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  1. > @ChronicSlicer said: > Strange Carlota is sitting this one out, she plays very well here. I don't want to follow @Argonne69 and go with Jin Young (actually I do) but I won't, so Amy Yang it is. Megan Khang, Wei-Ling Hsu and Minjee will be on the prowl as well. My sleeper but not so much a sleeper is Hannah Green, 3 wins would be spectacular for her. It may be strategic. Carlota is currently leading the AON Risk/Reward Challenge and -- with a $1 million prize on the line -- she doesn't want to risk having a bad hole and losing out on the huge payday. I'm not sure if Ariya is still i
  2. > @"Raving Shanker" said: > > @scottc25 said: > > Might as well place this here. > > > > So, how the **** does the fashion thread get locked after 5 years? > > This also royally sucks. 4.5 years, and 379 pages later?! Without an explanation?! The least the moderators could do is pay the respect to the members of explaining why. And that would be interesting, because the comments are pretty much respectful and stay on topic. I can live without the fashion thread but my wife, who barely breaks 100 at mini-golf (putt-putt, whatever), loves wearing golf att
  3. > @Argonne69 said: > Throwback Thursday: Alice and Marlene Bauer > > ![](http://www.sdshof.com/uploads/products/hi-res/Hagge.w.alice.mag.getty1.jpg "") > Speaking of fashion, check out those pants on that guy third from the left.
  4. > @legitimategolf said: > > @Argonne69 said: > > Nice bounceback by Danielle from a missed cut last week. Charley looks solid. Sung Hyun dusts herself off, and gets back on her horse. > > > > Rough start for Jennifer with a +5 round. Funny game. > > > > > I see Jennifer Song's name brought up a ton around here. She's often predicted as the winner, too. What the heck is going on here people? Jennifer Song turns thirty this year, has been on tour for nine years, has zero wins and a whopping seven career top tens. I have totally missed the jo
  5. > @"North Texas" said: > > @18majors said: > > Beth Ann Nichols pleads for Paula, the forever Queen: > > > > [https://golfweek.com/2019/07/28/golf-a-case-for-creamer-solheim/](https://golfweek.com/2019/07/28/golf-a-case-for-creamer-solheim/ "https://golfweek.com/2019/07/28/golf-a-case-for-creamer-solheim/") > > She usually has pretty good stuff but this is a huge swing and miss by Beth Ann on this one. Ease up on Beth Ann. She's just doing a favor for a friend.
  6. > @Argonne69 said: > Hana Wakimoto. The NASCARization of golf is complete. Lol. > > ![](https://d12gnozutxpjie.cloudfront.net/cmsimg/213794.jpg "") > "Maybe my agent signed me up for one sponsorship deal too many."
  7. > @18majors said: > Interesting to see Kristen Gillman is in another featured pairing with Sung Hyun Park and Morgan Pressel! > I'm a big fan of Kristen; but have to admit that she wouldn't have received such a preferential treatment with her records if she were a Korean. The real question is how did Terminator -- a recent World #1 -- get stuck in a grouping with these two? Kristen has proven she's competent but hasn't otherwise distinguished herself yet. Pressel has won exactly twice on the LPGA...the last time in 2007.
  8. > @"Raving Shanker" said: > I got up this morning (Aussie time) to check progress in this event to find it has not yet begun - it is a 54-hole event! What's with 54-hole events? Is there any rationale behind this? The only effect i can see is that it randomises the outcome to some extent. And I can't see that as being good. Welcome to the Supermarket Swing on the LPGA. The ShopRite this week, the Meijer next week, and the Walmart beginning 6/28 (another 3-day event).
  9. > @Argonne69 said: > Perhaps the European team should be expanded to include the Commonwealth of Nations, which includes Canada, Australia, New Zealand. They'd pick up Brooke, Minjee, and Lydia, making it a little more of a fair fight. > Great idea, Arg! Actually, those 3 countries would be good enough to be a team of their own. That would make 3 teams (with Europe & the US). And since we're doing that, we should probably add Korea and Japan, they're both top shelf! That would make it 5 teams. It wouldn't be fair to leave out Taiwan and China , so that would get it up to 7. T
  10. > @Socrates said: > > @ChronicSlicer said: > > Having a tough time with who to choose here, clearly Lydia is favored, not so much by me. I`m going with Danielle Kang. I look for Gaby to have a solid week, along with Carlota. My sleeper is ShanShan. > > Jin Young Ko has been all over it. That's my pick - besides Minjee. ShanShan has such a good swing (one of my favorites), but at the rate she is gaining weight, I don't know how much longer she can be competitive. I'd say Jin Young is a long shot, since she's skipping this tournament.
  11. > @legitimategolf said: > NBC Sports app doesn't show commercials. Instead they show a raw camera feed, no commentary just ambient sound. It is glorious. I've been saying this for years. In addition, the stream always starts on time irregardless of PGA weather delays or geezer playoffs. And quite often they leave the announcers mics open which can result in some pretty funny comments, like the time Terry Gannon called the Poppy's Pond plunge at ANA a "manufactured moment."
  12. > @Stooch said: > > @Argonne69 said: > > I know it's too much to ask, but I was really hoping that In-Kyung's miss on 18 would be dropped after she won the WBO. Bygones. > > sadly any time she in contention till the end of time, GC will air her missing that putt. True. But if she wins this weekend, GC will forever pair up that 2012 clip with the 2019 clip of her winning putt.
  13. > @"North Texas" said: > Rich Lerner just called this playoff a "thriller". Was that a playoff? I thought they were showing an episode of the Walking Dead.
  14. Chinese-to-English phonetics are insane. Wei-Ling... Shee?! Westerners have a hard enough time with the rather straightforward syllabic pronunciations of Korean words and names. And Chinese people tend to not be very instructive about correct pronunciations. I grew up with a bunch of Liu's and Hsu's and never once heard about "lay-oh" or "shee". It was always "loo" and "soo". My wife is Chinese, and what she tells me flatly contradicts your version! She says "Liu" is pronounced "lyoo". It, not "lee-oo" or "loo". Wei Ling is complicated because she's Taiwanese and they have their own idioms
  15. The LPGA heard you. They've scheduled another event in Busan next year. Unfortunately the Busan event will replace this one. It will be called the BMW next year. So kids, this is it. Say goodbye to Sky72. Word is Busan will be the Asian headquarters of the LPGA. The Daytona Beach of the east. :-) I guess Randall Mell at Golf Channel was wrong (which doesn't surprise me). This is from his article that he posted just last night: "The South Koreans usually get just one shot at seeing the LPGA come through their country, and that intensifies their reactions. They get two chances this year,
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