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  1. I realize after writing this there’s mention on the first page of flow necks being proprietary shafts... I really don’t want to have to mail it to the custom shop and pay $67 for reshaft. Saw another mention of .382 or close for a different flow neck Scotty. Could I call some of these custom putter refinishers? This putter was bought on the bay yesterday, so I won’t have it for 8-10d prob, means I can’t get calipers on the hozel until then. I was hoping to get grip and shaft in the mail now so it all arrives close together. Have seen some flare neck Scotty shaft pulls on the bay, but what replaced all of those shaft pulls!? I just want a custom shaft (mostly to just extend it from current 32” to 37” for my tall a**), how come it’s so hard!?
  2. Ok here’s another. Decided on the Squareback keeping its single bend proprietary shaft, BUT... I just bought a Studio Stainless Newport 2.5, which has the flow neck. It’s 32”, and I’m 6’5”. Rather than extending it 5”, it’s getting reshafted. What tip size is the flow neck? I know the plumber necks are generally .355, is that the same for the early 2000 flow necks? I really like KBS CT putter shaft, as it’ll match my brushed c taper irons and wedges. Which is offered in .355 or .370 for the straight shaft. Help?
  3. Anyone watching this thread still? I have a 2014 Select Squareback with a single bend shaft. I’d like to replace it with a KBS CT Tour if possible. But can’t find any solid info on tip dimensions. KBS makes their straight shaft in .355 taper and .370, but the single bend and double bend are only offered in .370.
  4. I caddied for 12 yrs at top 100 clubs around the country from 2004-2016. Rocco Mediate was a member at a private club I looped at for 8yrs (2004-2011), got to spend a bunch of time with him, on and off the course, played with him a dozen times or so. His iron striking was legit. There are a number of great ball strikers, I like to think I’m pretty good myself, but the truly best of the best are the guys that can shape every shot, high, low, left, right etc on command. At Whistling Straits during the first 2 PGAs, I watched Tiger on the range 5x during the 04 PGA, his routine was draw, fade, straight, high, med, low with each club PW, 8, 6, 4, 5W, 3W, D. The shape of draws and fades were consistent across all clubs. True and pure clubhead manipulation. Just like Ben Hogan, Johnny Miller, Greg Norman, Lee Trevino, Nick Price, Moe Norman, on and on. There are too many awe-inspiring ball strikers out there for me to pick a favorite.
  5. I always have my bt speaker when I play, even if I’m walking, then I zip it in a pocket. I’m playing country, reggae, classic rock or 90s hip hop. All depends who I’m playing with
  6. I am currently gaming a '14 Studio Select Squareback, with 2 10g weights in the sole. Originally I extended this 35" putter to 36" as I'm 6'5" and don't like hunching over. Then I bought the super stroke 3.0XL with the 50g weight in the grip, and extended this putter to 38" when installing the SS XL grip. With these grips, any putter can become counter balanced, so find a head you can align well and proper, and play around with lengths. I don't grip down 3", but maybe 1". I've never made more putts in my life. It's a different putter with the weight in the handle, smooth and almost effortless. I have no problem adjusting to green speeds.
  7. That Matera. I want one sooo bad. I'll PM you next week to see if we can strike a deal
  8. 3.8 index Taylormade SLDR 430 10.5* head Project X HZRDUS 75g X flex, standard tipping. Love the small open head, shaft is perfect, I bomb this sucka, and can work it both directions on demand. I won't be changing to a new setup for a long time.
  9. I played 36 yesterday, and tracked my stats through both rounds. First round was the Old Course (back tees, 7001y, 74.4/132) at Half Moon Bay Golf Links south of San Francisco. Shot 35(-1) 39(+3) for a (+2) 74. 1 birdie from the fairway, 1 on a par 5, missed fwy right, punched up, chipped to 8ft and hoped the putt. 1 birdie on the back was a hole out from 106, drive in r rough, chipped out, holed out. For the round, I hit 9/14 fwys, 12 gir, 29 putts (5 1-putts and a hole out). 1 hole-out birdie, the other 2 were 7 and 8ft putts holed. 2nd round was the Ocean Course (back tees, 6854y, 72.9/131), the other 18 on property. Shot 34(-1) 36(-1) for a (-2) 70. 5 birdies 3 bogeys, all birdies were made from the fwy on this round. Bogeys were 2 missed fwys which lead to missing both greens, and a missed green on par 3. For this round I hit 8/14 fwys, 10 gir, 28 putts (8 1-putts). 4 of these birdies were tight approaches, inside 4ft, one was a 21ft holed putt. I also tracked proximity, yardage in, club into the green, and tee club. After trying to digest all the info, driving was important to set up close approach shots to make birdies, but I scrambled well. I got up and down 6x when I missed greens, made par or better 7x when missed fairways. As I said earlier in this thread, every club is important, but I'll say now that SHORT GAME saves a round. I putted and chipped well, and posted 2 great scores because of a strong short game.
  10. I have to disagree, across the board really. All 14 clubs are, in my opinion, most important, as you need to rely on any one of them for any given shot you'll face. Tiger was asked once which club was his favorite, and he basically said what I just did. They are all important, and if you don't use one or don't like one or whatever, it shouldn't be in your bag. While I will agree that many many shots are lost or made around and on the greens, and short game and putting will make or break you round, I think they're all important. Get fit for your entire set, practice with everything, and gain as much confidence as you can in each and every weapon in your bag. Going back to practice, try all kinds of shots. Don't just bang balls. Try to manipulate the club face to create trajectories and shape, you never know when you'll need to manufacture a shot. Hit downhill pitches over a bunker, hit uphill fairway lies, hit everything.
  11. Willing to bet it would. More and more players are going to counter balance, I am a huge fan, and now when roll putts with a non-counter balanced, it feels light and strange. Give it a shot, won't cost much, and worth the tinkering. Best move I've made!
  12. I would certainly put the Irish ahead of Erin Hills, it's got all the elevation change and bunkers that the Straits course does, but it's got big wide beautiful bent grass fairways. The Bull is a pretty great track, and I would rank it ahead of the Meadows, so for me my list would be your 1, 2, 6, 4, 3, 5. I agree that it's the best value, however I don't think it compares with my top 4 for hole variety and challenge or play-ability.
  13. My gf will be working just a couple blocks from the SJ airport, so we'll try to find somewhere to live as close as possible to that. We're only gonna have 1 car there, so we'll need to be real close so I can drive to a golf course and she can walk or cab to work. She'll be working with PayPal at one of their locations, not sure which yet, and not sure on specifics quite yet either. Will know more this week, and could be as early as next week or the following.
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate your input greatly. I looked on google earth for golf courses in the area, and have a couple question marks. Round Hill Country Club? ANyone know if they have caddies? Menlo Country Club? Golf Club at Boulder Ridge?
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