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  1. I play yellow balls and since Snell was out, I used ProV1's all summer.
  2. mmm $55. Most golf course pro shops around here already sell ProV's for $56.
  3. 68 years old, 10.5 Hcp, 87 MPH swing speed, Prov1 or Snell MTB in yellow. Yes, I said yellow.
  4. For the first time this year I bought into the 4 for 3 special. I like ProV's but not at the standard price so I will be looking around for a diff ball. Too bad.
  5. Good question. I use my 9 iron.
  6. I don’t understand why some people do not want to accept test results. If the same robot hits all of the balls at the same speed, using the same club, same tee height, etc. it really does not matter if the balls travel an average of 152 yards or 173.572 yards. What is important is the recorded difference between the balls using the same testing standards. What is the difference between the long ball vs the short ball? What is the difference in spin rates?
  7. That is a big factor to look at. To bad they left that out.
  8. I use my 3 wood almost all the time. Easy punch out between 100 and 170 yards depending on conditions.
  9. I agree that the Snell MTB-X will be towards the top.
  10. Really looking forward to the results of the 2021 Golf Ball Test.
  11. So, I wonder what the results of the 2021 Golf Ball Test are going to look like?
  12. "Time Out On The Field" I thought this was supposed to be about the 2021 Golf Ball Test?
  13. Titleist had a loyalty program at the first of the year so that you could purchase 4 dozen Pro V1 or 1X for the price of 3 dozen. In round numbers it was $150 / 4 = $37.50 a dozen. Nice savings. Let’s say you had $100 pro shop credit so the price would be about $50 / 4 = $12.50 a dozen. Really nice savings and at about $13 per dozen, it makes it easy to explain to your wife why you are playing a high price ball.
  14. Over the 4 days that I worked, I saw only 1 cart. The rest walked. Also, I worked on hole 10 which was a 500 yard par 4. Not a very easy course to play.
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