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  1. My PW and GW match my set and are 43 and 48. I added a 52 and 56 and there are times where I miss not having a 60. To be honest the 56 works just fine and if I add a 60 than I would have to pull a club out of the other end of the bag. Not sure I want to do that.
  2. He looked like he has been on a drinking binge. Hope he finds some help.
  3. I was just pricing out new balls for the season and came up with these prices. Srixon usually comes out with a special at the first of the year, three for the price of two. Not sure I will be purchasing ProV at $50 per dozen when there are other brands out there for less money. I know these are not all equal but I can live with $22 per dozen for a good ball. Prov1. $50 B RX. $45 Tour speed. $40 Tour soft. $35 Q-Star Tour. $33 (see special) MTB Black. $33 Q-Star Tour. $22 (buy three for price of two)
  4. Just rec a white box of ProV1's. Going to have to wait awhile until the snow goes away to play with them.
  5. I found that the standard setting was best for me. The 4 h was my main second shot club on most holes. I hit it better / straighter than my fairway woods.
  6. I was fit by the Ping rep and use the standard off the shelf PING Alta CB 55 in regular. Head is 9 deg with no adjustment.
  7. I still play my G400 Max and see no reason to give it up. I have never been a very good driver of the ball. With a slow swing speed and use pull, hook or push the ball when I was trying to hit it hard. I was fit for the G400 Max and most of those bad things went away. Believe it or not, I gained about 15 to 20 yards. I think most of the reason is that I now hit the fairway which means the ball will roll more than when it lands in the rough. Who knew?
  8. As a short distance senior, should which end of the bag should I fill up? More wedges for scoring or more long clubs so I get closer to my target to start with?
  9. Good to see that he is seeking help. I would like to see him towards the top of the leader board again.
  10. I am 67 years old and play graphite in all of my clubs except the putter and Vokey wedges. I have been fitted for everything except the putter. I would like to put a 60 degree back in the bag but will have to take something out which I can not decide what to remove. Driver .............. Ping G400 Max 9* Woods ............ Ping G410 3 & 5 Hybrids .......... Ping G410 4H Titleist 818H1 5H Irons ................ Titleist 718 AP1 6-W Wedges .......... Titleist SM8 52.08F & SM8 56.10S Putter .............. Rife 400 Mid Mallet
  11. Snell makes a great ball but they are still out of yellow. I was hoping to get a few more rounds before the season ends but it looks like I will have to wait until spring, which is ok.
  12. My season is about over but I thought I would have my wife order a dozen yellow's for Christmas but they are out of stock. No problem, spring is just around the corner.
  13. I prefer a milled face like an Evnroll putter.
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