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  1. Thanks for looking. All prices include Priority shipping, which has been slow lately. I'm trying to price it to move, but of course offers are welcome. Just keep in mind that shipping costs have gone through the roof. Ridiculous these days. I use a camera that is much better than my photography skills and it picks up all kind of stuff that I can't even see...I needed to dust this stuff. Also shows any imperfections. But generally, all items are in excellent condition. I am happy to send more pics. Just let me know. 4-PW Callaway Apex Pro double dot raw irons. These are sweet. Selling my backup
  2. Thanks for looking. Been doing some cleaning out and here is the first batch. Prices include shipping, which has gone through the roof lately. I am trying to price this stuff to move, so probably not a lot of wiggle room. Not looking for any trades that I can think of. Thanks again for checking this stuff out. Hope you find what you need. Paypal is great fro payment. 1. Minty set of short iron heads. These are the Dot Apex Pros. You probably have heard of these, but they are slightly more compact, with slightly less offsey and a bit thinner topline. They are reallt easy to hit, but i just
  3. Will definitely try those. Great to hear there is hope for my elbow!
  4. Really good info. Thanks. I would think those would be a good fit with the MP18s. I like them in the wedges I have them in. (54* and 58*) I worry about dispersion on full nuke swings, but that is totally unfounded on my part. Strictly a worry.
  5. Sounds like that may be the place to start. Thank you. Would tipping help the trajectory issues on graphite iron shafts, by the way? I don’t know the answer to that one. I know some guys have called Aerotech and they guys were helpful with advice and questions. Do the steelfibers provide the same vibration dampening effect as straight graphite? Good question.
  6. Thank you! I appreciate any and all thoughts. I am pretty well clueless on this subject, and that is an odd feeling for a golf nerd like me.
  7. Sounds like that may be the place to start. Thank you. Would tipping help the trajectory issues on graphite iron shafts, by the way?
  8. I think the Prosofts help, but not enough. I can get by in the summer when the grass is a good cushion, but winter golf on dormant Bermuda is painful. The prosofts are definitely worth a shot. Will look at the Catalyst. Thanks.
  9. I probably should apologize in advance for beating this dead horse, as I know this topic has been covered. But I can’t find exactly what I am looking for in the forums. I have had surgery on both shoulders and both elbows. The most recent was in July on the right elbow and I am having soreness and mild pain again. I really don’t want to switch, but I guess it is time to look into graphite irons shafts. I play x100s with Prosoft inserts and have always preferred a heavier, stiffer shaft. I have played x7s and 7.0 in the past. Very happy with the x100s and I do want something that plays like the
  10. Not really. Just flat. David did mill a light pattern on it initially, but got carried away with the buffer and took it off.
  11. Thanks for looking, as always. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority mail. I'm not really looking for trades that I can think of, but doesn't hurt to ask about putters. Happy to have offers. I'm happy to send additional photos too. Just shoot me a PM. I seem to always forget some detail, so happy to fill in any blanks I leave too. Thanks again. 1. TP Mills Wide Flange Softtail. Made by David for me. Plays 34.5. 70* lie and 3* loft, but I'd double check both to be safe. David bent the neck to play like a plumber's neck, so about a shaft of offset. Toe hang is probably about 4:30. Very sof
  12. Thanks for looking. All prices include USPS Priority shipping and I will ship fast. I'm happy to send more details or pics. Just shoot me a PM. 1. Taylormade Spider Tour in all black, including the shaft. 34.5 inches and standard loft and lie. I'm not a fan of the original grip that comes with this one, so I slipped on the Lamkin pistol grip that I do like. Original headcover included. I am just not meant to play a mallet type putter, but I freely admit that this thing puts a really good roll on the ball. No jumping and hopping. Lots of guys on tour using this at the moment. I'll stick with
  13. Thanks for looking. I think this will be the last of my closet cleaning...for a while at least. Prices include USPS shipping to the lower 48. I am happy to answer any questions or send any pics you'd like. No problem. Please send me a PM rather than posting to the add. I'll see it quicker that way. Thanks again. 1. Lot of five (5) Footjoy shirts. They are either Large or Athletic Fit XL. Either way, they will fit like a standard XL. A couple of them have Vokey logos and all buttons are present and no rips or stains. I think the black and blue came from Europe and was not available here, if I
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