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  1. Haha have fun! Point and shoot. I find myself aiming to the left of every green and missing there (lefty used to fight pull draw/hook) when I'm not paying attention. Old habits die hard.
  2. That was a huge change for me, you can step on them and as long as you keep the face and path in the ball park, lead deflection isn't sending the ball all over the place.
  3. Nice! Glad to hear they worked out for you. I found dispersion was much tighter when I switched as well. Always fun when an experiment works out. What do you think about the weight on the 115 s (or did you go with the tour spec in 115 as well?)
  4. Neat little experiment. I know you have a different speed than me but I could totally see a 2x soft step in the 95 being a little loose. Especially given what you were looking for (ball striking consistency). Nothing lost but time though going that way. Good luck with the tipping!
  5. I mean that's tough when the recoils perform well right, can see the easy choice there.
  6. Sounds like a great plan to me! Keep me posted how it works out. I'd love to build my own. These will likely get pulled from my current heads next season and be slotted into either mizuno forged or srixon 7/5 combos.
  7. I hear you but as a 29 y/o 8 hcp I can assure you I am not a slow swing speed player. The high speed thing doesn't add up as these shafts, especially in tour spec, will probably play as stout, if not more than most others at a similar flex. Below are the specs from the site. For your situation 115 stiff is probably a great play OR 95 tour spec stiff is right in the middle and will be probably a bit more stout without giving up club head speed for you I'd imagine
  8. I'm playing 115 tour spec stiff 7-p. Love them. I believe they are mid and tip stiff with a (relative) soft butt section. Similar to DG correct? Id like to hear what you think Jim! Love them, dispersion is fantastic, feel is great, can tell exactly where on the face I hit every shot but without the vibration issue. Tbh I also really like my 95 ts stiff 5/6 almost a little more although the weight loss gets me sometimes. I'm shocked no one seems to want to talk about these. Why do we think that is?? Fujikura have been up there in graphite shaft manufacturing for some time.
  9. I've loved the fuji pro. Split set 95 tour spec S in long irons, 115 tour spec S in short irons. Could easily go 95 through the set though.
  10. I hope you told the guy to either offer some constructive, tangible, relevant info or go kick rocks haha that's brutal service. "ya you suck, put that down, better yet just quit golf in general"
  11. Fujikura tour spec 95s is a good step down in weight without being too drastic.
  12. Glad it worked for you! What I said is still important to consider for anyone reading the thread! I work with many golfers and based on their feet/how they walk I can save alot of those "try it and see" steps you're talking about by making an appropriate footwear recommendation off the hop. Generally saving time, money and prolonged sore feet. It really does boil down to are my feet uncomfortable because my footwear isn't appropriate or is there an actual pathology going on here that needs further intervention. Sounds like you were in the former group which is great. Cheers to painless feet!
  13. If I wear a 9 in a traditional addidas boa golf shoe, how will the same size fit in the code chaos?
  14. As a sports rehab provider (chiropractor) who works with distance and sprint athletes, feet and how they interact with the ground is a huge part of what I do. This question like everything else in golf is answered with "it depends" and "we need a bit more info" 1. Where do your feet hurt? 2. What is the character of the pain? (sharp, shooting, stabbing, ache etc) 3. What footwear do you have? Things I can't see through a forum: Your stride, hip control, general physical fitness, ankle mobility and the list goes on. In general, no, your feet should not hurt if all of the above are taken care of appropriately. If they do I would suggest you find a Pedorthist to make recommendations on footwear and a trusted rehab professional (DC/physiotherapist) to address any movement dysfunction that may be contributing. Last thing is when working on making changes to any tissue, big gains in pain response can be made very quickly however actual tissue change (making it stick) takes longer 6-8 weeks or more. If you have any questions feel free to pm me! Edit: also be careful about blanket applying any of the other recommendations in this thread as everyone's feet are different. Rolling the foot may be helpful for one type of plantar fascia issue (true plantar fasciosis) and may irritate another (acute inflammatory plantar fasciitis) as just one example. Like club fitting, please see a professional or you're shooting in the dark!
  15. The change in swing weight from d 1.5-3.5 may have messed me up a bit initially that's for sure. I feel my strike strays toe wards with my wedges on mishits and I don't find that with the rest of my irons, if anything I've grooved it to be a bit thin on misses. I understand the limitations of shotscope however it's better than nothing. Getting on a launch monitor this year is definitely a priority to see what's going on and make any adjustments to both my equipment and swing as necessary.
  16. To add onto and summarize a bit, "below the limit" being still extremely close to the limit because the set point will be higher without them having to worry about x amount more heads being slightly over (as injecting them brings them back down). This process produces a significantly larger proportion of heads that are at/near/closer to the COR limit than competitors I would imagine... Again with the heads below the limit only being *slightly* below.
  17. Just a quick update. First thanks guys for talking me off the impulse buy ledge. Second, fujikura did not loft/lie spec my irons as the point of the testing was to ONLY change the shaft and keep specs (playing length, loft lie) the same while showing how tightening and dialing in swingweights with graphite can be done and the effect it can have. Thats what I had suspected before and this gap was an issue well before the shafts were changed. I didnt bother bringing it up at the fit as it wasnt the point of the test. SO ill be updating whenever I find a place that's open near London, ON to loft/lie check my clubs! From there the first fix will probably be bending the pw a degree or two weak.
  18. Ya that was partly the reason for starting this thread, to figure out what info I need to fix this. Thanks for your insight. Tbh I'm a feel player in my wedges (haven't had a lesson in over 15 years) and am going through a transition in my bag right now at the bottom end. I don't have the budget to go out and buy a set of matching wedges all in one shot. Currently working with md4 50/10, go back and forth between sm7 56/8 and 54/14 as my course floods alot and an ollllllld 60* Cleveland dsg that is second on the priority list for an upgrade after this gap. LW is definitely separate tool, sand and around the green. In a perfect world I'd grab a matching set of zip cores but that just isn't in the cards right now haha. I'm generally pretty brand agnostic and if it works it works however I understand the consistency concerns of that approach. I don't think GT is open for those services until the current Ontario wide lockdown is over. The cbx thing was just an idea as a more forgiving setup on full shots and definitely doesn't have to happen right away (which after some thought based on what you guys have pointed out, I'm leaning towards). I'll update about loft and lie when I hear back from fujikura.
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