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  1. Sorry but Phil vs Hogan w/ or w/out Tiger would never be a discussion. Sorry not now, not ever. Hogan won the only three majors he entered that year, he couldn't make it back for the PGA because he went by friggin boat to the UK. played in ONE open championship at Car"nasty" of all places and won. As for me I give Faldo the edge, but I have a hard time being objective on this one. I IDOLIZED Faldo growing up. The methodical Hogan like steeliness, the precision, his Ryder Cup assassin like attitude. Watching him stalk down the Fairway staring straight ahead was so awesome. I always an
  2. Great stuff brother- long time no talk. Jim is the classiest dude out there. side note, what most people don't know is the dude was a hell of an athlete period growing in PA. was getting recruited to play baseball as a catcher.
  3. Masters- Augusta PGA- Oak Hill US Open- Oakmont without trees, which is how Mr. Fownes designed the course to be. Then I would say Shinnecock or Winged Foot behind them Open Championship - Carnoustie then Muirfield
  4. that was Jarmo Sandelin who accused him and literally he set the ball down like 1/16th closer to the hole and had no way of knowing he did because the ball still "hung" over the coin from the top down view.
  5. Its fun to see these discussions and see everyone have an opinion. I have been a plus handicap for over 20 years and play in elite am invitationals and have qualified for USGA events. I was always really close 20years ago and could shoot some really stupid good rounds but it felt more lightning in a bottle than consistency. what got me over the hump was playing with a lot of tour pros and other elite ams in money games on the days I was hitting it GREAT and still losing. Their ability to get up and down is nothing like most people can fathom. Tour pros aren't just trying to get it close t
  6. Hey Ben, thanks for the kind words. haha, I am not being paid to play in AM events so just want to clarify that. Still don't practice though unless hitting balls before a round for 20 min counts. I use to grind like a mad man but found that I shot the same scores if I hit 30 balls before a round or spent 4 days on the range a week grinding. The only thing I may practice is my wedges and short game if I get some time. I spend a considerably large time working with my son who plays High School QB and looks to have a bright future there. Now THAT I will grind at with him. I'd rather spend 3
  7. Well---I just had my entire bag stolen out of my truck 2 weeks ago so I am starting over from scratch. Before that though I had one set that I played and rarely switched. I tinkered but RARELY would something knock something out of the bag Driver - TM Tour Issue M1 w/ Mitsubishi Tensei White 60TX 3 Wood - TM SLDR TS 14 w/ Tensei white 80TX 2 Hybrid - Adams tour issue Idea Pro ( club has been in my bag since 2006ish) 4-6 - Mizuno MP-18 SC w/ Project X flighted 6.0 7-PW- Mizuno MP-18 w/ Project X flighted 6.0 Gap- Wedgeworks Titliest 54 deg V grind with DG TI s400 Sand- Wedgeworks Titliest 58
  8. Can you imagine, say the Broncos starting down 21-0 against the Bears in the Super Bowl? Okay, I'd enjoy that, but still . . . Oh man if the Patriots got that the country would MELT DOWN. I don't like it. someone above mentioned match play which while is not a true test of everyone against each other I think it would make for a more interesting watch. Give the top seeds a bye and let the others hash it out. I think there should be a reward for the guy who is at number 1 going into the tour championship, he played better than everyone per the rules. I just don't know what the answer is. t
  9. Try with all your might to come up with witty chants but we will let the sticks do the talking. USA, USA, USA is good enough for us. I'm hoping this turns into the Presidents Cup part Deux where we damn near win it on day 2 As for DJ, he will be fine. The dude is the biggest Alpha Male we have on the team and from what I can tell once he is inside the ropes he becomes a robot. He will be walking down the fairways with that gunslinger walk of his looking at all the pretty French Maids waiting to carry his sac...errrrr golf bag
  10. I think it's ridiculous for ANYONE who is not standing on the green next to someone using a long putter to claim they KNOW they are cheating. their hand can touch their shirt, just not their body. I've said this in other long putter threads. A close close friend of mine (who is now CT eligible) has played with and known Bernhard Langer for 25+ years and has said EMPHATICALLY that if anyone thinks that BL is cheating then they are fools, this is one of the most honest men who has ever walked the earth and would never even come close to breaking the rule. He just wouldn't do it. I was never a bi
  11. The left dot ProV 1 is the best ball Titleist has ever produced, period. Unfortunately you have to be on the PGA tour to get them. Not ever WEB players can play them on the reg unless they steal a bunch from a random appearance. The new 2017 PRO V 1 (as I was told by a very very High VP in the Ball dept at Titleist) is the closest ball to that left dot they have ever made but I still don't think it hit the mark. I really thought the '17's were going to wow me but they haven't. I can understand why Rory left them. The X launches too high off the irons for me and the PRO V just feels flat. No ju
  12. Course Name: Miami Whitewater Forest Golf Course Course Location: Harrison, OH Cost to play: $23-$25 Website: https://www.greatparks.org/golf/miami-whitewater-forest-golf-course Course Description: This will not make many peoples grand lists but it will always be at the top on mine. This is the course at the age of 9yrs old I fell in love with the game. It's the first course I shot even par on ( back then 15 was a 320 par 4) at the age of 14, It's the first course I hit all 18 greens in regulation ( a big accomplishment since the greens are super small) and also beat many a foreign players in
  13. I was thinking the same thing. The whole "exclusive" lime thing. Todd became too much and the BS started piling up deep. I know a good man (who will remain nameless) who jumped ship from there at the right time. WTH ever happened over there anyway? did it just shutter it's doors or what? They're still around. From what I've gathered it seems like Hoss bought out BigHitter and runs it himself. Not 100% sure as I haven't been there since I joined WRX Man I just got finished with reading 25 pages of posts about that old place and when it appears to have "revamped". I was on in the VERY ea
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