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  1. I do this frequently haha! Last year my high was 112, my low was 79. I randomly catch fire and can't miss a put or a green. I also randomly forgot how to putt and couldn't find a fairway with a GPS, a map, and a Sextant. When I play a "normal" round, I usually shoot high 80s or low 90s. But normal rounds are rare.
  2. I came here to ask this same question. I got no response on my email from last night (approx 11:30pm EDT). Just tried calling the number and got a "mailbox is full" message. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. My club has "divot mix" in bottles. They are big old traditional sand bottles for the carts and smaller sand tubes for people who walk. The small one fits nicely in the water bottle pocket of my bag and really doesn't weigh much. The bigger issue is that I've been known to take a mighty divot or two and I end up running low by the turn (they get refilled on 10 tee).
  4. Don't forget your liver...I'd starting drinking more immediately so you're prepared for all the fine single malts. More seriously, Focus on having fun. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Understand that you're not breaking the course record and you're probably not going to shoot 110. Be happy with something in between and enjoy being at freaking St Andrews!
  5. What I do is lay down on the green and with my arms extended straight down at my sides. I then rock back and forth a little. Invariably I will roll toward the downhill side and then I know which way the put will go. Foolproof. You should try it.
  6. No, I assume the combination of rankings AND winning the stroke play event identifies the best team. As to the objective, if it's not to identify the best team we have some serious issues. Why is stroke play a better indicator of the best team than Match Play?
  7. I joined a club for the first time this year as well. Totally different experience than what I was used to. The service is top notch, the course is in great condition, and I can tee of at 7:15 on Saturday and still be home before noon! I've also played a lot more golf this year. I've gone out after work for 3-5 holes, snuck on a quick 9 in the morning before I go to work, dropped by at lunch on a slow day played 2 holes and gotten a sandwich. It's really been great. Of course, anyone who tells you it's cheaper to join a club is full of crap. It's been a little more spendy than I anticipated, but I'm very happy with my decision.
  8. I think that's an overly simplistic view. 1) it assumes the goal is to find the best team (as opposed to boost ratings/revenue) 2) you assume that the rankings effectively identify the best teams. Personally, I like the match play. It's adds an element of drama.
  9. I take lessons from an assistant pro who plays off 5.6. He's good enough to pass his PAT and certainly good enough to give me lessons (only recently got my cap below 20). The thing about lessons is that it's more about teaching than playing. Anyone can read up on the "correct" golf swing, but it takes a different kind of skill to tailor that swing to each student when they all have different levels of flexibility, strength, coordination, etc. My brother has steel rods an either side of his spine running the whole length of his back. I can assure you his swing is very different from mine. A good teaching pro can help both of us improve.
  10. Glad he's back. It's good for the game, good for the fans, and good for the field. I hope he can stay healthy and compete. Be fun to watch Tiger head to head vs Day or DJ or Speith down the stretch.
  11. I got a good deal on BST for a "gamer" (read, plenty of cosmetic wear, but perfectly functional) and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Turns out, it's a pretty nice putter. Of course, I just bought a Betti Arm Lock on BST that arrives tomorrow. Because I want to see what the hype is about...
  12. I find a big difference. Mind you, I'm a high handicap with a low swing speed, but I can just about play S300. I have a set (maybe soon to go on BST) of MP-64s with X100s. I can't hit them at all. Not even close.
  13. The top of my bag is so screwed up. I've got a G30 SF at 12*, an XR pro at 14*, an XR Pro at 18*, and an old Adams Tightlies 4 hybrid that goes about as far as my 6 iron. Then it goes to a 4 iron. I hit the 14* lower than the 12*, The 18* is the only one I can get off the deck (well and hybrid, but what's the point). I really should fix the gapping, but just working in my swing for now.
  14. I've two too close encounters with snakes while golfing. Honestly, if I can see or hear the snake (or if I irrationally think one is nearby) it's too close. 1 when I was a kid playing in Connecticut, I hit a ball into the woods (I still that a lot) and found it next to a Copperhead. For all I know that ball might still be there. Along with my soiled shorts. 2 I was playing Pelican Hill a few years ago. They have a few signs throughout the course warning is Rattlers in the area. One the 2nd hole I pushed a drive right into some scrub brush. I very hesitantly went to look for it leading the search with a 3 iron. When I was about a foot off the fairway, I heard a distinct rattle from my right (between the tee and me). Don't think I've ever run so fast. I also don't think I've ever hit so many provisionals in a round. Anything not in the middle of the fairway got a second swing. I have an irrational, debilitating fear of snakes. You are at least 500 yards too close. And have an amazingly steady hand given the circumstances. Your friend should be committed
  15. This was so helpful! I don't think I ever understood how the hips work, but it's clear from my video, mine are not working correctly. I need watch these a few more times and do some of the drills, but at least I have a conceptual understanding of what *should* be happening. Thanks!
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