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  1. I can only hope, but I think he burned his bridges acting like a nut job in SF and his pro days are over. My personal opinion is that he doesn't have any other options but is using the "NFL" and him finally winning something as leverage to make more money.
  2. lol, that was the same weekend. I played the day after the game. Both my buddy and his dad are state fans. I'm a michigan fan, but I hate Jim Harbaugh, so to be honest I didn't care about them losing and I bet on MSU to win outright and doubled down when they were down 10 or 11 points in the 2nd half. LOL, so I made a couple hundred on them losing.. unfortunately that dumbass ended up finding a way into beating OSU and winning the Big Ten, so now we are probably stuck with him for 6-7 more years when anyone with a brain can see that last year is not sustainable, and they are probably 4th in the Big Ten East next year behind OSU, MSU, and PSU.... Sorry, mini rant but I despise Harbaugh and the idiot michigan fans who refuse to grasp reality. back to OHCC, that was my first and only time playing it. My buddies dad wanted to see the reno and I was fortunate enough to get an invite. I have very very limited connections there lol.
  3. Granted I personally know the fitters I have used at Carl's but I have went there on a mission to buy a driver or irons and after the fitting didn't because they were honest and said my current equipment was working as good as anything new. Not saying they all are like that but in my experience I have never been pressure sold at Carl's during a fitting or in general.
  4. lol I may have been there the Sunday after your Friday because it was wet, greens were slow, but I had a blast. My buddies dad who we played with is a Pro at a course down the street and he worked there years ago for about 8 years. It was cool to get a tour of the place, a history lesson, and then we were sure to take a look at each hole from the tips (not that we played them) just to see what the pro's would potentially be looking at. He said he didn't like it, but I think the fact he spent so many years there and the fact the greens were not turned up may have swayed his feelings about the reno.
  5. Ryan Johnson at Carls has gotten my business for years. top service.
  6. I got to play it at the end of the season. Never played it before the reno but I really enjoyed it. Hoping to con my way into another invite this summer.
  7. you will like it. I’m sure with time the course will get better and better. Plus it’s for a good cause.
  8. i doubt it, if anything it's going to get worse. I generally like the yearly gift, especially the backpack, the camo duffel, the sunday bag, and this years bag. For me, I basically get the yearly for that and the cover. I don't have any real expectations of getting anything else during the drops. I don't have time to refresh my computer all day hoping its the right day and time.
  9. generally when I get the email and login in, almost everything is gone.
  10. I have these in the MG2 and I was very impressed with the grind. First set of TM wedges I have ever gamed and it would take something special to pull them from the bag. I could do without the rust face but I keep my stuff clean and the rust is minimal so far. But the way you can manipulate the face/clubhead and still feel firmly connected to the ground is really cool. I've learned how to really zip a ball from short distance with these wedges. I couldn't recommend them more.
  11. plenty of people b**** about the scotty model also. It's not just TL.
  12. Vessel Players 2.0 is what I use with the 14 way. Wasnt a fan of the 3.0 with the 14 way. Sent it back. Didnt seem to play nice with midsize grips, the 2.0 has zero issues
  13. Myself and my buddies dad walking up 18 at Oakland Hills South a few weeks ago.
  14. Sun Mountain with the glider is awesome. I've had mine for like 3 years and I couldn't imagine flying with any other travel bag. It rolls smoother than my suitcases.
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