. I think these were really made for one particular Callaway staffer, but several guys ended up using them. The shafts are KBS TGI 110, which is their x flex. After about seven surgeries, I made the move to graphite and could not be happier. Saved me really. But it is no sacrifice at all. I started a discussion here and after testing several of the shafts recommended, settled on these. They are just fantastic. Two guys I play with regularly have made the switch to these since I switched. I cannot find a negative. They play very similar to the X100s I played for years, but feel better and easier to control the trajectory, believe it or not. These are .25" over standard and 1* flat. Grips are midsize Z Cord Align with extra wraps low to remove taper. I had the 9 iron weighed and it came in D3.5. These irons are difficult to find on the loose. $1350Mizuno HMB 5-PW. I was thinking I might reshaft these and try them, as I have always loved Mizunos, These really launch high and play more like a game improvement than I realized. Great and very easy to hit, but not for me. They have KBS Tour 120s in S flex. These play .25" over standard (not Mizuno standard, so 38.25" 5 iron) and I believe standard lie. $625Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9* driver with a Tensei Orange CK Series 70 TX. I am sticking with my Accra shaft in a 10.5* head cranked down a degree, so this can go. These are very solid, very forgiving for a low spin model and the sound is SO much better. Long and easy to hit is a great combo. This shaft feels fantastic, it just launches a tad too high for me in the driver. (Best 3 wood shaft ever, imo.) No headcover. 45.5". Grip is a Z Cord midsize with extra wraps low to remove taper. $455Toulon Design Atlanta putter with Stability shaft. Plays at 34.5". Grip is the Garsen Quad Tour. These shafts are really great and run $150 or so by themselves. Sets up very nicely. $275Toulon Design Portland putter with stock shaft. Also 34.5". Grip is a TP Mills proto paddle. $150Tour issue Callaway Mavrik 15* 3 wood with AV Series Tensei Blue shaft in 85 TX. Tour serial number and basically mint. The 3 wood is the hardest club for me to replace. This is a great combo. Just didn't beat my longtime gamer, which I can hit in my sleep. I'm an idiot to try to replace it. It's what golf nerds do. $325Jacob Hill Leather Ostrich Shin belt. Purple and in excellent condition. $115Jacob Hill Leather Lizard belt. Lime and gray-ish in excellent condition. $65
  2. Thanks for looking. Been doing some cleaning out and here is the first batch. Prices include shipping, which has gone through the roof lately. I am trying to price this stuff to move, so probably not a lot of wiggle room. Not looking for any trades that I can think of. Thanks again for checking this stuff out. Hope you find what you need. Paypal is great fro payment. 1. Minty set of short iron heads. These are the Dot Apex Pros. You probably have heard of these, but they are slightly more compact, with slightly less offsey and a bit thinner topline. They are reallt easy to hit, but i just preffered to stick with my Apex MB short irons. These were tried for about a week. Excellent condition. A buddy told me the other day that Callaway ran out of these and the limited number of sets are on backorder. Not sure if that is true, but hard to find on the loose for sure. Makes a great combo set. ~~$250 shipped~~.**SOLD** 2. Callaway Epic Subzero Driver. 9* Excellent shape. No marks on the crown. 5 grams of hotmelt to help the sound. Very solid. Shaft is a really nice upgrade. UST Mamiya International Series G7 7X. Fantastic shaft that lists for around $350. Grip is a jumbo GP TV. Believe it plays to 45" with no tipping and no extension. ~~$150 shipped.~~**SOLD** 3. Srixon Zu65 2 iron/driving iron with KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype shaft in 95X. Looks to play 40.75". Excellent condition. Jumbo GP TV grip. This is LONG. Bled into my 3 wood off the tee, so I went with a 3 iron. $140 shipped. 4. Vokey SM7 L (4* Bounce) Grind 58* WEDGE WITH KBS Tour TGI 100 graphite iron shaft. FANTASTIC shaft. 35.75". Excellent condition. Grip is a GP TV +4. $95 shipped. 5. ALDILA rOUGE msi 125 70 TX driver shaft. Plays softer than TX. This is the one that was so expensive at retail. Great shaft. No tipping and no adapter.Total length is 43.5" Jumbo GP TV. $120 shipped. 6. UST Mamiya Attas T-2 driver shaft in 6X. Taylormade adapter. Total length is 44.5". Standard GP TV. I love these Attas International shafts so much. Great driver shaft or tip it and make it a 3 wood shaft. $85 shipped .
  3. Will definitely try those. Great to hear there is hope for my elbow!
  4. Really good info. Thanks. I would think those would be a good fit with the MP18s. I like them in the wedges I have them in. (54* and 58*) I worry about dispersion on full nuke swings, but that is totally unfounded on my part. Strictly a worry.
  5. Sounds like that may be the place to start. Thank you. Would tipping help the trajectory issues on graphite iron shafts, by the way? I don’t know the answer to that one. I know some guys have called Aerotech and they guys were helpful with advice and questions. Do the steelfibers provide the same vibration dampening effect as straight graphite? Good question.
  6. Thank you! I appreciate any and all thoughts. I am pretty well clueless on this subject, and that is an odd feeling for a golf nerd like me.
  7. Sounds like that may be the place to start. Thank you. Would tipping help the trajectory issues on graphite iron shafts, by the way?
  8. I think the Prosofts help, but not enough. I can get by in the summer when the grass is a good cushion, but winter golf on dormant Bermuda is painful. The prosofts are definitely worth a shot. Will look at the Catalyst. Thanks.
  9. I probably should apologize in advance for beating this dead horse, as I know this topic has been covered. But I can’t find exactly what I am looking for in the forums. I have had surgery on both shoulders and both elbows. The most recent was in July on the right elbow and I am having soreness and mild pain again. I really don’t want to switch, but I guess it is time to look into graphite irons shafts. I play x100s with Prosoft inserts and have always preferred a heavier, stiffer shaft. I have played x7s and 7.0 in the past. Very happy with the x100s and I do want something that plays like them. But I know that isn’t realistic really. I am generally a high ball hitter, although I can control the trajectory. I play Mizuno MP5s now, but am thinking of going to the MP18 MBs. My last driver fitting was a year and a half ago and SS was 116-117 with a ball speed 168-170. That was two surgeries ago and I have picked up a little speed I think, although I ain’t getting any younger. 8 iron distance is 165. I had a couple wedges built with the new KBS Tour TGI 110 X and I like them ok. They feel good and the trajectory is fine. But I feel like I cannot go after them really. They seem to get a little loose, but maybe I just need to get used to them. They are different from what I play now for sure. Not necessary to really pound it with the wedges, but I do want to be able to go after a 6 iron or whatever. Obviously that is a knock on graphite. If I can, I will add a clip of my swing for tempo and loading or whatever. Just looking for opinions on a graphite shaft that might work best for me. There are a lot of options now and I don’t know much about any of them. I would prefer not to change, but it looks like it’s time. Thanks for any thoughts you have.
  10. Not really. Just flat. David did mill a light pattern on it initially, but got carried away with the buffer and took it off.
  11. Thanks for looking, as always. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority mail. I'm not really looking for trades that I can think of, but doesn't hurt to ask about putters. Happy to have offers. I'm happy to send additional photos too. Just shoot me a PM. I seem to always forget some detail, so happy to fill in any blanks I leave too. Thanks again. 1. TP Mills Wide Flange Softtail. Made by David for me. Plays 34.5. 70* lie and 3* loft, but I'd double check both to be safe. David bent the neck to play like a plumber's neck, so about a shaft of offset. Toe hang is probably about 4:30. Very soft and feels great. I had him mill three sight lines in the flange and stamp the topline with a crosshairs, but paintfill them all with red paint. So not overwhelming at all. Looks really good and lines up very nicely. easy to align. Another one that I will regret selling I bet. I just prefer a true plumber's neck for some reason. See pics. Get a good deal at $385 shipped. 2. 2017 Mizuno CLK Hybrid 22*. Shaft is a Matrix hM3 Black Tie in 105XX. (You heard me.) I dare you to hook this one. I actually liked this one a lot as far as hybrids go. But I am swearing off hybrids once and for all. I put a 7 wood in the bag and am not looking back. Has 3 grams of hotmelt in the head with no bias. I like it for sound and feel personally. Standard length. Grip is an oversize Lamkin Crossline cord. Plays from 20* to 24*. Very, very straight. This is a fairway finder off the tee. I don't want to split the head and shaft, so I hope to price it to move. Probably close to what you could find a head-only somewhere. I practice on the end of the range so I can take five steps and practice hitting out of the rough. Caught one high on the face, as seen. Nosey Bulldog not included. $170 shipped. 3. Tour issue Callaway XR Pro 14* 3 wood with a tour only Aldila Tour Green ATX 95 TX (tour extra stiff). Plays 43" I believe. I love, love, love this head. My all time favorite and what I play. I wanted to try this shaft and I like it, but it launches a little higher then I wanted. Not a good thing for me in Texas wind. Very, very long. If I remember correctly, this has 3 grams of hotmelt too. Same grip as above. These TX and XX shafts are not hard to hit. Extremely straight. I have one fairway finder in my bag that is TX or XX at all times for when I have to find a fairway. Worth a try for sure. Get this one for $140
  12. Thanks for looking. All prices include USPS Priority shipping and I will ship fast. I'm happy to send more details or pics. Just shoot me a PM. 1. Taylormade Spider Tour in all black, including the shaft. 34.5 inches and standard loft and lie. I'm not a fan of the original grip that comes with this one, so I slipped on the Lamkin pistol grip that I do like. Original headcover included. I am just not meant to play a mallet type putter, but I freely admit that this thing puts a really good roll on the ball. No jumping and hopping. Lots of guys on tour using this at the moment. I'll stick with the old blade. Old, like me. I hope it's a good deal at $195 shipped. SOLD 2. New style (SM6-style, with the added mass at the top of the club face) Vokey V grind 60* wedge, 10* bounce. Really versatile grind. Easy to hit from the fairway and very easy to open and play all shots greenside. A dream out of the bunker. I wanted a little more bounce, so went with a 58* and bent it to 60*. This also has maybe the best wedge shaft I've played and that I just discovered, the NS Pro Modus3 125 wedge shaft. I see guys play this but just tried it and I am on the bandwagon. It's good. Grip is an oversized Lamkin Crossline Cord. It was an oilcan finish that was stripped to raw. Grooves are near perfect. Not much play or practice before I changed to the bent 58*. Expensive from Vokey and the upgraded shaft...get a good deal at $125 shipped. SOLD 3. Nice pair of Footjoy Hyperflex black, size 10.5. $60 shipped. SOLD
  13. Thanks for looking. I think this will be the last of my closet cleaning...for a while at least. Prices include USPS shipping to the lower 48. I am happy to answer any questions or send any pics you'd like. No problem. Please send me a PM rather than posting to the add. I'll see it quicker that way. Thanks again. 1. Lot of five (5) Footjoy shirts. They are either Large or Athletic Fit XL. Either way, they will fit like a standard XL. A couple of them have Vokey logos and all buttons are present and no rips or stains. I think the black and blue came from Europe and was not available here, if I remember correctly, and is Euro cut. So very much athletic cut. I'll price these at $15 each, so $75 for the lot. SOLD I am happy to answer questions, of course, but in my experience, these don't last long, and the first to say they want them, gets them. I will be out of pocket for a couple hours. If you want them, just let me know and I will get to PMs in the order they arrive. 2. Scotty Cameron Catalina Two putter. 35" and standard lie. I am not a putter collector. I just use them. (Or hoard them...but just to use when another acts up.) I have no idea about the finish on this. Someone will chime in and tell me, I know. I assume these were an oilcan type finish. It is now as you see it. It is a perfect gamer. I looks great and is in excellent shape. My camera is so good that it picks up stuff you can't see really, but please check out the pics. If you'd like more, I am happy to send them. Titleist cord grip. Headcover as shown and is in good shape and velcro is great on it. No idea what this is worth. I hope it's a good deal at $215 shipped.
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