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  1. Couple of items up today, prices include UPS shipping to lower 48. Special Select Newport 2. 35”, Circle H “Heavy” 35 Gram Weights. New Superstroke Flatso 1.0 with 50 gram weight installed, will also include cap to remove counterweight. White paintfill is Tamiya Acrylic. Includes stock Headcover, has been gamed for a few practice sessions and 2 rounds, preferred the NP 2.5 $old shipped Tensei AV Raw Orange 65 Stiff, plays 45.5” Callaway adapter. Purchased new from Peoples Golf about 2 months ago and sold my last Callaway head so no longer need. Awesome anti-left shaft.
  2. Up today is an Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond TC serial 10.5 head. Has seen mostly range time but also a couple of rounds, 50-60 balls total. Condition is a 9/10 with very light scratches on the sole. Includes a Callaway Customs Epic Flash headcover that is like new. Asking $old shipped. Would trade for other Cally or Titleist head of equal value. Weighs right at 193 grams (200 with adapter), great feel and maybe the most anti left yet forgiving head I’ve ever played. I also have a plethora of shafts w/ Callaway adapters in S and X flex if needed.
  3. Clearing out a few experiments today, prices included CONUS UPS shipping. Listings and photos are in order. None of the shafts have additional tipping, all are butt trimmed to length. Kuro Kage SFW, 50 Gram A Flex,Titleist Adapter. 44.5”, Plays 45.5”-$75 Evenflow Riptide, 70 Gram, 6.0 Flex, Titleist Adapter. 44.25” plays 45.25”-$100 Speeder 665 Evo II TS, 60 Gram, S Flex, Callaway Adapter. 43.5” plays 44.5”-$old Rogue M.A.X , X Flex, 75 Gram, Callaway Adapter. 43.5” plays 44.5”-$75 Tensei AV Blue, S Flex, 75 Gram, Callaway Adapter. 4
  4. Listing an 11.5 degree TS2 this evening. Available a few different ways, all include TS headcover. Price includes CONUS shipping. Head Only:Sold With Evenflow Riptide 70 6.0 45.5”: With Kirk Kage 55 Senior Flex 45.5”: Will include a +8 weight and the stock weight, head weights for each are in the pics below.
  5. Couple of pieces up today, pricing is shipped UPS to lower 48. Titleist TS2 10.5 Head. Excellent condition, couple range sessions of use. Standard weight installed. Asking $175 Shot Scope V3 (Grey) includes 16 original tags, charger and manual. Awesome product especially with the new strokes gained update. Asking $old
  6. Have gamed a TS2 for a couple of years now and love the straightness and consistency. From everything I've read up on, I'm giving up a decent amount of ballspeed compared to the Ping. I'm also someone who really struggles with a left miss and the movable weights of the Ping's would be a nice option. I play with a +6 weight in the TS2 for the stability of the heavier head, and I know that stock for stock the Ping heads are generally 10 grams or so heavier out of the box. Anyone have a comp on these?
  7. Listing a like new Ventus Black 6S w/ Velocore this morning. Purchased new from Will Peoples last month, has been used for two range sessions and two 9 hole rounds. Plays 45” in a Titleist driver, measures 44” from grip end to tip end. GP Align NDMC grip. Asking $old shipped.
  8. Up tonight is a like new Odyssey Stroke Lab 10. 34” Standard L/L. New GP Pro Only Red Pistol Grip. Grip is within 2 grams of stock Pistol Grip to maintain Swingweight, Stroke Lab weight still installed. Includes stock headcover. 1 round of use, mostly rolled on carpet. Asking $old Shipped.
  9. Listing a like new SM8 56.12 D grind. Club was purchased direct from Vokey and played 3 rounds. Very light sole wear from a couple of bunker shots but otherwise like new. Asking sold shipped to lower 48. Specs are as follows: 56.12 D Grind, Brushed Steel DG S400 Tour Issue 2 Degrees Flat +1 Swingweight Vokey NDMC Grip
  10. Posting up a Centennial Edition Wilson Staff 8802. Brand New Flatso 1.0 grip installed this week, plays a little over 35”. Includes 50g Countercore weight and Super Stroke Plug. Stock headcover is also included. Asking SOLD shipped to lower 48.
  11. Most of the Betti's will feel and look the same model for model. I think the face design (milling) is the most important aspect of going with one of their putters. I have 2016 BB1 with the Honeycomb face that is the best distance control putter i've ever owned. I prefer a firmer face and with most golf balls airing on the "soft" side now days it's nice to get feedback while im practicing. I've owned Betti's with the F.I.T. face and they felt much like an insert putter they were so soft. There's a section on this on the website that is very helpful. You wont be dissapointed in the quality
  12. Couple of Titleist pieces today as the quest for the perfect 14 clubs continues. Prices include shipping to lower 48, headcover included with both as pictured. TS2 3 wood (15 degree), Smoke 6.0 shaft stock GP TV 360 Grip. Plays stock length, stock weight installed. Has seen maybe 40 balls this year, in great condition with light sole wear. SOLD 818 H1 23 degree hybrid. Evenflow Blue HB 85 gram 6.0 shaft. Plays 1/2” short and has appropriate weight installed to retain stock swing weight. New GP MCC+4 grip installed. Great anti-left setup, excellent shape for an 818. SOLD
  13. Went through this in the Spring, waited 6 weeks for it and it showed up wrong. Shaft was stock length instead of 44 and the wrong flex to boot. They basically told me to play it or get back in line, sold it and immediatly went back to Titleist.
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