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  1. Is this brand discontinued? I can't find anything on it anymore? I really wanted to buy a pair of handcrafted shoes.
  2. If that’s the case these are tipped 1/2 of an inch then. I bought these last week from taylormade custom shop and they weren’t supposed to be tipped.
  3. Both of these shafts are brand new and both have velocore. Both grips are standard with 2 wraps. Ventus blue 7x- 44 and a quarter. Tipped 1 inch. New decade grip brand new. Taylormade sleeve $230 shipped Ventus black 6x- 44. Tipped 1 inch. Lamkin Cross line grip. Taylormade sleeve. $230 shipped. Can take more pics if needed. Let me know!
  4. I cracked my m1 a few years ago after about 3-4 years of use so I bought an m5. After one year the face cracked on the m5 and they sent me new sim. After about 8 months the carbon fiber cracked on top of the sim and they sent me a new sim 2. These drivers are definitely fragile but as long as they keep breaking within a year I’m going to be happy and get a new driver every year.
  5. This is brand new Sim 2 with plastic still on it. It’s 9 degrees and comes with a hzrdus smoke black 70 gram 6.5 (x-stiff). Also comes with unopened headcover with tool. Asking $450 shipped. Willing to entertain trades as well. I could use some more shafts or putters, but willing to entertain any offer.
  6. If TPC is out of your price range then you have 2 options. Wyndyke and Memphis National.
  7. Awesome! Appreciate the responses. Looking forward to playing it!
  8. Anyone played the tips at SV? I've got a tee time in a few weeks as i'm passing by the area for work and I will be paired with some randoms. I'm a scratch golfer and fairly long. I think it would be a burden in a way if I played different tees then the group i'm in. How short do the tees at 6500 play?
  9. Whats the difference between the tour velvet cord and the z cord?
  10. I’m heading there this Thursday so would also love a report of the place and any tips.
  11. Appreciate the advice everyone. Sounds like air compressor is the route to start. I never heard of blue painters tape working so that’s great insight. Something I already have as well. Now I need to try to find some good deals on grips.
  12. So i figured if i'm going to be on this site then i'm going to dabble into at least installing my own grips. I'm looking for a little advice to get started. I've got all the tools i need already besides the shaft protector to go into the vise which i'm ordering. Looking through some videos it looks like i can go either the solvent route or the air compressor? Which one do you all prefer? I've got an air professor. It also seems like you don't need any tape at all if you go the air compressor route? Historically i've always had them do 2 wraps on my grip. If i kept that trend and installed with air compressor i couldn't use double side tape correct? Only one side? Any insight and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I don’t see why so many people are against this?! Rory has won 54 million and Charles Howell has won 41 million. I bet the common person doesn’t even know Charles Howell. Rory brings so much to the tour by bringing many more viewers. So does someone like speith who has made 45 million. If Rory or Jordan are in the final group versus someone like Charles Howell on Sunday viewership would be so much higher versus Charles. The tour prays every weekend some big name is still in the tournament when it comes to Sunday. Consider it like a work bonus. All the big names will get a bonus at the end of the year. This is a fantastic idea and I bet the majority of players on the tour like this idea. Everyone on the tour profits more from the big names as the purses grow and more people watch. They need to get compensated for that.
  14. Just ordered tp5x. Will let you know how it goes.
  15. Chickasaw has some quirky holes imo. But it’s maintained well and a solid course. Really the only option inside Memphis that would be close to you. Has a good young membership as well.
  16. Bought this shaft brand new a year ago. Its not tipped and has a Taylormade adapter. Length is 44 1/4 with the adapter. Midsize grip that is a month or two old. I live in Memphis and travel regionally for work almost every week so if you live close I could possibly bring it to you. $180 shipped
  17. I got the original jones lancer gray. Awesome so far.
  18. Mine came today. The shoulder strap might be the comfiest thing i own.
  19. Does Mackenzie ever run a BF sale?
  20. I tried searching on here and couldn't find much info. I know there's not much glamour in socks but we all got to have them. I need to reload on my sock collection and was wondering what are your favorite golf socks out there?
  21. What’s the eta on this thing? Are they going to get any more holes in today?
  22. At that budget its going to be Wyndyke, Memphis National, or Colonial. I would choose Colonial over all those but it may be far out from you. Wyndyke has better courses than Memphis National but all depends on your location
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