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  1. I’ve read the book and watched several videos. Tried to incorporate the basic principles… weight slightly on left side at setup, drop left shoulder towards ball on back swing while straightening right leg, push up with left leg on down swing and tuck rear end on follow through. Keep arms close to body during process. Picked up a lot of consistency. Works great with driver which some apparently struggle with using S&T. Have trouble with short irons mostly. Catch them fat a lot and tend to hit high lob shots due to the lag loss with the wrists. Think I’m going to try the Golftec S&T instructor. Called them. They have an August $100 swing analysis special.
  2. The instructor is from S&Ts website and he is listed as at Golftec. His name is Christian Becker. What I like about S&T is that I can play decent golf without practicing much (which I don’t have time to do).
  3. Mid Missouri. There is a S&T instructor at a Golf Tec around St Louis.
  4. Thanks. Saw a lot of good comments about Monte in some other threads. However, I'm not really looking for a swing revamp. Just went back to S&T a month or so ago and have seen marked improvement. The only thing I'd like to correct in my game is forward shaft lean at impact (or lack thereof). Have very active wrists so tend to flip. Not really sure how to answer this. I've never really done online lessons before and sometimes in person instructors just ripped me off.
  5. Hello. I can take a single in-person lesson from a somewhat local Golf-Tec for $120/hr. However, for $30 more I could take videos of my swing using Skillest and send it to a pro that would evaluate it over the course of a month. I'm thinking I could get 7 to 8 videos analyzed over this time (I'm assuming it will take 2 to 3 days to get a response from the pro). So, would you opt for the single one on one lesson or pay a little more and go the online route? Thanks!
  6. Was using S&T years ago successfully but got away from it after advice from a golf instructor. Scores crept up into the upper 80s and 90s. Well, I decided to give it a go again about a month or so ago. Had my best round in years a few days ago. Missed a stupid 3 foot putt which would have been a 79. Anyway, I'm a believer in S&T again. BTW, I don't have a good back and have to be careful what I lift. S&T doesn't bother it.
  7. > @11bravoveteran said: > Rory and Georg Gankas talking about this thing? Dang, it will be hard to keep up production..
  8. I'm a little confused about the "relax" move. From the "illustration" swings in the videos it appears to be a wrist movement and the club head moves 6" (or so) down and back and then there is a big "loop" on the down swing from the inside. However, when an actual swing is made with a ball, the club head doesn't appear to move at the top and the downswing path doesn't move much back to the inside (if this all makes sense). Anyway, I know the "illustration" swings are exaggerated. But, perhaps someone can clarify if the "relax" part is a wrist movement, arm movement or combination of both? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. > @"Ping Zings" said: > Does it put much stain on the left shoulder? Pretty sure you mean "strain'. Anyway, I got the PM today and did the day 1 protocol. My left shoulder was fine afterwards. However, the main muscle group it seemed to affect was my left forearm and lower back to a lesser degree. Please note though, I'm an out of shape older guy LOL. Someone young and athletic might not notice it in the left forearm as much (assuming a right handed golfer).
  10. I went ahead and ordered this. Can always sell it on ebay and recoup most of my $ if it turns out to not be useful. Don't think this will be the case though.
  11. I'm considering investing in this. My problem is a slight early release during the downswing which leads to a scoop at impact and left wrist breakdown just past impact. Been working with a pro to correct which has only led to modest improvements. Would this device be very helpful? My pro says I'm golden all the way to the top of the back swing. Start losing the lag angle during the downswing around 10 o'clock or so (face on). I play with the scoop and can shoot pretty well relatively speaking (low 80s and occasional 70s). Any input would be appreciated. As some have previously mentioned, $162 isn't pocket change (to me anyway). Thanks.
  12. It's been almost 10 years since I created this post. Thought I would do a little update on my Kirk Currie putter. I'm still using it to this day. The face and head have held up remarkably well. Only minor scuffing (almost looks like new still). I've tried other putters over the years but always seem to come back to the KC.
  13. [quote name='botibill' timestamp='1359648966' post='6336561'] Can't beleive no one has mentioned the Wilson Duo. I've been playing this ball for awile now. Great off the tee, good spin on wedge shots, and putts very nice. It's the only ball in my bag now. But I will try out the new TP lethal and new ProV1X also. But for the biggest bang for the buck Wilson Duo should be looked at. [/quote] Uhhh. I mentioned it 4 posts prior to yours...
  14. Tried the Duo a couple of weeks ago. Didn't have much stopping ability (expected). But, it was otherwise an excellent ball (distance, soft feel, putting, etc.). And, the $13 I paid for them (blemishes) at Edwin Watts was well worth it. They also would get my vote for the intent of this thread.
  15. Years ago these were "Wilson Staff " smart core balls. Now they are just Wilson smart core. This tells me they are likely different balls. I also remember different types years ago: Professional Distance, Balata Distance, etc. Lastly, they used to mention powered by Goodyear. Not sure if they still do.
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