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  1. Her putting and chipping stance and strokes look so uncomfortable. I'm not sure she will ever get those figured out. Who is her current caddie?
  2. Sorry, didn't specify that it is the PGA Tour event at Napa Valley that he has entered.
  3. Anyone else surprised to see Jon Rahm is playing in this week's tournament?
  4. The last thing I remember about English is his collapse at Memphis when he had the lead. According to the players, Ryder Cup pressure is a whole different level of pressure. I hope he does well.
  5. He was above Scottie in the rankings. IMO, Na should have been picked, probably leaving English the odd man out.
  6. Six captain's picks and five are players ranked 7-12 in the standings. Only Reed gets left out. Probably because Spieth said so.
  7. Hard to say there should have been a home advantage when all of the Europeans play on the LPGA tour.
  8. I'm trying to figure out how it is 22-23. He won the Players in 2015, so five years would be 2020, Then an additional year for covid, so 2021. He won three times after the Players, so does he not get an extra year for each win, making him exempt through 2024? Or does he not get a year for his additional win in 2015?
  9. If true, that's not fair. At least give them a hole or two to catch up after that.
  10. Agreed about the FedEx cup but is it really that big a deal there are 9 months before the next major instead of the 8 months it use to be. I don’t just watch the majors so it’s not to me.
  11. I looked at an article from 2019, and she didn't call it a goat track (someone in the media who retweeted her did) but she did post a picture of a sketchy lie in the rough and complained about all the bad bounces she said she had gotten. Guess she won't be a fan of links courses either then if bad bounces upset her. She said she was done with Evian and then of course backtracked on her comment (like she always does) a day later.
  12. With the FedEx Cup wanting to be over by Labor Day, the PGA was getting too close to the Open. On a normal year there were two tournaments after the Open before the PGA, only one tournament during the Olympic year. At least now there's a fairly equal spread between the majors. They need to keep the schedule, Masters, 4 tournaments, PGA Championship, 4 tournaments, US Open, 4 tournaments, the Open, as often as they can.
  13. When I first made this post, I completely forgot the Olympics had been rescheduled . On the pre-pandemic schedule released in 2019, there was a two week break after Evian for the Olympics. This year, there is an open week before and after the Solheim Cup. If the Solheim is going to be moved to even years then maybe the LPGA needs to consider moving one of the majors to May.
  14. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/07/07/danielle-kang-lexi-thompson-skipping-evian-championship/ Danielle Kang Lexi Thompson Nasa Hataoka Plus, Hannah Green and Shanshan Feng. All due to the Olympics, I suppose. Do you think the LPGA/European LPGA should leave open weeks around the Olympics in the future?
  15. If he wanted to see potential Ryder Cup picks play, he should have headed to Europe this week. The only person in the Deere field with a chance of being picked for the Ryder Cup is Daniel Berger.
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