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  1. Really nice shoe. Don’t think they look the best but really comfortable
  2. I’m a bit disappointed by the ZG line, the 2021 range in general so far. You are right, there is certainly an Adizero look and feel. I think the ZG looks a bit better than adizero to be fair. I’ll be sticking to last seasons 360’s and code chaos. I don’t need a new pair this year but might have been tempted on a new pair of 360’s. Hoping 2022 will be a bit better as I’ll be in the market for a few new pair by then. failing that, could be changing brands.
  3. Another updated catalog https://svens-golfshop.de/mediafiles/Sonstiges/adidas Gold - Performance Katalog.pdf
  4. topic already in discussion. Link to the catalog there. Not everything new is in this catalog but a few new things to cast your eyes over.
  5. Fully expect more colours in code chaos and tour 360. very early catalog this. Usually get a lot more colour option updates in december updates
  6. I use both, never had an issue. In the U.K. it can get wet and it’s nothing been an issue. I prefer spikes in the very wet or the very dry. I use spike less for the middle ground.
  7. I think most brands now have a large selection of shoes. Some models from adidas are horrible I agree but the same is said for most brands. Each to their own. What’s horrible for me, you might like. even in this catalog the very popular tour 360 isn’t featured but is a 2021 model. the new Zero G shoes are the ones being pushed here which I’m not a fan of I have to say. some of the clothing leaves a not to be desired but ive seen a few nice shirts I’ll probably pick up.
  8. 1st catalog I’ve seen. I’d expect to see a bit more in the coming months, particularly around the shoes. https://getitattbs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Spring_2021-adidas-Golf-Catalogue.pdf Another new one https://svens-golfshop.de/mediafiles/Sonstiges/adidas Gold - Performance Katalog.pdf
  9. Not very. love the shoe. Looks great. Feels great. Gets dirty and struggling to clean. Anyone with any ideas?
  10. primeblue the best colour by far. But at £140 too expensive. If discount codes worked for them or they hit the sales I’ll buy them.
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