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  1. Hi folks, i’ve been following this swing off anon for the last three years. My first four years of golf have really been about discovery rather than picking a method. I tried graves I tried Paul Wilson‘s body swing and now I’m looking at Malaska golf. Regardless of what you think there’s more than one way to swing a golf club and so my swing is more of a hybrid of all the things I’ve learned but at this pointI’m probably going to go back to Kirk’s for video feedback. What I like about Kirk in particular that you never seems to try and fit you into a box even though he uses a model swing it’s very customizable. I’d love to hear from big ex What the schedule of the camps are
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ian.oswald.3939/videos/196702994245097/
  3. Thanks all for your thoughts. I ordered Adam's book today. I appreciate the suggedtion. I do cross country ski a lot! In terms of the swing Im working with one of the Graves instructors so am hoping I can improve that way.
  4. Been having a great discussion over on thesandtrap about this to give some insight. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/95366-please-evaluate-my-winter-training-plan/?tab=comments#comment-1337182
  5. Hi everyone, Attached is my winter training plan (The attahcement is coloured in its full glory). The file is a bit hard to read, but it was the best I could do. All you have to do is zoom in a bunch by pressing ctrl and + I am working on changing my swing to a new style (Moe Norman style single plane) so need to work on putting, full swing and pitching. I have set it up as block periodized with 7 week mesocycles. In the weeks that say technical those will be primarily slow work trying to hammer down the finer points of the skill followed by a technique week where I add more constraints to make it more game like followed by a week that will primarily game like with lots of constraints (ie diff targets, hitting it shorter longer etc.) My chipping and pitching is the best part of my game so it got one cycle while full swing and putting got two. Putting is the worst part of game so thats why put it closest to the start of the season so I could peak that right before the season starts. If you are asomebody who knows about periodization or just have some advice on whether what I have done here will work to improve all aspects of my game in the long term I would appreciate it. I've thrown everything I know about periodization, distributed learning and interleaving at it from my teaching background. I'm hoping others might give me their honest opinion on my plan. I am only going on what I have read and researched so any comments and criticism is welcome. Thanks.
  6. Hi folks, I am in a bit of a dillema and could use some honest thoughts. I love sports, lots of sports. I love hockey and golf equally. I have found a pro who speaks my language is realitively inexpensive and has helped people get as high as the web.com tour. I really want to get to the point where I can be competetive in provincial and national Mid-Am tournaments and other amateur events. I also wish that I could get to the point in hockey where I can make a difference for my team when it counts and get at least 10 points a season. Right now I am probably in the bottom 3 players on the team of 15 and have never gotten over 6 points in a season. I struggle a lot with balance so the skating is hard. That much said I am struggling with how to plan my practice. If I stop practicing golf over the winter will I ever be able to get to the point I want and vice versa. For those of you who have gone far in the amateur game have you been able to do two sports? I've considered having a two season year April-October for golf and a November to March hockey season. My actual hockey season starts in September but if I can mentally consider Sept/October as my hockey preseason to crank up the sprints and fast movements that might work. Any suggestions welcome.
  7. You make a good point. https://www.gamegolf...hare/16cdbc4e1b Here are my stats compared to scratch. https://www.gamegolf...hare/16cdbc4e1b Compared with a 20 handicap. Falcon is looking like the best option right now.
  8. Hi folks, I'm looking to really iron out my game next year and get out more often. I am also on a budget though so am wondering what people think. One option is a course called falcon west which is an 18 hole par 3 course which is just 20 minutes away and costs $300 for a membership (course and range) and the other is an 18 hole regulation course that is $525 but an hour away. and finally a 9 hole that is about 30 minutes and $600. Finally a last option would be to just set a budget of $500 and try and find twilights etc to make it go further. I could probably get in 25 rounds this way with no range. Here are the three courses, I am struggling to find the best fit for me as I want to get better this year and get in as much as I can. ANy advice welcome. Thanks. The three courses are below. Falcon West (Par 3 Course) http://www.clubsg.skygolf.com/courses/scorecard.php?id=26921 http://www.falconwestgolfcourse.com/ 15 rounds to break even. Scotts Wood Links (18 hole) http://www.scotswoodlinks.com/ 19 rounds to brak even John Blumberg ( 9 Hole) http://www.johnblumberggolfcourse.com/ Min 40 rounds required to break even
  9. Good morning folks, Looking for people to connect with, feel free to add me. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/wpgstriker/insights/share/16cdbc4e1b wpgstriker
  10. Hi folks, I just picked up Game Golf. Would love to have some people to connect with. Does anybody have this that wants to connect? Look me up wpgstriker. Ian
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