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  1. I think sometimes better players also “fight” cg. I bagged forgiving hybrids for years thinking I needed more help, switched to the original Apex hybrid 2 years ago and it was an eye opener. The more forward CG feels easier to control the club face and know if it’s open/neutral/close depending on the shot I’m trying to hit. This has caused me to go to an 18 degree Apex as my long club off the deck and for shorter par 4’s off the tee. So far, the results are better than they were with my 16.5 degree wood that I always felt I had to work entirely too hard to get a good result from. The Adams hybrids mentioned should be a nice change.
  2. Titleist 917F’s, the 2 slightly more than the 3 but both sound amazing. The 2 is still as forgiving and long as the TS and TSi’s, but almost has a “wood” like sound when you catch one square. I have an 917F2 in an 18 degree 5 wood that just sticks around and always makes it back into my bag because of its sound and feel.
  3. Listing a couple of Tour AD’s, Prices include CONUS shipping, PayPal G&S is accepted. -Tour AD HD 7S. Built by People’s Golf over the summer, gamed for 3-4 rounds. Excellent condition, no flaws, scratches or paint issues. Titleist Driver Adapter, plays 45.25”. Asking $195 shipped. -Tour AD F-75 S. Built by People’s Golf similar story to the AD HD above. Excellent condition no flaws, scratches or paint issues. Titleist Faiway Adapter, Plays 42.5”. Asking $old shipped.
  4. Have been asked about selling with just the stock Ping Headcover vice the TBC cover, would do 265 shipped that way.
  5. Realized I didn’t have a top line pic, snapped a quick one.
  6. Up for sale today is a 34” Ping Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth, with a Stability “Blackout” series shaft. Standard loft and lie, head and shaft are less than a month old and have been played for 2 rounds. Includes the pictures The Buck Club headcover, will also include the stock Ping headcover. Asking $old shipped to the lower 48.
  7. I've leaned on C1 for a few years now to help with the left miss. Same goes for the driver, but oddly enough I moved back to A1 this weekend because ive been fighting a toe miss on the driver. Seemed to move the strike closer to center, but i much prefer the look of C1 at address.
  8. Few items up this evening, prices are shipped CONUS via UPS. -Mizuno T20 Wedges, Satin Chrome finish. 54/08 and 58/08. Each have a new MCC +4 Teams grip and the stock DG Tour Issue S400. Standard L/L/L, gamed for 2-3 rounds total. Asking $100 $old each, or $180 $old for the pair -Next up is a Toulon San Diego. Plays 34", standard lie/loft. KBS CT Tour Brushed Chrome Shaft and a new Pistol GT 2.0 Traxion Grip. Includes Headcover Asking $250 $old -Odyssey White Hot OG. Plays 34", standard lie/loft, KBS CT Tour Brushed Chrome Shaft and a new Ping Pingman Blackout Grip. Includes Headcover Asking $185 $140 -Taylormade M3 440 Head Only. 9 Degrees, excellent condition for its age. Would be tough to find a 440 in better shape. Asking $125 $100
  9. Thanks guys, makes sense Golf Pride is the best option. I’ll give them a look
  10. Have tried searching the forums thinking other would've run into this issue, but no dice. Have had the Pingman and the Blackout on order for a couple of months now and it sounds like I wont be getting them anytime soon, if at all. What kind of alternatives are out there? I know the original is made by Golf Pride, is their "Tour Tradition" a clone just with different script? Have never liked the sticky feel of the Iomic's and there's something I cant get over putting a Cameron Studio Design on my Betti's and Ping's although it is an awesome grip. Thanks!
  11. Lot's of good stuff up tonight as I try and consolidate down to 14 clubs, and maybe 50 others in the basement... Prices include UPS shipping CONUS. -Taylormade M3 440 Head. Great condition for one of the last 440's, sliding weights and track in excellent condition. Includes Headcover and Tool. Asking $190 $175 -Titleist T100S 4i-Gw (8 club set). Gamed these for 8-10 rounds and they are still in excellent condition, 9/10. Project X LZ 6.0's, Golf Pride MCC +4 Teams Light Blue Grips. Standard Length and Loft, Lie angle is 2 flat across the board. Asking $old - Titleist TSi 3 15 Degree 3W. 10-12 Range Balls and one round in the bag, bomber off the tee! 42" Tour AD-FW 75 Stiff, Golf Pride NDMC Align Grip. Includes 917 Headcover for protection. . $ Asking $ w/ Tour AD $old with stock Smoke RDX 6.0$oldfor head only. - Bettinardi Studio Stock 2 (head only). Very Clean head with no noticeable wear other than very very light surface scratches on the sole. Includes headcover as pictured. Asking $200 $old -Titleist 917 F2 15 Degree 3W. As clean of a 917 as you will find, 42" has heavy weight installed to correct swingweight. Fuji Speeder Pro 84 X-Flex, Golf Pride MCC+4. Includes Headcover as pictured. Asking $old -Callaway Rogue SZ 3+ 13.5. Plays at 5w length, excellent anti-left FW off the tee. Evenflow Blue 75 Gram 6.0 Golf Pride MCC +4 Align Grip, New Rogue Headcover. Asking $120 $80
  12. Looking to make a shaft change in my T100S set, and hoping to get some info on how to make this painless. -Background, I've pulled plenty of shafts before including irons and wedges. Removal is a walk in the park. I've also installed a couple of steel shafts in my hybrids which have a glued hosel, as well as changed out a few putter shafts. Switching from the stock Project X LZ 6.0 to DG 105 X100. The LZ's are a great shaft on days where I'm feeling it, but most days I feel like I have to work REALLY hard to strike them well. Towards the end of a round I find myself not finishing my swing and quitting too easily on a shot. I am playing more golf now (2-3 times a week) than ever, and want something a little lighter to try and find some consistency. My main question is, what is the best method for buying the DG 105's cut to length and prepped for my T100S heads? I typically use Golf Works for ordering shafts and grips, but I've never ordered a set from them. On a few occasions i've paid for them to do the rip and butt trimming and the length was off when I received the shaft. No big deal on 1 shaft, but would seem like a nightmare on a full set of 8. Any thoughts?
  13. Couple of SM8’s up today. Prices include CONUS shipping. -Slate Blue 56/12 D Grind: Gamed for 3 rounds, standard lie, length and loft. Slate Blue Edition Vokey NDMC grip. Wedge is a 9/10, such an awesome finish just not the right grind for me. Asking $115 -Jet Black 60/08 M Grind (Head Only): Had intentions of reshafting this one and pulled the stock shaft. In the interim found the same head already shafted. Famed for the same 3 rounds as the Slate Blue shows slightly more wear just because of the finish. Will need the hosel cleaned up a bit with a brush before shaft install, but otherwise ready to go. Asking $old
  14. Couple items up tonight. Prices are via PayPal G&S and Include Fees and Shipping to lower 48. First item is a Bettinardi BB8W. 34”, Standard Loft and Lie. Rolled for an hour or so at my local practice green and is in like new condition. Stock Lamkin Sink Fit(Amazing grip BTW) and includes headcover. Asking $225 Next are (11) Jumbomax Tour Medium grips. Picked these up thinking I’d want to switch from the JMAX in Small but after installing 1 have decided to stick with what I have. My loss is your gain, will include grip kit with vice clamp, Solvent and Tape. Grips are still in plastic with the exception of 1 which I pulled for the pic. Asking $70
  15. Just one item up tonight, PayPal accepted. Price includes CONUS Shipping. 2019 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2. 35”, standard Loft and Lie. Only signs of wear are very light scratches on the sole, Face, Top Line, Paint Fill and Milling are all flawless. Comes with 21’ Studio Stock headcover. Great Anser style blade for someone wanting something a little more face balanced. Reference pic for toe hang. Asking $285 shipped. Thanks!
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