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  1. I tried searching on here and couldn't find much info. I know there's not much glamour in socks but we all got to have them. I need to reload on my sock collection and was wondering what are your favorite golf socks out there?
  2. What’s the eta on this thing? Are they going to get any more holes in today?
  3. At that budget its going to be Wyndyke, Memphis National, or Colonial. I would choose Colonial over all those but it may be far out from you. Wyndyke has better courses than Memphis National but all depends on your location
  4. Thanks. We’re actually playing Chechessee in the morning than old tabby in the afternoon. Should be solid day. i don’t expect Harbour town to disappoint though.
  5. Tons out there. I listen to all the above and below. I drive a lot so get some window time to listen to all these TXG The clubhouse with shane bacon the golfers journal fried egg get a grip Erik Anders Lang show trap draw the shotgun start fore play
  6. OP- I must say I question what you’re doing because you already seem so dedicated now and practicing a lot, but your scores don’t seem to reflect that. I do have a suggestion for you if you want cheap. knoxville, TN. Going to be real affordable and they have a place that is right up your alley. https://fairwaysandgreens.com/ They have a 3 hole course but this is your ultimate practice facility. Huge grass driving range that can probably fit 70+ People. Multiple putting and chipping greens. Indoor hitting bays and indoor putting green. Workout facility and also really good instructors. I u
  7. Don’t put the ball in the back of your stance. I’ve been working on this winter since it’s wet season and it’s helped. Just lineup the ball closer to your front foot.
  8. When did the PuttOUT mat release? It’s got to be the hottest mat out there. eBay has a good deal for the mat and pressure putt I think I’m going to get.
  9. They had a demo day at my club today. Never hit anything from them before but just wanted to give a shout out because the TW Rose Proto irons were the best feeling irons I’ve ever hit. They were on another level. I just got the t100s a couple months ago and I’m kicking myself for not checking these out before I bought. This may be old news but he told me they are releasing a new set of those at the PGA show this year. I also hit their wedges and they were good but didn’t really see all the hype from the Not allowed because of spam wedge test. He did hint they were coming out with their wedg
  10. Appreciate the responses. Berkeley Hall looks so pure. I'm going to try to get on there and will follow up with my review.
  11. Got a guys trip coming up in the end of April. A group of us is going the day before to get some more golf in. We're flying into the island but will have a rental car so willing to drive an hour max or so. We probably can get on some privates through our pro so please don't exclude those courses from the must plays. Here are the courses we are playing currently. May River Arthur Hills Palmetto RTJ Palmetto Kiawah Atlantic Dunes Harbour Town Heron Point Out of those what is missing? Appreciate any help.
  12. JT just hit a shot like I would on 18 playing for $5.
  13. Maybe wrong thread but someone help me out here. I cracked my m1 yesterday. Got a demo m5 in my bag right now and I like it so far. My pro will match the $400 for a new one that is currently on sale online. Should I wait more before I buy one? Will the price drop even more? I could probably ride this demo for awhile and just get the new one depending on when it’s supposed to be released?
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