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  1. I'm looking forward to getting one of these and tinkering with it a little. I have played a 7 wood for the last 4-5 years and it's easily my most versatile club. Only issue is if I'm playing in windy conditions, it's really hard to flight the ball down and it goes nowhere in the wind. I hit the 19* with the stock RDX shaft (Only loft available to demo at the PGA store) and the distance was pretty comparable to my 7 wood but more rollout and lower ball flight. Seemed really easy to hit. Trying to decide if a 17* with a longer shaft might be a 3 wood replacement or if I should look more into a 21* to fill the gap between my 7 wood and my 5 iron. I have never been able to hit hybrids.
  2. Couple sets for sale today. Please PM if you have any questions or want to send an offer. 1. Srixon 585/785 combo set. 3 iron is a u65 driving iron. 4-5-6 iron are 585’s, 7-8-9-PW are 785’s. Excellent condition. Modus 105 stiff flex shafts. U65 has a KBS 110 regular flex shaft. Standard length. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grips. SOLD 2. Callaway Apex 19 Smoke combo set. 5-6-7 iron are standard Apex, 8-9-PW are the Pro model. All clubs have the same finish. As with any black iron the finish is starting to wear but faces are still in solid shape. Soles have some scratches and wear. Graphite Recoil 760 F3 regular flex shafts. These are -0.5” below standard length. Golf dot so 1* flat. These have Golf Pride CP2 grips. SOLD 3. Forgot to put these up when I listed the ad. TItleist T200 Black limited edition set. 5-GW however no 7 iron. Original owner left the 7 iron on the course and I was hoping I could find a 7 iron. Not in a hurry to sell these because I’m holding out hope I can find a 7 iron or possibly just bend the 5/6 irons weak. This set is gorgeous. Very little wear except on the GW. MMT 70 regular shafts so not for everyone. Standard l/l/l. Winn Tour Wrap grips. $750.
  3. This is kind of a longshot, but I figure there are enough WRX'ers in the Atlanta area that maybe I can find someone interested. I'd prefer to do a local sale because I think shipping it will be difficult and expensive mainly due to the 6'x10' roll up turf. Net Return Mini Pro Package Includes: Mini Pro Series Sport Net and Frame Mini Side Barriers (Pair) Pro Turf - 6' Wide x 10' Long / 42 oz. Nylon Face with 5mm Foam Backing / 54 lb. in Weight Sandbags (Quantity 4) Duffle Bag Bought this thinking it would work great but I found the room I was needing to use it in doesn't have high enough ceilings. (pic isn't from the room it needs to be in lol) It would be great for a basement/garage/outdoors or if you have high enough ceilings. Net is in excellent condition as is the turf. Very easy to put together. The turf is very high end. I am located in the NW Atlanta area and would be willing to meet anywhere within reason. If someone is really interested in it and wants to pay shipping, I can see if I can find the right boxes. Retail on this entire setup is $1149. I'm asking $600.
  4. Couple items for sale today. Will ship via UPS. If you have any questions please ask. Only trade interest are the new T200 irons. 1. LAB Golf DF 2.1 Armlock putter. Purchased this preowned from the PGA store. Great condition. Measures 41”. Jumbo max 17” armlock grip. Comes with head cover. Wanted to try the Armlock thing but wasn’t for me. Not entirely sure of the loft and lie angle but I was told it’s whatever is stock for the LAB armlock putters. SOLD 2. Callaway Epic Speed 9* head. Hit maybe 10 balls with it. Excellent condition. Comes with the stock head cover. SOLD
  5. Couple of quirky iron sets for sale. Please read the full descriptions. If you have any questions please ask. Trying to raise some funds for the new TItleist irons. 1. Callaway Apex 19 Combo set. 5-Aw (7 clubs). 5-6-7 irons are the standard Apex, 8-AW are the pro version. This is the blended combo set where all the heads have the same satin finish. I was doing some experimenting with shafts so the 7-PW have Nippon Modus 105 stiff flex shafts and the 5-6 irons have TT Elevate 95 stiff flex shafts. I will include two extra Modus shafts that can be used for the 5-6 irons and an additional Elevate shaft that can be used for the 7 iron. Gives the buyer some options. The 8-AW are gold dot meaning they’re 1* flat and the 5-6-7 irons are standard lie. SOLD 2. Srixon combo set. The 3-4 irons are the ZU85, 5-6 irons are the 785 and the 7-PW are the Z-Forged. All the irons are shafted with Aerotech Steelfiber i110cw extra stiff flex shafts. Irons are 2* upright and 1/2” long. Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. The 4 iron and 7 iron had to be reshafted so they have different ferrules than the stock ferrules. Also, when they reshafted the 4 iron they put the shaft graphics up instead of down like the other irons. If you have any questions please ask. Irons are in good shape but do have bag chatter which is common with these forged irons. $500
  6. Yea the stock length of the mini shaft is about 42.75” because the head is not very deep it gives you a playing length of 43.75”. Typically on a standard length driver of 45.5” the shaft will measure 44.25”. Either way, 40.75” isn’t close to standard length.
  7. One item today. Not really interested in splitting unless I have a buyer for both. Callaway Epic Max 9* driver. Comes with the head cover. Ventus Black Velocore 6s shaft. Plays standard length 45.5”. Ordered direct from Callaway. No tipping that I’m aware of. Club is in great shape. Sold
  8. Note: this is a different driver than I posted a few weeks ago. Taylormade 300 11.5* Mini Driver. Good condition. Comes with the stock MIDR shaft in both regular and stiff flex. Standard length. No head cover. $325
  9. Honestly not sure. I bought it as is. If someone knows of a measurement from the tip I can do ala with the GD shafts, let me know.
  10. A few nice items for sale today. Will ship out most likely via UPS Ground. If you have questions please send me a DM. 1. Callaway Epic Speed 3 wood. Ventus Velocore red 7s shaft. Plays 43”. Comes with head cover. Noticed the ferrule is slightly pulling away from the head. Doesn’t affect playability. Didn’t notice until I took pictures. SOLD 2. Autoflex SF505x shaft. TaylorMade adapter. 42.5” from grip end to tip end. Played 43.5” in my 300 mini driver. Had to try it. Not for me. Thought about putting an extension in it and using it in a driver but decided to sell. SOLD 3. Ventus Red Velocore 6r shaft. 44.25” from grip end to tip end. Callaway adapter. SOLD
  11. I'm not sure if this applies but I had a set a few years back without a serial number. I emailed a Titleist rep that I knew and he told me that the three ways an iron set could possibly not have the serial were 1. Tour Issued clubs, 2. Some demo sets don't have serial numbers, and 3. Some sets that are sold internationally i.e. Europe don't have serials. Not sure if that still applies but that's what I was told. I remembered it bothering me but after a few rounds they played just as I expected them to so I kind of assumed it fell into one of those 3 categories.
  12. Couple of items for sale. Feel free to make an offer. Not really interested in trades but feel free to send me what you got. 1. TaylorMade Original One 11.5* Mini Driver. Excellent condition. Two shafts. Tensei orange 60 X flex and a MIDR Proto 65s (stock shaft on the new 300 minis). No headcover. Head Sold. Will sell both shafts for $75 together. 2. Odyssey Black Tour Designs 1 Wide putter. 34.25”. Lamkin etch grip. Good shape for the age. See pics. Love these older Odyssey putters without the inserts. Don’t have the original head cover but will include an O-works cover with magnetic enclosure. $175.
  13. Selling a lot of 8 pairs of size 32 shorts. These don’t fit anymore. All are in good shape. The dark green pair has some sort of small stain on the back that I didn’t notice until taking pictures. Would like to sell the entire lot together. I’ll also include a few other freebies if someone pays full price. One pair of Travis Mathew, one pair of Puma and the rest are Under Armour. $100 takes it all plus some extras. SOLD
  14. Couple items for sale today. Not really interested in any trades right now. Feel free to make an offer. 1. TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver. 11.5*. Stock Midr 65s Stiff flex shaft. Used this for a few rounds but decided to stick with my 3 wood for now due to the versatility. Stock length and stock grip. Comes with headcover. Head SOLD. Will sell shaft for $60. 2. Artisan Golf 48* Wedge. Purchased from another WRX’er. This wedge is the standard S grind with a leading edge grind. It is their Tour Satin finish which is basically a raw finish that is designed to rust. Dynamic Gold S300 shaft with no shaft band. Gold Pride MCC +4 align grip. 35 3/4” with a 65 degree lie angle. SOLD
  15. Just added a picture of the shorts. They look gray-ish in pictures but they’re more of a green.
  16. Have a small lot of clothes I’d like to sell together if possible. All clothes have only been worn a few times and are in good shape. A couple polos still have tags. No holes or stains. 1. Under armour gray polo size small 2. Under armour orange/gray stripe polo size small 3. Puma coral polo size small 4. Puma yellow polo size small 5. Adidas Climachill orange/red polo size small 6. Greg Norman turquoise polo size Medium new with tags 7. Nike Dri Fit white/purple stripe polo size Medium new with tags 8. Puma gray shorts size 32 9. Under Armour light blue shorts size 32 10. Travis Mathew green shorts size 32 Take the whole lot for $100 shipped!
  17. Two items today. Please send questions and offers via PM, I don’t always check the thread. 1. Scotty Cameron Phantom 11.5. 33” 20g weights. Gamed a couple rounds. Near perfect condition. Purchased this from Golf Galaxy and it was the last one on the rack. They weren’t able to find the stock head cover so they gave me one from a previous model. Works fine. SOLD 2. TaylorMade Sim Max 3 wood. Upgraded Ventus Red Velocore 7s shaft. Golf Pride MCC+4 grip. Plays 43”. SOLD
  18. Srixon ZX5 10.5* driver. Excellent condition. Comes with head cover. 2020 version Graphite Design Tour AD Di 6s shaft. Plays 45.75”. Asking $415 shipped. SOLD
  19. The ultimate Srixon combo set. 2-3-4 iron are the U85 driving irons. (4 iron has a different ferrule as it had to be reshafted) 5-6 iron are 785’s. 7-PW are the Z-Forged blades. Entire set has Aerotech i110cw x flex shafts. Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. Clubs have bag chatter. A season and a half of use. 2* upright and 1/2” long. Shafts were factory installed by Srixon (with exception of the 4 driving iron which had to be reshafted). If you have any questions, please ask. Would like to sell all together but may consider breaking up. If you have any questions please send me a PM. Asking $725. If full asking price is met, will also include the stock 785 4 iron with matching shaft. Will consider breaking up the set. I'll try to post some better pictures later since a lot of people have been asking about better face pics.
  20. I've probably changed every club in my bag 10 times in the last 5 years but the one constant has been a 2015 Great Big Bertha 7 wood. I love that thing. I hit it so high compared to a hybrid or long iron which for me is needed to hold greens. Scary thing is there's times when I have a better chance of hitting a green with my 7 wood than I do with my 7 iron lol.
  21. ALL SOLD Few items up for sale. If you have any questions please ask. Only trade interest is possibly a Srixon ZX driver. 1. TaylorMade M5 3 wood. Has some marks and face has wear but still has some life left. Tensei Red 50g regular flex shaft. Plays around 42.5” measured from the center of the sole. $125. 2. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 3 putter. 33”. Virtually new. Comes with the head cover. Midsize Odyssey grip. SOLD 3. Graphite Design Tour Ad DI 6 stiff regular SR shaft. 2020 graphics. No tip. Shaft has an extension that measures 1 1/4”. With the extension it measures 42 5/8”. This was used in a Mini driver. I can remove the extension if it’s not wanted. $150. 4. Graphite Design Tour Ad DI 7 stiff flex shaft. TaylorMade adapter. Golf Pride z grip cord. Measures 41 1/8”. Was used in a Sim 3 wood. SOLD
  22. Check out the srixon zx4 irons. They’re almost like hybrids but from address they don’t look crazy. Super easy to hit and they go a mile.
  23. You can do the phone number text message sign up that gives you $20 off $100. If you're already signed up you can see if about using someone else you know's phone number or even downloading one of those apps like text now that will give you a free phone number.
  24. Couple of items for sale will ship out ASAP. If you have questions please send me a PM. No trades at this time. ALL SOLD 1. Mizuno 6-PW 919 Hot Metal Pro iron set. Modus 105 stiff flex shafts. The 7-pw are standard length. The 6 iron plays 1/2” long to get a little more distance out of it. Faces are in great shape. Some small bag chatter dings. When taking pictures I noticed a few places around the ferrules where you can see some epoxy. Nothing major but wanted to make note of it. The grip on the PW has a couple of small “lumps” in it. I think it’s probably some old tape. Asking $450 for the set. Would sell the heads only for $375. 2. Callaway Rogue Draw 10.5* driver head only. Top crown has some scratching like someone tries to buff the head. See pics for condition. Definitely not pretty but very usable. No head cover. $100.
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