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  1. Try this https://www.adidasgolfsho.com/catalogs/23c735d9-79b0-4f80-94d5-16c2929abbe4
  2. Here is the link for the men’s 2022 catalog. Enjoy Men’s 2022 Catalog and here is the link for the ladies 2022 catalog. Enjoy Ladies 2022 Catalog
  3. The release dates are on the original pics. Most are 2nd Jan 2022
  4. Some pictures of the upcoming clothing. Apologies if the quality isn’t great. Will have the link for the catalog on here very soon.
  5. My bad that. $150 they are listed as.
  6. As promised folks. Please see the link for Adidas Golf 2022 . New topic
  7. Come a little bit earlier than usual this. Not sure how I managed to see the catalog but here are the 1st images from the catalog. These are all the main men’s and juniors shoes and colour ways for SS 2022. Here is the link for the men’s 2022 catalog. Men’s 2022 catalog and here is the link for the ladies 2022 catalog. Enjoy Ladies 2022 catalog in the coming days I’ll add screenshots of clothing and eventually the catalog itself providing it’s allowed. There is a ladies catalog which I have seen and if I can I will also upload this. However, the designs for shoes are very very similar, with some minor colour differences. Personally I think the ZG21’s and the code chaos look great. The new Tour 360 infinity look really interesting and new spike design. Maybe a bit of a take from Nike. Whenever adidas bring out a new design they tend to go bold on colours and this is no different for the new tour 360. id expect further colour ways to be released around April 2022 but no idea on these yet. The clothing isn’t the best if I’m honest. There are a few nice pieces but in my opinion it’s not going to be their strongest year for clothing. The shoes though, I really like. What are your thoughts?
  8. I have a special treat for the adidas lovers at some point this week. Keep a look out for my annual Adidas Golf post.
  9. Really nice shoe. Don’t think they look the best but really comfortable
  10. I’m a bit disappointed by the ZG line, the 2021 range in general so far. You are right, there is certainly an Adizero look and feel. I think the ZG looks a bit better than adizero to be fair. I’ll be sticking to last seasons 360’s and code chaos. I don’t need a new pair this year but might have been tempted on a new pair of 360’s. Hoping 2022 will be a bit better as I’ll be in the market for a few new pair by then. failing that, could be changing brands.
  11. Another updated catalog https://svens-golfshop.de/mediafiles/Sonstiges/adidas Gold - Performance Katalog.pdf
  12. topic already in discussion. Link to the catalog there. Not everything new is in this catalog but a few new things to cast your eyes over.
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