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  1. Haha have fun! Point and shoot. I find myself aiming to the left of every green and missing there (lefty used to fight pull draw/hook) when I'm not paying attention. Old habits die hard.
  2. That was a huge change for me, you can step on them and as long as you keep the face and path in the ball park, lead deflection isn't sending the ball all over the place.
  3. Nice! Glad to hear they worked out for you. I found dispersion was much tighter when I switched as well. Always fun when an experiment works out. What do you think about the weight on the 115 s (or did you go with the tour spec in 115 as well?)
  4. Neat little experiment. I know you have a different speed than me but I could totally see a 2x soft step in the 95 being a little loose. Especially given what you were looking for (ball striking consistency). Nothing lost but time though going that way. Good luck with the tipping!
  5. I mean that's tough when the recoils perform well right, can see the easy choice there.
  6. Sounds like a great plan to me! Keep me posted how it works out. I'd love to build my own. These will likely get pulled from my current heads next season and be slotted into either mizuno forged or srixon 7/5 combos.
  7. I hear you but as a 29 y/o 8 hcp I can assure you I am not a slow swing speed player. The high speed thing doesn't add up as these shafts, especially in tour spec, will probably play as stout, if not more than most others at a similar flex. Below are the specs from the site. For your situation 115 stiff is probably a great play OR 95 tour spec stiff is right in the middle and will be probably a bit more stout without giving up club head speed for you I'd imagine
  8. I'm playing 115 tour spec stiff 7-p. Love them. I believe they are mid and tip stiff with a (relative) soft butt section. Similar to DG correct? Id like to hear what you think Jim! Love them, dispersion is fantastic, feel is great, can tell exactly where on the face I hit every shot but without the vibration issue. Tbh I also really like my 95 ts stiff 5/6 almost a little more although the weight loss gets me sometimes. I'm shocked no one seems to want to talk about these. Why do we think that is?? Fujikura have been up there in graphite shaft manufacturing for some time.
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