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  1. plenty of people b**** about the scotty model also. It's not just TL.
  2. Vessel Players 2.0 is what I use with the 14 way. Wasnt a fan of the 3.0 with the 14 way. Sent it back. Didnt seem to play nice with midsize grips, the 2.0 has zero issues
  3. Myself and my buddies dad walking up 18 at Oakland Hills South a few weeks ago.
  4. Sun Mountain with the glider is awesome. I've had mine for like 3 years and I couldn't imagine flying with any other travel bag. It rolls smoother than my suitcases.
  5. I get that, and I'm by no means trying to create an argument, I was just curious as to someone's opinion why they ranked it that way. It's a great course, no argument there. Maybe I built it up in my head to something it could never live up to. Very possible. I want to play the Red routing of The Loop, so I know I will end up playing FD again. Maybe my opinion will change.
  6. Can I ask what about FD makes you say its the best public in MI by far? Personally I dont think it is even close to Arcadia Bluffs. I thought it was a really nice, well manicured course but I dont think it came close to living up to the hype. I did a trip to Forest Dunes, The Loop, Arcadia South, Arcadia Bluffs, and American Dunes in August and I would put FD in 4th out of those just ahead of American Dunes. I honestly didn't think there were any truly memorable holes on that course. And to be honest, when I planned that trip, I was most excited about FD, least excited about The Loop, and I ended up pretty disappointed in FD. For years I have always heard people say things like you that it's the best in the state, and I just don't get it. Nice course, but not number 1 in my opinion. Just curious as your thoughts as I know everyone has their owns reasons.
  7. I'm a 5 handicap, well technically I'm a 7 as I played some bad golf this year and had some low scores drop off my GHIN, but I shot 79 on the Loop Black routing this summer. It has the widest fairways I think I have played. The green complexes are fun and the course allows you to play the course in a variety of ways. I listened to the NLU podcast and they sort of crapped all over the Loop. One thing to keep in mind, they played it during the Duel event which is 36 holes, both routings, same pins. That makes it tough because the course is turned up and very tough pins from both sides. I found the course to be super fun. We had a 5, 7, 9, and a 25 handicap in our group and all 4 of us walked off that course with great things to say. I would not pass up on that course based on things you read on here.
  8. Depends on if you bought it to resell it later or because you're a fan and wanted a sick a** cover. If the answer is the second one I'd bust that thing open and game it. I wouldn't break the seal if you are worried about value. Not a cubs fan, but that thing is cool.
  9. Man this is my go to Cigar. My mother of all people got one of these at random when I was in town visiting her in Florida a few years back. I've been hooked ever since. Not sure if you are a flavored whiskey fan, but Skrewball Whiskey on the rocks with one of these is an outstanding combination.
  10. yes, I splurged on the $9 ones to match my bag lol. But I use mine to make sure I am not super closed at address like I tend to get, and I use it to make sure my ball position is not to far forward as it seems to creep forward.
  11. To be honest, I didn't even care about the greens. I had perma smile on all day long just being out there. My legs were wrecked after that walk ( i ride 95% of my rounds), but I was super happy to be able to say I got to play it. Hoping he invites me next year and play it with the greens turned up.
  12. Looks like a good father/son round. I played there in August. I liked it, but seemed like a few holes were shoe horned in there, but overall I like the military stuff and the massive flag on 9. Cool course, I will end up playing it again. I am sure as it matures it will get better.
  13. The bunkers are absolutely massive out there. Greens were slow, but that's understandable. And number 7 is awesome. It's actually a hole we took a photo on. I had my best birdie look of the day on that hole after getting lucky and pulling my driver left of the left bunkers. Hit a nice wedge to about 15 feet and just had a little too much pace on the putt. But visually, it's so cool and we literally as a 3 some played it 3 different ways and all made par. I was left rough, left of the left bunkers, one was dead center in the left fairway, and the other carried onto the right fairway by literally 3 or 4 yards. Can't wait to see it in a year or two with the greens turned up. I could see some holes like 11 causing people to walk off the course down to the left of the green. lol even in our conditions we had a few not make it up there and roll all the way back.
  14. I've never been to Miles of Golf since Carl's is very local for me, but Ryan Johnson at Carl's is great to work with. He's an outstanding player also. I need to get out to Miles of Golf. Seems like a cool place from what I have seen and heard.
  15. Ryan Johnson at Carl's is top notch.
  16. Played Oakland Hills South Course on Sunday. Never played it before the renovation but I thought it was awesome. The guy who invited me said on the 16th green that he came to the conclusion he liked it better before the reno. Still had a blast and got some good stuff from the pro shop.
  17. I have that travel bag and its awesome. Someone will be super happy with that purchase.
  18. Arcadia and FD both have fantastic places to stay. If you are willing to pay for it, i would highly recommend it.
  19. Did you ever stop and think maybe those kids and athletes are just having fun? You know fun right, the thing that supposedly draws us all to sports and things we like to do.. man the world is a stuffy place these days. People need to lighten up and not take themselves and everything in general so serious.
  20. I used a Player's 2 on a Clic Gear cart last year when COVID started and I had zero issues.
  21. I ride 99% of the time, and I have the players 2. I have no issues with any material getting ruined on a cart and I'm 2 full seasons through it. Bag still looks like new. Zero complaints other than the weight. I didn't buy it to walk, I just wanted a clean simple stand bag since I got to the range alot. 100% would recommend Vessel. Edit: fyi, I have the 14 way top and zero club tangle. But again, weight wasn't an issue with me.
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