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  1. Went through this in the Spring, waited 6 weeks for it and it showed up wrong. Shaft was stock length instead of 44 and the wrong flex to boot. They basically told me to play it or get back in line, sold it and immediatly went back to Titleist.
  2. 3 items up today, prices include priority shipping to lower 48. PayPal is [email protected], first to pay gets the deal! First is a 50 degree Mizuno T20 wedge. Stock L/L/L, stock grip and DG shaft. Used for maybe 6-7 rounds and not a club I hit all that often. One small mark near the leading edge that is not visible at address. Asking $old 2nd item is a 917D3 head. 9.5 degrees. Head is as close to new as you will find, maybe seen 12-15 range balls. Includes new headcover. Asking $old Last item is a 21 degree 818 H1 hybrid. Very good condition crown and face are
  3. Listing my current backup today. TS3 10.5 w/ Project X Evenflow White T1100 6.0 65G. Driver plays at 45” and has the heavy weight installed to keep swing weight closer to stock 45.5” shaft. GP MCC+4 align grip like new. Very very light sole wear and crown/face are look new. Also have a Tensei Blue at 45” in Stiff and a Senior Kuro Kage I could swap for the Evenflow if needed. Asking SOLD to lower 48. PayPal is [email protected] Thanks!
  4. AD-DI 7S Black, Had this one built for my 917D3 a few weeks ago by Will People’s. Sold the head, left with the shaft. Length is 43.5 (plays 44.5). Shaft has seen minimal range time and 1 round total. Tip is installed to play logos down in “2” setting and Logo’s up in “4” setting. New MCC+4 grip installed, will include a new standard NDMC Black/White if the +4 is undesirable. Asking SOLD shipped CONUS.
  5. Much appreciated. I love the look and feel of the combo too but too many options laying around right now!
  6. Couple of items up today, prices include CONUS shipping. -917 D3 with Tour AD-DI 7S. Head is 9.5 degrees, near mint, less than 10 range balls total for head and shaft. Shaft is a Black Tour AD-DI 7S at a playing length of 44.5", was built new by Will Peoples. Plays logo down in the B2 setting (slight upright), logo is not visiable in standard A1 setting. Grip is a Tour Velvet BCT that is also new standard wraps, logo down. Comes with new 917 Headcover. Asking $225. -818H2 21 degrees with a KBS Tour Steel Hybrid Shaft. As good a 3-4 Iron replacement as you will find, nice a
  7. Few items up for sale this evening, prices include CONUS shipping via USPS. Only trade interest at this time are 10.5 degree Callaway or Titleist drivers (with shaft or head only). First up is a Rogue Sub Zero with a Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6S. Plays at 45" and has standard tipping direct from Callaway PO. Comes with a brand new Orange MCC+4 installed and a Callaway Customs Rogue headcover as shown. Headcover and shaft are basically new, head has small wear near the jailbreak bars and a light unnoticeable scuff on the rear. Asking SOLD for this low-spin bomber. Next up is a Title
  8. Ugh, if the 917 was a D2 I’d be throwing my money at you, GLWS, hard to find a 917 that clean!
  9. Titles says it all, like new Apex 19’ 20 Degree with an AD-DI 95X. Tour Velvet 360, standard L/L/L. 9/10 condition. $old shipped takes it!
  10. Few items up this evening, all prices include CONUS shipping. -First up is a 10.5 degree SIM w/ a Ventus Blue Velocore 6S. Playing length is 45", tip trimmed .75" to play somewhere between an S and X. Head has been Hot Melted to achieve D5 Swing weight with shorter shaft. Hot Melting and Tipping was just performed by Peoples Golf. Comes with stock headcover and stock TM Z Cord grip Combo has been played for roughly 4 rounds and after investing almost 900 bucks in this setup its clear its not right for me. Take it away for $old -Next is a near mint 16.5 degree 917F2. Shaft is a Stiff Diam
  11. Tipping is standard setup from TM, order sheet does not note any “additional” tipping. Thanks.
  12. All prices include shipping to lower 48, PayPal is the only payment form accepted. Not looking for trades at this time. First up is a 10.5 Sim with a standard length Ventus Blue 6s w/ Velocore. Took me almost 6 weeks to get this setup from TM, and current lead time is as long or longer. TM Z Grip Shaft, label down. Save the lead time and 175+ over buying it new. Has only seen 10 balls. Includes Headcover and Tool, will be shipped in the same box it was delivered in direct from TM. SOLD Next item is an Apex 19’ 3 Hybrid. Plays standard L/L/L, Shaft is an AD-DI 95 X. Couple very small marks
  13. Prices are shipped to lower 48, PayPal is [email protected] Only trade interest would be high end shafts for TM or Titleist woods or A driving iron of equal value. First up is a Bettinardi Studio Stock #28. Rolled at home on the carpet, mint. Comes with a SWAG “King of Swag II” Headcover. 34”, Bettinardi Corded Deep Etch Grip. Also has the updated finish with the darker mercury gray so it will not rust like the earlier versions of the 28 from this series. Asking SOLD for the putter and headcover, hesitant to separate but will if needed. Next is a 14 degree M5 “Rocket” 3W. TENSEI Orang
  14. Like the title says, Brand New in Plastic 34” Silver Spider Mini. Looking for 170 shipped to lower 48. Trade Interests would be as follows. 917 or TS Drivers/Heads. Newport Style Putters T20 Gap Wedge
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