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  1. I’m looking for a unique Ping Zing 2 putter. Already have a stainless and becu. Looking for something different than those, maybe a nickel or a 2F with the pixel insert. Or one with a unique stamping. Just let me know what you have
  2. I’m looking for a Bobby Grace Fay Lady Center Shaft with the weights in the sole. Let me know if you have one. thanks
  3. I’m looking for the old Taylormade TP red/gray silver MT-85 shaft. Can be any length, will even consider an entire club with that shaft. Will look like the picture but say MT-85
  4. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 15* 3 wood Hzrdus Smoke Black 70 6.5 Standard Length $150 shipped Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome heads only 54.12 D Grind....SOLD 58.12 D Grind.....SOLD Odyssey white hot OG 7 with stroke lab 35 inches....SOLD Taylormade Sim Max 3 19* hybrid Hzrdus Black Smoke 90 hybrid 6.5 Standard length $150 shipped
  5. Taylormade Burner TP 13* with original flowerband Diamana redboard 73x.....$85 shipped Ping Glide Stealth 2.0 56* blue dot, has WRX Combo Grind (same as Vokey m-grind) shafted from factory with dynamic gold 120 x100...Club has hit less than 10 balls. Great shape...$100 shipped plenty more pictures of everything. Just ask
  6. So you are saying the new 757’s are so much better than the original?? I had a discussion with Chad Embrey of Fujikura a little over a month, about this exact subject, comparing the 757 evolutions and 757 TR with the original , and that’s not the impression that I got at all.
  7. This is the exact reason of the old saying, once you find a 3-wood that you hit well, don’t ever get rid of it. Fred Couples used one of Tom Watson’s wife’s 3-wood heads for many many years. Myself personally I have used a Taylormade Vsteel paint break with Diamana BB-83x for 15 years. Every couple of years I try something else, thinking it’s going to be so much better, but when it’s said and done, the vsteel is always back in the bag.
  8. I’m building a mallet putter and I’m needing a custom bend made for the shaft, in order to get the exact look that I’m after. Any suggestions of a club builder that could bend this shaft for me??
  9. Odyssey #7 XG Long Putter 50 inches long....$175 shipped Ping 1/2 Wack-e Long putter 50 inches long. Top grip has a cut in it...$150 shipped Bobby Grace Heavyweight Champion 48 inch long putter. Great milling on the face....$130 shipped Have plenty of pictures of everything. If need more just ask.
  10. This is a Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Mosel 1 Armlock. It is 43 inches long and has a long Super Stroke 1.3 grip that is turned so flat side is against forearm. Will also come with the long red Bettinardi grip. 7* loft and 71* lie angle SOLD shipped in the lower 48 states
  11. Odyssey #7L 50 inch Long Putter, good condition, original grips...$215 shipped Titleist TS3 8.5 head only. Has been played a couple of seasons and a few marks on crown in clear coat...SOLD
  12. These 915fd 18* were part of the MOTO (made only to order) program that Titleist used for the 915d4 and this 915fd 18*....It is rumored there were less than 50 of these heads made. Most people didn’t even know a 915fd 18* existed until JT started winning and it was listed in his WITB
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