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  1. My 43 PW & 48 GW match my set and I use them for full swing shots. My 52 GW & 56 SW are Vokey's and I use them for full shots but they are the ones that I manufacture chip shots with. 43* PW = 105 48* GW = 90 52* GW = 80 56* SW = 70
  2. You can go to the Vokey website and they will step you through a process for a final suggestion. Those grinds are off the shelf products.
  3. Both are nice bags but for me the big difference is the location of the cooler pocket. Ping has theirs on the front and Sun Mountain has theirs on the side. I found it difficult to put a bottle of water in the C130 when it is on a cart because it pushes out too much and makes it difficult to remove a beverage. On the Ping bag you can load several beverages in the front pocket and not have problem rubbing the cart or the bag next to you.
  4. My pitching wedge is 43 and gap wedge is 48 which match my set and I use them as a mostly for full shots and are for the most part a 10 and 11 iron. I then have a 52 gap wedge and 56 sand wedge which do not match my set. They are used and abused a lot more and can be replaced several times before I replace my irons.
  5. I am a senior and play both Gold (5584) and White (5933) tees at my club. I prefer to mix it up. After logging 72 rounds with 36 rounds on each tee, my average score is the same on both. The difference is playing shorter clubs to the green. To be truthful, the shorter tees can be more of a challenge because when you tee off on a couple of holes at my course, you are closer to trees etc. which can get you in trouble. When I travel to other courses with my friends, they play the shorter tees which is fun to have a driver then a short iron into the green. They like to play differen
  6. I have always purchased the set gap wedge because most of the time I use them as an iron. My PW and GW just continue my iron set and should have #10 and #11 on them.
  7. I went through a Ping fitting comparing at that time my Callaway Epic to the Ping product line. The best driver loft for me turned out to be 9 degree in a regular shaft and I was playing a 10.5 Callaway regular shaft. My swing speed is 85 to 90 range.
  8. My PW and GW match my iron set and I play them with full shots so they are really a 10 iron and 11 iron. My true wedges are 52 and 56. I keep wanting to add back in a 60 but not sure what to pull out of the top of the bag.
  9. City, State? Omaha, NebraskaHandicap? 13Current Putter? Rife Mid Mallet 400Biggest struggle when putting? putting leftWhat model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? #11, 33 inchDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YesDo you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Yes
  10. Every time that I have played the same model ball comparing white and yellow, I found no difference in performance.
  11. Looks like they are priced to make you think moving up to a ProV is worth it for just a few dollars more. Of course I will try a sleeve but not very optimistic at this point.
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