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  1. 1. Brand New Callaway Epic Speed Driver with HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.5 60g shaft. Golf Pride MCC+4 grip. Standard length. $325. SOLD 2. Used Ping i25 iron set, 4-PW, KBS Tour 120 S flex shafts, green dot (2* up), +1/4". Lamkin UTx cord grips with +2 wraps. PW is missing the small CTP weight (see pic). $200. SOLD Prices include shipping to CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions. I haven't posted all that much on GolfWrx but I have 100% feedback on eBay (wil99ann01). i25 irons:
  2. Willwinz


    Only thing that's worth playing in the perimeter that's not private is Heritage golf links, it gets very crowded though. I'm a fan of cobblestone in Acworth, a bit of a drive though.
  3. The only time I ever notice a star next to a certain topic is when I've commented in that thread.
  4. probably the wrong thread, but does anyone else ever have problems replacing spikes? Mine are always stuck, and by the time I get the old spikes off the threads are halfway stripped and the new spikes either won't go on or won't stay as tight as there supposed to.
  5. this thread continues to amaze me with the amount of beautiful golf courses there are around the world
  6. Anybody see Koepka's comments on how nobody really knows/likes being in a team environment with meetings and such. Hes accustomed to laying back and watching TV after a round
  7. Definitely not the longest hole Ive reached in 2 but I hit 2 irons. Hole 6 at Mclemore Club, 540 yards. Hit 3 iron, 7 iron. The 2nd shot plays about 60 yards down lol.
  8. 34-36, -1 at the UGA Course. Hole 18 gets me every time or I'd be in the 60s
  9. seeing dads who can't break 90 teach their kids is hard to watch
  10. how much are the golf bags during this sale usually?
  11. Lol same here. Can't avoid looking at equipment in the winter
  12. Its new, assumption is that software updates will come in the future. Hopefully they can fix the on/off switch thing with a software update; I agree that is a minor nuisance. It has a few kinks but the performance benefits are better than any other option imo
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