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  1. I have the Vessel 14 way Players 2.0 and it's by far the best bag I have owned. Construction and quality are top notch, plus it has virtually no logos. I'm a less is more type person and really like the clean look. Zero complaints about it so far, in fact I just bought the single strap and I like the bag even more now.
  2. Looking for a brand new TBC Chubbs Gator puttcover. Shipped to 48309. Message me your price. I can buy them for $200 on ebay if that saves some of you some time. Thanks. Nate
  3. tough to pick from Arcadia Bluffs, but these two stand out to me.
  4. Vessel Players. Great quality and its perfect for your situation. I ride 99% of the time but I go to the range all the time. Its definetly not the best bag to walk with but to throw on a cart and still have the features of a stand bag it works well.
  5. I have a driver cover that is made by Winston Collection and the quality is outstanding. But all of the stuff I have from Winston in general has been top notch. Not sure if they use any other manufacturers but if you get a Winston Collection piece I have zero doubt you will be happy with the purchase. Edit: just looked on their website and all of those except the 2019 gift look like Winston product. This is the one I have.
  6. Came on here to see if anyone posted this. The putter doesn't look like it has a bunch of offset either... Still trying to get a good view of this madness. lol
  7. Who cares about original of you are gaming it. You could always have a shop pull the current grip and save it. Put it back on if you decide to sell it. But I wouldn't think twice about swapping a grip on a high end putter if I was gaming it.
  8. Great club. Honestly hard to refrain from buying this as a backup. Lol
  9. Shape, they look a little different at address. NP2 has sharper boxy lines, NP more curved and softened. I have both 2020 Special Select Newport and Newport 2. The NP is the gamer, I just like the way it looks at address more than the NP2. They feel exactly the same IMO.
  10. GC Quad was in a Garage and into an impact screen with the imagine displayed right on it and it was 70 degrees and obviously zero wind. Trackman was in a studio with the garage door open and hitting the ball into the driving rage. Again, it was 33 degrees and straight into the wind. Tee height should have been pretty close, clothes only difference was jeans during the trackman and basketball shorts during the GC Quad. Looking back on it, I do feel like my swing was not as good on the Trackman. I felt like as soon as I saw a low number I was just reaching for a number, where I was just swinging
  11. Thanks. I knew they were inflated, but I couldn't believe the difference. I will keep an eye out Wednesday on these numbers during my next lesson. Any insight as to why I might see an inside out swing on the GC Quad and Full Swing, but not the trackman? Heck, it wasn't even close to inside out. I even had the little dots on the clubface for the GC Quad and the unit I was using has all of the measurement options on it. So on two of the three I can get to an inside out swing, but the Trackman out of 30 swings, I didn't have a single one inside to out. They were all over the top. Edi
  12. OK, so I have been taking lessons for awhile now. Just got back in 4-5 weeks ago since I'm getting ready for the season in Michigan. Curious to see if anyone else has run across what I am seeing. At the place I take my lessons we hit on a Full Swing monitor. You can see below, that my numbers on this thing are way inflated. This was not the case last year on the exact same monitor. This year I have been working a bit on getting my right shoulder through the ball and it does seem to be adding distance. But the amount is crazy. I hit it pretty short, but I keep it in play and my short game is ve
  13. I always enjoyed that course. Not 100% sure why, but I always had a blast out there.
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