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  1. Only 1 item for sale, it's a PXG Gen1 0341X 13* 2 Wood. The shaft is a HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 6.5. Do not be intimidated by the 2 wood, it is not at all difficult to elevate This is in awesome shape, the pics do not do it justice. Looking for $OLD OBO shipped in the CONUS.
  2. 37, 20* hybrid and a 24* dhy (old Adams driving iron)
  3. Selling a superspeed set and swing speed radar. I only completed one cycle, the system wasn’t for me. The swing trainers are in excellent shape. The swing speed radar does have some scuffing, Doesn’t obstruct readings, looks worse than it is. ALL SOLD
  4. They are paint, they are relatively easy to remove.
  5. I got fitted into and have been gaming a TPT 15 LKP LW In my driver for a couple years now. I’ve been getting the itch to pickup a new driver, but not sure which of the newer shafts have a similar profile. I was thinking the Ventus Black, any suggestions out there?
  6. Thanks fellas, spoke to soon, got my confirmation 15 minutes ago...
  7. did anyone get shipping confirmations for their orders yet?
  8. I picked up a pair of the boost tour 360xt spikeless, these are the most comfortable spikes I’ve ever owned
  9. W> @drn92 said: > Any initial feedback on the Janoski Spikeless? Specifically how is the grip? > drn92 I got mine last weekend and played a round them, you will def need to size up, Other than that , they are not super comfortable, average at best. The sole grip is way better than I thought.
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